Wednesday, October 12, 2011

$21.4 mil (EXCEL I) + $34.5 mil (EXCEL II) = $0 Cost To Taxpayers


Anonymous said...
Article this am says there will be no tax increase. It also says we are just paying off the excel1 project. So we will just pay this project and the tab will be the same. It is like saying our home bills don't increase when we just pay off a car loan after 5 years and trade in the car for a new one and 5 more years of payments. Does Julia think we are stupid? There is nothing free in this world including her cost to taxpayers for the "repairs".

Whether you agree with her that the repairs are needed or not the cost to taxpayers will be immense. It's just that if it is not approved the taxes should go down for the installment payments for excel.   10/12/2011 6:41 AM

The Greece School Board has successfully emulated the Greece Town Board with their new hour-short meetings, lack of public discussion and board member votes that reflect NO dissent on anything at all!

Last night's meeting revealed that:
  • our middle schooler's performance on English Language Arts exams was so embarrassingly low that NY State is going to sick their Joint Intervention Team on us to try to figure out why. (We failed to make "Adequate Yearly Progress" for two consecutive years!)
  • there's essentially nothing new in the works to change the plight of our failing students
  • there's no concern over deciding which schools to close BEFORE asking voters to approve spending more money to fix buildings we may end up selling
  • spending MILLIONS MORE $$ on capital repairs was a given, as there was NO discussion before the BOE voted to take it to the polls
  • the new Supt. is as committee dependent as her predecessors, leaving the work on school configurations to the lay-people to figure out
SCATS ~~ SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Send the senior citizens to Florida for the winter, then tell the remainder there is "no cost to taxpayers" for a plan they haven't dotted their "i's" or crossed their "t's" on! It's time for the SHEEPLE of GREECE TO VOTE NO and stop this nonsense!

IF we planned closing 3 specific schools (say West Ridge, Parkland & Brookside) AND eliminated the sports related components, HOW MUCH WOULD BE TRIMMED OFF the $150 million overall repair backlog?


Anonymous said...

"Just Trust Me/Us"

Sorry, first they must identify the schools to be closed and the associated timetable.

Then, and only then should the public vote to spend our previously paid tax money to fix any school.

I hope they are paying attention.

Charlie Hubbard said...

I listened to most of the meeting hoping to hear if an assignable cause for the test scores situation and or a game plan to fix them.
Scats - Was there a dicussion in any way about educational results that I may have missed?

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ There was only the presentation by Pallas & Hoeft concerning the School Improvement plans (which haven't worked!) and the Joint Intervention Team mess for the middle schools. They did NOT specifically address the test scores in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder that we keep getting the same poor results with the same DO personnel running the show? All they are doing differently is changing the jargon - no real change!

george hubbard said...


1. Delaying this vote from May to Dec means additional costs for a special vote.

Q#1: Any mention of cost for Dec vote?

Q#2: Who approves the expenditure of Dec vote?

Q#3: Is this in the budget?

Comment/question postings invited.

SCATS said...

To George H ~~ No, I've heard no mention of the cost for the special vote, no discussion about where the funds will come from and as far as I'm aware, the BOE gets to approve it all.

Anonymous said...

So. Tired. Of. The. Shtick.

Anonymous said...

All our votes must use the new computer machines and the workers that are paid for the 17 hours, 5am until 10pm.
Then the cost of the lawyers to write up the proposition. Then the cost of the postings in the newspapers. The mailings to our houses. So let's just estimate $30,000 for the vote. That may be low.
They will never tell us since they want the vote.

Anonymous said...

George is back with questions.
Where or where is the answer man?