Monday, September 12, 2011

DEC Studying Dry Cleaners, Gas Station Sites on 104

Decades Old Environmental Threats May Require Clean-Up

SCATS ~~ I want to personally thank ALL local politicians, past & present, who permitted this contamination to continue unchecked for so long.

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Anonymous said...

Don't look to DEC to do diddle. DEC has a policy of identifying and mapping such sites, and nothing more.

Amazing as it may seem, Greece is the most difficult town for gas stations since a few neighbors forced cleanup of the site at Manitou & Frisbee as part of building the new station there.

DEC had been willing to leave it sleep, and even willing to permit hauling the MTBE contaminated soil to be hauled to Parma and lay there in the hope the MTBE would evaporate off. Parma said NO WAY.

Greece said no cleanup no build.