Thursday, September 08, 2011

Will Taxpayers Foot Bill For NGFD's Goodwill?

Anonymous said...

This week's nomination for best under the rug stuffing should go to North Greece Fire Department! Hey Mr & Mrs Taxpayer are you aware North Greece Union Firemen and volunteers are riding around the Southern part of the State in equipment you paid for burning fuel you'll pay for so they can pump water out of flooded cellars?

How much will this little gesture of goodwill cost you?

Union Firemen are being PAID to pump cellars outside NG Fire District, YOU pay them.

NG equipment is being worn out, YO pay to replace it.

Neither expense will be paid from 2% money.

Want to bet NG Fire Tax goes up come January?

Do you remember voting for North Greece to become a Statewide agency? Do you remember even being asked?

What next from the Union boys in the 7 million dollar firehouse?   9/08/2011 11:11 PM


Anonymous said...

I'll worry about the cost next week. I support helping out in this case.

In the past, if an area is declared a federal disaster area, the federal government reimburses those cost to the tune of 90%.

Yes I know that is tax money but if it is really a disaster, then I say lets all help out.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with you most times, this has got to be the most asinine 'observation' ever. I do *NOT* mind my taxes going toward helping our neighbors. Most of all those people that severely affected by the floods that are currently happening in the Binghamton Area.

And I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot we would have the same kind of support from our neighboring parts of the State.

Simply put, this is the wrong context to fight against 'wasted taxes'.

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit Scats, screw everyone whose not you that needs help! And to think, we've finally found a Democrat who doesn't believe in the welfare of other people!

Anonymous said...

There just isn't any way to respond to this post. It sums up why the majority of Americans dislike the tea party.

Anonymous said...

Aahhh...The refreshing milk of human kindness.

Tastes great. Less filling.

Anonymous said...

The "union boys" aren't the ones who decide on building multi-million dollar firehouse. It's the 5 member Board of Fire Commissioners. They have elections every December. Better yet, attend one of their monthly meetings and voice your displeasure!

Anonymous said...

Generally all costs incurred will be picked up by the feds or state if there is a formal disaster declaration. Still our money. What is really rubbing me the wrong way are the rumors about how the Union is treating the the volunteers and their employer. These union guys appear to be spoiled brats. These self proclaimed HEROES make more than most of the people they serve, with benefits a lot more and have the gall to ask for more. They are making it difficult for the volunteer firemen and emt's because according to them IT'S OUR MONEY OUR JOBS. Oh really.....

SCATS said...

To 8:22 & 9:24AM et al ~~ I haven't said a word to show whether I agree or disagree with the comment posted. I simply posted it for the purpose of discussion ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon, SCATS... what a COP-OUT!

SCATS said...

To 12:43PM ~~ What "cop-out?" I'm not avoiding responsibility for my own views and I don't think I ever have. The fact is that no one asked for them on this topic ... yet ... so I decided to let you folks discuss the topic without my input ;) Besides, I like to keep you guessing lol

Anonymous said...

Lets begin with the reality Binghamton hasn't moved a foot in any direction since it last flooded.
Binghamton has had plenty of time and money to prepare, and chose to spend in a manner other than preparation.

I honestly don't give a rusty rats rear end about Binghamton's suffering the consequences of Binghamton's inaction, you make your choices and you take your licks.

As to the Disaster Declaration funding anything 90%, HEY THAT'S TAX MONEY TOO. Where do you think it comes from?

This is nothing beyond another opportunity for UNION members who happen to be Firemen to take advantage of taxpayers.

IAFF Members are famous for it, and it's well known. I'd even bet the most senior firemen were first out on the job so they could Pension Pad.
IAFF has pushed the Vols out of the Firehouse Vols built with 75 years of service, and now IAFF wants the Vols completely gone.

You damn sure don't see Vol Departments who don't have IAFF staff jumping to drive to Binghamton and pump water.

You want to feel all warm & fuzzy by helping a "neighbor" over an hour away who refused to prepare fine by me, grab YOUR pump, put it in your ccar and drive to Binghamton.

SCATS said...

To 2:12PM ~~ You use way too much common sense to stay in NY. They are gonna ask you to move if you aren't a little more careful ;)

Anonymous said...

Scats, what is your opinion?

Anonymous said...

""To 2:12PM ~~ You use way too much common sense to stay in NY. They are gonna ask you to move if you aren't a little more careful ;)""

Stay I must your furriness, were I to leave I'd have to pay income tax on my state PensionS (both) and tax on my investment in NY Municipal Bonds.

Tain't bad here for me though, that reduced Property & School tax for those of us who paid for the roads you younguns arrided on and the Schools and Parks you go to make it a good deal for those of us who planned ahead.

Some of us even know how to win fighting the assessor.

SCATS said...

To 5:28PM ~~ My opinion is that IF this is supposed to be considered a charitable act, then I'd expect that the firemen are working for free, their colleagues are paying for the gas and the rest of us are footing the bill for the wear & tear on the equipment.

Anonymous said...

It is not charity, it is collegial respect and reciprocity. There are other fire companies that have in the past helped us in time of need and they will again. And don't begrudge them any pay they might get for this dangerous and grueling work.
On the other hand Scats is within bounds to try to find out what the background is for this type of cross-county aid. The news media are only telling us the instances of services and not which county is subsidizing those services. It is a valid question. We only hear about Wegmans donations for which we are all grateful.

SCATS said...

To 12:33PM ~~ On the issue of pay, if they receive compensation then they and the media should NOT attempt to frame their work in the context of some sort of "charitable act." Is it helpful/useful? YES! But if they are paid it is NOT "charitable."

I'm tired of people throwing around words like hero, volunteer, charity and similar things when they are describing something that really doesn't fit the definition.

Examples: Student's forced to "volunteer" as a graduation requirement (it's more akin to slavery than volunteerism); a kid who is murdered by a parent is a VICTIM, not a hero; a required "donation" of "community school supplies" to get a grade or bonus points is NOT charity, but bribery ;)

Anonymous said...

From 12:33 to scats"It is not charity" Didn't I say it was NOT charity. Why are you arguing then? The media did not say it was "charity" either. You are the one saying it was "goodwill". And even though locally the word "goodwill" seems to be a store with items that are donated, goodwill need not be donated. Sometimes it can be offered in a prayer. Sometimes it is in the helping hand of our own citizens traveling to another area that has been touched by disaster. You seem to be arguing with yourself since you are the only writer that sees this as "charity".
Paid or unpaid it is still benevolent. It is helpful and generous. It is responsible.

SCATS said...

To 1:52PM ~~ I'm not arguing with you! What I very clearly stated was about how others are framing it. You forget that on Facebook there are well over 200 followers of SCATS, many in the media, that I interact with on the same BLOGS/topics as you see posted here. MANY OF THEM HAVE FRAMED IT AS CHARITABLE. And now you are back to blurring the topic of first responders sent to help out using taxpayer funded equipment, etc. by talking about "Sometimes it is in the helping hand of our own citizens traveling to another area that has been touched by disaster." That's a completely different subject altogether.

Please, don't let your ego get in the way of reading what I actually wrote ;)

Anonymous said...

Benevolent - "doing good deeds."

Maybe it's not benevolent when it gets funded by the masses?