Saturday, October 08, 2011

BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.

Contract for Excellence Public Hearing

Overview of School Improvement Plans

NYSED Joint Intervention Team Overview (It appears our middle schools are in deep doodoo)

Adoption of Proposition for Special Election of Vote on EXCEL II Project

School Attendance Committee Update (Otherwise known as watching the BOE twiddle their thumbs while pretending to do something ;)


Anonymous said...

How about we have a special election on the proposition all GCSD employees other than janitors and bus drivers take a 50% pay cut, and the total number of MisAdministrators and team leaders be cut by 50% as well and that said cuts will continue in effect until the outproduct of GCSD returns to 1975 levels of competency?

Proposition 2: Any and all instructors failing to deliver students in June knowing 10% more subject matter than said student knew the previous September for 3 years shall be stripped of tenure.

Proposition 3: GCSD shall immediately file Bankruptcy to void all Union contracts. Hell the hole is already academicly bankrupt.

Proposition 4: The megadollar piano shall immediately be sold on eBay and the funds from that sale shall be used to hire teachers who can demonstrate competency.

It ain't much but it's a damn good start.

Anonymous said...

The committee that needs to be formed is the "Staff Attendance Committee".

Anonymous said...

Check out NON SEQUITUR in the Sunday D and C page 5F.

Forward to your favorite school board member or school administrater.

Then sit back and smile!

Anonymous said...

Good luck trying to find a teacher willing to start teaching for $15k, or for that matter me taking a 50% cut in my pay to continue teaching. I'll go work to for Walmart and make more money without the headache of hearing from all the armchair quarterbacks on how to solve the educational conundrum.

Anonymous said...

12:05- Greece teachers start out higher than $30k. Don't try to mislead us.

Anonymous said...

The proposition says they can expend the 34 and 4 million. It does not say where the construction will be taking place. It does not have to but when will we get that information?
We should realize that even if they give us their plans there is no guarantee they will do all they say they want to. Look at the $119.5 million plan of 2000. Many changes happened there.
And are we buying or selling bonds to do this work? Are we taking out a home equity loan or line of credit? Or are we just raising the money through taxes in one year or 20 years? Have we paid back the money we borrowed for the $119.5 construction of 200? Will we be paying for both simultaneously?

When the reimbursement comes from the state will we ever see that money or will it be sucked into vortex of the general fund and used for goodies at their discretion? Where is the 70% reimbursement for 2000?

SCATS said...

To 1:26PM ~~ Shhh!! You aren't supposed to ask such questions! They don't even know which schools they close yet! The 70% reimbursement was probably spent settling lawsuits ;)

Anonymous said...

12:05, Yes you will make more than that working at Walmart, your correct. Unfortunately Walmart will require you to work more than 187 days per year in order to earn it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What you do not realize is that while working 187 contractual days I also work night and weekends trying to catch up the on work I should have done in school such as correcting, lesson planning, professional development requirements, etc., or maybe attend a football game/soccer game/volleyball game/track meet/ PTA sponsored events, because the students ask and are so needy of attention. Have you attended an extra-curricular event? How many parents truly show up to watch their kid? Maybe you should be knowledgeable in what is truly needed to be a teacher today. I will tell you this though, I should have taken my
100k+ in degree cost and pursued a different career so I would not have to hear all this whining and bashing of teachers. It is pathetic and says a lot about society as a whole.

Clarification- $33,500 STARTING SALARY/ $85,267.00-debt undergrad. $27,600-Master's degree debt
You do the math!

SCATS said...

To 5:51PM ~~ Your debt is not anyone's issue but your own! Obviously, you didn't go to a SUNY school, which was YOUR CHOICE. Most who go through college accumulate SOME DEBT. By the way, Greece Central pays for teachers to get their Master's degree, as do many other districts. Maybe you should have read your contract ... ?

On the issue of all the extra hours you work, cry me a river! Anyone with a decent job these days works 50+ hours/week, typically with no extra pay. At least you have all those built-in holidays and break weeks to let you rest up.

If you feel that attending an extracurricular activity is work, then I strongly suggest that you NOT attend. There's no reason to punish yourself with watching a football game you don't enjoy when you could be punishing yourself for choosing a college that was too $$ for the kind of job you were able to land ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS- I am not the original poster but many teachers start with a Master's degree. They don't wait in hopes of finding a job that might cover some of the costs.

SCATS said...

