Friday, October 21, 2011

"Civility" & "Dialog" Greece Town Board Style

Town Atty, Ray DiRaddo ~~ " ... it is the intent of this portion (Open Forum) of the meeting to be used for a meaningful dialog with the public."

SCATS ~~ I wonder how long Mr. DiRaddo's nose grew after making that claim? I find NO REFERENCE to "dialog" in this 5-page Civility Policy. So where is their "intent" to provide it?  I've yet to see ANY "dialog" ... meaningful or otherwise ... during Auberger's previous & current term in office.

SCATS ~~ How could anyone ever have a "meaningful dialog" with the rude, stone-faced statues that pose as our electeds on the Greece Town Board? How can we ever expect to have "meaningful dialog" when the Supervisor has been given full control under this potentially illegal 5-page "Civility Policy" that flies in the face of Open Govt? How can we expect to have "meaningful dialog" when the Supervisor has been given complete control to  decide who may speak, on what topic, or even how a citizen may react sitting in the audience? How can we engage in "meaningful dialog" when the Supervisor can shut-down ANY & ALL utterances not only from Public Forum speakers and members of the audience, but also from others sitting on the Town Board?

This "policy" is complete POPPYCOCK! It proves the local leadership is DYSFUNCTIONAL to the core! They can't leave ANYTHING to chance, so they opt for complete control.   


Anonymous said...

As usual, members of town board sat there in total silence

Anonymous said...

Greece Town Board hear no comments

Anonymous said...

The board apparently considers itself to be a deity of 5 persons. The "dialog" they are referring to is not unlike the dialog some feel themselves in with prayer. Hence the prayer at the beginning of all our meetings.

Many pray to ask god for favors. And there is the prayer to worship and the prayers of thanksgiving. This is usually one way for the person or persons praying. It can happen solo or in a group like in church.

But there are many times that the praying person says that they received a message or a sign from god. They don't say they heard the voice of god, just that it came to them like an inspiration.
Maybe that is the dialog that the attorney was alluding to. We know that high opinion the supervisor and board have of themselves. This really clarifies it for us.
So if you are talking to the board at the forum and they appear to be ignoring you, don't despair. They are having a "dialog" with you that you just can't hear with your ears. You have to hear it with your heart.

Anonymous said...

Why is there complete free speech for the prayer and severe restrictions for the public.
It is insulting when the fundies say only a real Christian is moral, or you must believe in their Jesus to be saved or that the Town of Greece is blessed because of its supervisor and board being "good Christians"

Anonymous said...

HEY, We're the anointed Town Board!

We even got a guy with a gun sitting here to protect OUR interests.

WHO the hell are you to say anything to us? Sit down & shut up so we can get this fake meeting over with and go to the bar.

Don't forget, we decide, you pay.

SCATS said...

It's become painfully obvious that there's one, possibly two people who are intent upon slamming a specific person/family/party just to get their digs in and usually without building any sort of case for what they contend. Sorry but it's not going to be tolerated here. Take it to some other BLOG.

Anonymous said...

In the beginning of each town board meeting the town supervisor would introduce the open forum portion of the meeting by saying "this is not a question and answer period merely the oppotunity for residents to state their opinions.
There was never any dialogue meaningful or un meaningful. So in other words now the resident is not even allowed to state their opinions.
We the public would be better served by those who do attend meetings to stick with the facts and not get hung up on meaningless policy. If those attending stick with the facts they may succeed in getting some of us to vote their way. Stick with the facts!
1. Each Town board member holds a politically appointed full time job. With this how can they speak freely and make objective decisions. They must agree with Auberger or else they are out of a full time job.
2. What economic development has the Supervisor and Town board brought into the town that provided more jobs and tax base.
3. Under this administration there is less focuse on juvenile crime.
4. Under this administration there has been less of a partnership with the school district in working to decrese taxes.
5. Under this adminstration there has been unethical practices within town hall than ever before.
6. Under this administration the civil service practice of hiring, has been replaced by chronisim.
Should we go on.