Saturday, September 17, 2011

While GCSD Nickel & Dimes You To Death ...

The Greece School Board
Approved Spending
$89,444.41 On Stipends
$20,530 On Coaching Fees
At the August BOE Meeting.

They Will Do It Again
At Nearly Every Regular BOE Meeting
Over The Next Year.

So far, they've expended:
$105,869.41 on Stipends
$225,530 on Coaching Fees
For the 2011-12 School Year.

That's in addition to teacher's regular salaries.


Anonymous said...

And the problem is?

Anonymous said...

My kids go door to door fundraising for almost everything they call an extra but these people get paid every time they lift a finger. Must be nice!!!!

Anonymous said...

SCATS said...

To 10:38PM ~~ Great link, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Must be nice having unlimited use of someone else's Master Card, especially when the clown paying the bill can't even chew on you for how much you spend.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 10:38 - thank you

The Stupid in America show was the best discription of the public education monopoly i've seen yet - very straight forward.

I'll say it again - until school boards start 'standing up' it will continue. In the mean time our kids and taxpayers lose.
Historicly management have taken the 'easy' way out - also lacking the backbone to stand up. The lady who was the head of the Washington D.C. district is a prime example. The new (dishrag) mayor took the easy way out and got rid of her rather than showing a backbone and backing the status/qou.

One thing that stood out on this program was - if anyone thinks more spending is going to improve the 'staus/que' 'public education monoply' they are a FOOL. NOT to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Charlie. I don't think it is possible to buy sustainable jobs, smarter kids or morality in government. Some things do not respond to having money thrown at them; they require a change in attitude.