Monday, September 26, 2011

NY State To Seek NCLB Waiver

Albany —  State Education officials said they may ask the federal government for permission to opt out of the No Child Left Behind law.

President Obama said Friday that some states will be able to seek waivers from parts of the law, which requires students in elementary and middle schools to take frequent proficiency tests.

Some critics have complained that the emphasis on testing has compromised the overall quality of education.

Newsday reports that state Education Commissioner John King said New York will be among the states that will consider asking for a waiver.

Kings said the state needs a better accountability system that supports schools.

He said the issue will be taken up at the next Board of Regents meeting, in October.


Anonymous said...

how can you measure students' progress if you don't test them?

the emphasis on testing comes from teachers and administrators who have done such a horrible job in teaching that they have to focus on the test in the hopes of getting some to pass.

If the teachers would simply focus on teaching the required information the tests would take care of themselves.

I would love to hear what Mr. Kings' "better accountability system" would consist of.

SCATS said...

To 3:21PM ~~ I agree with you. The testing is the only way they can impose any sort of "accountability" on teachers without renegotiating contracts. Sad, but it is, what it is.