Monday, August 08, 2011

Victim Shot Twice In Greece Parking Lot


13WHAM news reports he was shot twice in the torso

WHEC news reports: " ... uniformed police officers and plain clothes detectives scoured an empty parking lot behind a bar -- which faces the median where the body was found.

Police have not commented on what they found, but based on the little yellow pylons placed in the parking lot, it appeared that they located some evidence. We clearly saw police take a jacket that was lying on the ground and put it in an evidence bag. (The rest of the parking lot is littered with cigarette butts and bottle caps).

The owner of the bar said neither she nor her bartender remember any shooting last night. The bar closed at 2am.

The body was discovered on the road after 5am.

Greece Police believe the man was shot in a part of the parking lot that sits in the town of Greece. So it will likely be a Greece Police case."

SCATS ~~ All morning long, we were told this was a city case, that he was shot in the city and now we're told differently. THAT'S TYPICAL RAHN-STYLE  HANDLING BY GPD!! Will we get to hear what actually happened in this case? Or will it be treated like the body found in the parking along Mt. Read Blvd. last winter when we were never told what caused that man's death?



Anonymous said...

SSDD!! It's just how Greece is.......

"Nothing to see here people."

Anonymous said...

The shooting happened on the border between the city and Greece. Stupid criminals should know better than to step over the line into this town. It makes us look bad.

Anonymous said...

The case should get handled by the department where the crime occured if known, not where the body was located. It doesn't always go that way, but it should. Just because he was found in the medaian won't determine who handles the case.

Part of the WHEC report from Berkely Breen at 5 pm also said the victim reported being shot in another part of Greece, which turned out to be untrue. If the victim isn't cooperative, the police job gets much more difficult.

I don't know if its typical of the "Rahn era", but the line that separates Greece from Rochester along Mt. Read Blvd doesnt run in a straght line. There are buildings that the front of the store is Rochester and the back of the store is Greece. Some times it takes awhile to sort out (especially if the victim isn't truthful)....

SCATS said...

To 1:55PM ~~ Re: "Part of the WHEC report from Berkely Breen at 5 pm also said the victim reported being shot in another part of Greece, which turned out to be untrue."

Actually, YOU are wrong. If you read the BLOG I posted from WHEC, I pointed out with the red font that: "Greece Police believe the man was shot in a part of the parking lot that sits in the town of Greece. So it will likely be a Greece Police case."

In the past, there wasn't so much concern shown for exacting the line between the city & Greece as in this case.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the Chief chasing after the speeder SCATS? What's the matter cat got your tongue? Can't talk about the good stuff can you? Wish you were in as good as shape as him, right???

Anonymous said...

I know you don't like it when people point out the facts SCATS, but the guy did in fact claim to be shot in another part of the town of Greece.

Don't shoot the messenger (bad pun) but someone should point out what the guy actually said.

Again, sorry to point out what truly happened.

SCATS said...

To 2:25PM ~~ I don't monitor the news sites every minute of the day. In fact, WHEC just posted the story at 2:16PM ... it's only 3:33PM now ;)

SCATS said...

To 2:31PM ~~ I have to laugh at folks like you who claim to have "facts" but FAIL to state what those supposed "FACTS" are! If he said it happened "in another part of the town of Greece" then why don't YOU TELL US WHERE THAT SITE WAS?

THE FACT IS: Yesterday morning it was reported that he told police that he was shot in Greece and the PD said they didn't believe that to be true!

From YNN today: "Greece Police said Bray told Rochester Police officers he was shot in the town of Greece and then made his way into the city before collapsing."

Anonymous said...

There was a shooting with no one hit about a half mile to the south of that Greece shooting at Ridgeway and Lagrange at about noon on Tuesday. It was in a children's park and recreation center run by the city. 13 shots fired, no suspects, casings found on the street, bullets found in houses. Lucky no one was hit.

SCATS said...

To 1:41PM ~~ Yes, I saw that on the news. I've got a friend in that neighborhood. It's moving right up Dewey Ave. and Mt. Read Blvd. from the city into Greece, but don't tell anyone. It's much too upsetting to acknowledge.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to be concerned about folks,Buckaroo Baxter & the boys made an arrest. Greece is once again safe for you and yours to wander about in the dark, and you won't even need to be concerned about speeding motorcycles.

Baxters boys are now 2 for 2 this week.
The promise has been discovered!
BAXTER solves all crime.
The word is out.
Criminals will now stay in other towns.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I' m slow' maybe I'm out of touch/ It seems the police can't do anything right according to the SCATS critics - Let any criminal activity go too long- trouble. Act quickly ad apprehend speeders and shooters, derision and nicknames. What's a police force supposed to do to get respect from you guys????

Anonymous said...

To 3:36 at "Baxter & the boys made an arrest" actually...2 arrests. The motorcycle guy and the alleged shooter.
You did correct yourself at 2 for 2. It's scary that we have so many dangerous activities going on within 24 hours so close to home. People with weapons in playgrounds, weapons in parking lots across from home depot, and man using motorcycle as weapon of destruction. He was speeding even before he passed the police car.
These are all the acts of arrogance and not caring whether they get caught. No fear of incarceration. Jail is no deterrent to these cool alleged perpetrators.

SCATS said...

To 4:02PM ~~ Re: "What's a police force supposed to do to get respect from you guys????"


Anonymous said...

Don't worry folks Baxman is protecting Greece now. Good people can sleep in their homes without fear, no more need to keep a bat by the bed.

Attention to Criminals and Maldoers
Baxman can run. Baxman loves to run. Baxman can run all day and still smile. Baxman is the enemy of crime.
Baxman can clear a 4 foot backyard fence without breaking stride.

Bad Boys, stay in Irondequoit where fat cops don't run after you. Stay away from Baxman's mall, and Baxman's roads. Baxman bad news to crooks.

Baxman not even egomaniac, Baxman don't wear no white shirt. You run from Baxman you go to Jail tired.

Baxman Baxman what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they run from you.

Anonymous said...

We. the people can cut the apron strings, Scats, by pitting in some new folks at town hall, Time for a change!

Anonymous said...

Sorry SCATS but once again your being a hypocrite. Dan Maloney politicized the police department and you adored him for it. So don't say you want politics and the GPD to never cross paths.

I haven't seen one act of politics in the GPD since Rahn got the boot and yet you still dump all over our police officers.

Don't lie or spin this around into an attack on me for not going along with what you THINK is going on over at GPD. Tell the truth now.

I know (hope) you can do it.

SCATS said...

To 4:51PM ~~ I always "TELL THE TRUTH" to the best of my ability given the secrecy so much that happens in Greece is shrouded in.

It seems to me that if YOU are still hurting so much from Maloney's narrowly failed attempt to pull the rug out from under the Republican party in Greece a few years ago, then YOU must be Auberger himself. That would also explain your inability to see what's really going on today ;)

Really John, YOU need to get over it!