To 9:04PM ~~ That's still a CHOICE. If I knew my job wasn't going to start paying me $50K/yr. until I was a seasoned veteran in my field, I sure as heck wouldn't go for an Ivy League type education financed by loans to saddle my future with. It makes NO sense, especially when there are so many OTHER OPTIONS available.

No matter how one tries to spin it, teachers are NOT doctors.

Anonymous said...

$112,867 in student loan debt before you got a job teaching; I sure hope you aren't teaching Math or Economics.

Maybe you should teach Home Ec, How to exist on some fool's credit till he gets smart.

Here are some real world FACTS you might find helpful.
1, You'll be paying those loans till you are 50!
2, NOBODY gives a damn about your lack of financial skill.
3, You should be on your kenns thanking the deity of UNION you found employment in NY. Other states are smarter and start "teachers" around $26,000 and DON'T pay for advanced degrees.
4, Don't play the long hours card, Teacher Contracts including GCSD are available on line and people can see your entire compensation scam.
5, I've positioned myself to see the LeMans start as "teachers" leave many school buildings.
6, A number of students have employed their cellphone to take video of "Teacher" after school activity. You and your Union Brothers DON'T want that on U Tube.
7, Your work product evidences your ability to teach. You want to bitch about parents, do so to the prior generation of Union "teachers" who created them.
8, Don't be too sure you could get hired at Walmart. They are quite sure of what they want in a new employee, and you probably haven't got it. They also are quite strict about little things like being at work and on time.
9, Good luck with your future employment. Remember, you can't Bankrupt out on Student Loans any more. The Gravy Train has left the Station!

Anonymous said...

You people can spin this anyway you want, but the bottom line is this: There are THOUSANDS of people qualified (locally) to take teaching positions, that can't get their foot in the door. How many other careers can you say that about? Better yet, why do you suppose that is? So the next time your feeling like you can't go on and the burden of teaching has become too much to carry... step aside, there are plenty hoping to get what you've got.

Anonymous said...

With regard to, "Overview of School Improvement Plans" I find it interesting that the PowerPoint basically says that Carol Pallas and Deb Hoeft spent the last 5 years oblivious to the fact that their own leadership strategies don't work and that they need to spend yet more time "studying" the situation.

7th graders are now 12th graders. How much more of a "pass" to they get?

Comeon Mme. Superintendent, you got a spine or are you all talk?

Anonymous said...

If the NYS teachers require those degrees and salaries do not compensate accordingly there will be no teachers to hire. While I agree that it is a choice to get a higher education, you can not be a teacher in NYS with out the undergrad and masters. If you want to pay less then the state needs to require less.
Who in their right mind would even pay for a SUNY degree and masters to make 15k a year?

SCATS said...

To 8:05AM ~~ Exactly!!

To 8:10AM ~~ A supt. with a spine?? This is Greece ;)

To 8:44AM ~~ I know of people with advanced degrees that are struggling to make that much in THIS economy. "There but for the grace of God go I" ...

SCATS said...

To 8:44AM ~~ You seem to be missing the point. There is no need to spend $100+K to become a NY teacher! It can be done for maybe half that amount, possibly less.

Anonymous said...

""Who in their right mind would even pay for a SUNY degree and masters to make 15k a year?""

Somebody looking for a position involving damn little actual work lasting only 3 years till they can get Tenure and ride the wave till the day they die!

Oddly NY State high school graduates were considered the best educated before the UNION took over Education, to the extent a NY Reagents Diploma would get you admitted to any College in the Country.

Of course the UNION "Teachers" have done such a wonderful job since with all their advanced degrees a kid who can't read or do basic math is now graduated and dumped onto the Welfare Rolls.

All those degrees need to get back to the protractor where they accomplish something.

Anonymous said...

Scats might be right. 2 plus 2 starts at MCC or FLCC for $6000 for the 2 years. Brockport for the next 2 for 16,000 so that is 24,000. Brockport for the masters for another 8000 so that is 32,000. If you live at home. And whether you are unemployed or working a job after high school or pursuing the above plan you have to drive so don't add that into the equation. So scats is right.

SCATS said...

To 4:24PM ~~ Where there's a will, there's a way. Our teachers have the will (and the voice) to complain about their pay, contract, etc. but you will never hear/see them complain about the lousy quality the students are subjected to in the classroom. Not enough textbooks? Not their issue! Buildings in disrepair? They simply do not care!

If they are so dedicated to their profession, they'll do what they have to do to make it work ... just like the rest of us ;)

Anonymous said...

Just like you will never hear the auto union complain about shoddy workmanship. It's the unions. They are in it for themselves and we wouldn't expect them to be any other way. Where's Jimmy?