Thursday, August 25, 2011

This Should Be Posted In ALL High Schools

A Facebook Friend Posted This:
To all you guys who "sag" your pants and show your butt and underwear....did you know it originated in prison? It was a signal to the other MEN that you are "available". So if you wanna keep going around looking like your "available" for another dude to "tap that"... then keep thinking your cool while I think you look like a Fool!!! BTW they call it PBS (Prison Bitch Syndrome) :) re-post if u think this is funny!!! .......... ....AND PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS!!!
SCATS ~~ Babs, how about making this into a poster and plastering the halls of Odyssey, Athena, Olympia & Arcadia schools with it?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Love the post! I have told many young men to "pull up your pants" when they come into the place I work. I really don't want to see your ugly underwear or the crack of your ass.

And wearing nasty pajama bottoms out in public is disgraceful too. I can understand teenagers who do this because their brains are still developing") But grown adults??????? Geez........get dressed before you go out.

My nephews who go to school on the east side of the county were told at the beginning of each school year in their annual assembly........NO spaghetti straps for the girls. Lasagna straps are ok. No pants on the floor or you go to the principals office to pick out a belt to put on. He keeps a wide variety of sizes for the pants on the floor kids!

Anonymous said...

No reason to post it at Odyssey, those folks aren't allowed in there anyway.

Charlie Hubbard said...

I find this posting to be far too simplistic'
Are we saying anything goes as long as your a## is covered?
What does the dress code say? Is the dress code being enforced?

As some readers will recall I pushed for school uniforms and got little to no support from those running the system and most on the board.
I would also remind readers of the 'crap' some us got for the removal of 'hats'.

The bottom line is it's easier to just turn the other way and do nothing.
Conduct improvememnt and dress code would mean the adults are in charge of our buildings which of course is not the case. It is far more important to satisfy everyones 'feelings' first.

Anonymous said...

1. This post is false, according to snopes. So is the posting that claims low-hanging pants came from the death row inmates who couldn't have belts for their pants and the rest of the prison population removed their belts in solidarity.

I agree with Charlie. We should have "uniforms" including kahki , brown, blue, gray slacks and polo shirts for guys, and another suitable attire for girls. That way we can eliminate a lot of competition and gang clothes at school. We don;t need the plaid uniforms of olden days, just a set of attire that is approved for school wear.

SCATS said...

To 3:10PM ~~ Actually SNOPES says the practice of wearing low riding pants DID ORIGINATE IN PRISONS: "The practice, which did begin in prisons, worked its way from the hoosegow into hip hop culture ... "

I have no problem with uniforms. It would get the kids more focused on the lesson plan (if there is one) and off who's wearing which gang colors.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in prison, but not for the reason stated. They just get baggy clothes!

Charlie Hubbard said...

Just so you know the uniforms were proven to be a cost saver for parents.

It was anticipated for the pants to be the same color for all schools and the shirts to be 'school colors'.

I still believe it to be a good idea but because leadership would need to prevail first it has little chance.