Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tia Gerstner Finally Gets Jail Time

Yet Another Plea Deal
Gets Her ONLY
2 1/3 to 7 Yrs. In State Prison

"I had every indication she could get her life together. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement." ~~ Asst. District Attorney Perry Duckles, who prosecuted both cases

Gerstner "made two terrible judgment calls," but has accepted responsibility for her actions. "It's something she'll pay dearly for now." ~~ Joseph Damelio, Gerstner's lawyer

SCATS ~~ So in Monroe County, if you are a pretty, young, female and from a privileged background, you can get drunk & stoned, kill your best friend in a DWI, then drive without a license while drunk on probation, steal another friend's vehicle and damage an unoccupied parked car of an innocent person and still get a tidy little plea deal from the DA!! MUST BE NICE!

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Anonymous said...

Comon now kittycat, just like Greece Schools it helps your case if you show some boobs, and I ain't referring to the Board of Education.

Sweet Tia's looks done already went down the drain, and you know what is getting wider by the hour, so it ain't that. As to privileged, she ain't, and her lawyer sure wasn't much either. She rally sold it in the pre-sentence investigation.

Then my mommy went and ran away from home to shack up with her boyfriend just after his wife caught him and mommy together, and if I wanted to see mom I had to stop on my way home from school and hope she was available. Dad went to taking it out on me because Mom found a better man and I took to drink because of the pain. Throw in a pint of tears and P.S.I. will damn near recommend an award for surviving childhood.