Thursday, September 22, 2011

Which Greece Politician Is Connected To Maggie's Latest Scandal?

From WHEC-TV: "The final state audit says Monroe County wasted millions of taxpayer dollars when it created something called an LDC -- a local development corporation. They named it Upstate Telecommunications Corporation ... "

Upstate Telecom's Board of Directors:
Name                      Term Ending
Charles H. Stuart – President February 29, 2012
Raymond S. DiRaddo  --   March 7, 2014
Aaron J. Sperano   ---   September 19, 2013
Anthony Feroce (Co. Exec. Rep.) Ex-Officio

Ownership: Upstate Telecommunications. This business is located in Rochester, New York. Burglar Alarm Systems Wholesale

Address: 462 Melwood Dr
City: Rochester
County: Monroe
Zip Code: 14626-4512
State: New York
Phone: 585-452-1000
Fax: 585-647-0983
Contact: William Reilich
Position: Owner
Employees: 1 to 36

SCATS ~~ Why is Greece's Town Attorney involved in this? Maybe our closed, clubby, corrupted group finally tainted Maggie's dealings too ;)


Anonymous said...

It is not clear to me whether or how Rielich is involved, He has had a security company for while now predating this stuff? Can you clarify. The rest is as you see it totally disgusting. Did DiRaddo's involvement extend to the time when he was a member of the leg if so wouldn't that be a problem

SCATS said...

To 10:02AM ~~ Clarify what the linked website states with him as "owner"? I think that is Mr. Reilich's job to "clarify." I'm sure lots of folks have questions ;)

Anonymous said...

what I am saying is that I am not sure these two are the same company.
Can anyone "own" a UDC it is a not for profit company with a board of directors according to the one site. the latter may be Reilich private company that predates this UDC

Anonymous said...

sorry I screwed up all the acronyms I mean of course and LDC can't be owned. However I found something int he interwebs which seems to indicate Reilich's business was founded in 1975 He may not even be running it now

SCATS said...

To 12:42PM ~~ Again, I think Mr. Reilich needs to come forward & tell us all about his association with this LDC named UTC. If there is none, he needs to explain how his name got plastered as owner on that website.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Reilich's corruption only goes as far as covering up accidents involving his kid and town trucks.

Nothing to see here, move along everyone.

Anonymous said...

SCATS let me try to run this by you once more. I do not believe that the two companies named upstate communications are the same entity.

I'm not protecting Reilich just trying to make you check to make sure you haven't made a mistake

Once again UTC is a non-profit corporation it can not be owned by anyone but is governed by the board of directors listed on its site. Reilich is not listed there

THe non-profit entity UTC ws founded in 2004 or 5 Relich's business was a for profit business was founded in 1975 and privately owned. Information I found on the web (i can't vouch for its complete truth but I will give you the link if you wish) seemed to indicate that Relich was only involved in this business until 2002.

Just because two businesses have the same name does not mean they are the same entity,

The web site on which Reilich's business in cited is just a site that grabs info from public sources on businesses. This information can often be outdated

SCATS said...

To 8:33PM ~~ You are worried I made a mistake? WHAT "MISTAKE" was that?? I merely posted public info via a weblink that shows exactly what I posted! If it's wrong, it's Mr. Reilich's problem to get it corrected on the site where it is posted. Once that is accomplished, he can request that I review the changes made there & amend things here appropriately.

If you found "outdated" or inaccurate info about yourself posted on some website, would you be after the folks who run that site to correct the problem, or would you expect me to take care of it for you?

By the way, I think it's an AMAZING COINCIDENCE that he just happened to have a company by the same name as one associated with the latest scandal his own party is involved with. Such bad luck for him ;)

Anonymous said...

Reilich sold his company to Doyle Alarm probably around 2002 although I thought it was later. I have been a customer of his original company and then had my account moved to Doyle. I have no info about anything else other than he no longer owns his original alarm outfit, which is factual. I suppose I could dig out my records of when that sale occurred but for what purpose?

SCATS said...

To 7:05AM ~~ It doesn't matter! This focus on Reilich is intended to take the heat off DiRaddo's involvement, a rather typical tactic in Greece politics ;)

Anonymous said...

You post information from three separate, unconnected websites in order to make some connection between Reilich and this LDC. Then when someone explains that these two companies are clearly not one in the same you say it is Reilich's responsibility to correct the misunderstanding.

You have created the misunderstanding. You should own up to it, admit you made a connection where one does not exist and move on.

SCATS said...

To 8:21AM ~~ I know that common sense is a very rare commodity on here for a FEW of you.

I didn't create the website with Reilch's info! If it is wrong, which I do NOT know is the case, then it is Mr. Reilch's issue to deal with, not mine! He is a PUBLIC OFFICIAL, in the headlines, news, etc. I would think he might keep check on such things. Should he contact me and provide me with info to the contrary, I'll take it from there.

Every so often, I Google my name & other family members. If I find outdated, inaccurate or info that shouldn't be online, I contact the webmaster's and get it removed. If I can do it, I'm pretty sure Reilich can do it.

THIS ENDS THE DISCUSSION OF THAT SPECIFIC ISSUE. That means, additional snarky comments about it won't be posted. Comments dealing with other thoughts are welcome still.

SCATS said...

Sadly, several comments were received that won't be posted for name-calling. You know who you are. You really should know better ;)