Friday, August 12, 2011

Sadly Predictable ...


There was a time when it was exciting to look up the standardized test results for the Greece Central School District. Are we going to be seventh from the top or maybe we made it to sixth from the top? Are we trending in the right direction for the last three years or are we remaining in the same rank position?

Sadly, that excitement is gone. Without even looking at the current state test results published in this week’s D&C, I knew where Greece would be ranked. This is one time I wished I would be wrong. The results are as follows:

Greece Grades 3-8:  53% are “Deemed Proficient” in reading. That means that almost 1 out of every 2 students or half of all students, in grades 3-8, are “Deemed NOT Proficient” in reading. Only East Irondequoit is lower than Greece at 50% deemed proficient. In summary, Greece ranks second from the bottom in Monroe County Suburban School Districts.

Greece: Grades 3-8: 70% are “Deemed Proficient” in math. That means that approximately 1 out of every 3 students in grades 3-8 are “Deemed NOT Proficient in math. Only East Irondequoit 60%, Gates Chili 66% and Wheatland-Chili 68% are lower than Greece Central. In summary, Greece ranks fourth from the bottom in Monroe County Suburban School Districts.

Our new school superintendent has her work cut out for herself. Changing Greece Central’s academic ranking will not be done over night nor will there be a quick fix, but it has to start now or we will loose another generation of students, as we have for the last 12 years.

Doug Skeet


Anonymous said...

quite alarming. But don't we have some purty schools and auditoriums!'!!

Anonymous said...

Scats; do any of the district or board goals talked about Tuesday night address these test scores?

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ I don't have the list of goals for either group, but I think there was some mention of improving academics made. Maybe someone else can fill us in that specifically?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone really looked at Greece recently - we are no longer a "suburban" community - we are an urban one. Drive through Dewey Stnoe, walk the mall, go by english road, take a peek at the northgate area. We have become an urban community and need to stop thinking of ourselves otherwise. The next step would be to see what successful urban communities have done and try and follow their lead if it makes sense.

SCATS said...

To 12:18PM ~~ While I understand what you are saying, it's not as if Gates hasn't changed in the same way. For some reason, Greece has fallen to the bottom of the county rankings and seems unable to climb out, dig out, or do anything meaningful to restore our standing to the middle of the pack even. Why is Gates faring better?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Does any reader have an idea how many of those responsible for producing these test scores that did NOT receive a raise.

Until we come to grips with how deficient our contracts are with accountablity I see nothing changing in any meaningfull way.

Based on what i'm seeing our focus will continue to be around putting a different shade of lipstick on the pig via those with a masters degree in excuss making.