Thursday, August 04, 2011

Town Board Brings Back K-9 Unit & Loszynski

Greece Town Board "Openly"
Conducts Business In Secret

I was rather taken aback when I read the news that the Greece Town Board approved the addition of a K-9 unit to the Greece Police Dept. at their July meeting. It's reported that the donated German Shephard will assist with patrols, perform security checks, track fleeing suspects, support officers while apprehending criminals, search for narcotics & help with special events.

I'm aware that GPD had a K-9 unit about a decade ago. I'm also aware that it became victim to the budget ax, because such canines are very costly to obtain, train and sustain over the long haul. GPD has been utilizing the services of the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept.'s canine unit in the interim.

In looking at the minutes for the July Town Board meeting to see where this addition was "approved," all I find on the agenda is: item 19 (O'Keefe/Bilsky) "Acceptance of the donation of a German Shepherd Dog from Carol Zona, and further authorization for the Supervisor to execute all related documents." There is NO MENTION AT ALL of having a K-9 unit return to the Greece Police Dept. There is no mention of the anticipated substantial expense associated with training officers to handle and care for such a dog either. I'll bet my lunch there was NO public discussion of it, too!

On the same agenda, I also see another item that just screams for further explanation: item 15 (Conlon/Morris) "Authorization to enter into an agreement with Joseph Loszynski to provide consultant and audit services. Further authorize the Supervisor to execute all related documents."

What the heck?!? I thought Loszynski had taken his last road trip to town months ago! It's not like this guy lives nearby! What will he be auditing? Who will he consult with? About what? At what rate of pay? For how long?

I'm hoping Chief Todd will do the Greece taxpayers a favor and use the new K-9 to sniff out the "secret" deals Auberger and his corrupted gang approve at future meetings. The entire Greece community could use a break from this scandal-ridden and corrupted regime.


Charlie Hubbard said...

Any elected official who would vote for this or any other item without knowing the cost is NOT looking out for the taxpayers - PERIOD.

One of the biggest reasons government entities get in trouble is they make a committment to spend, spend, spend (just vote yes to be nice) without knowing the amount. It does not need to be exact but if you are going to commit the taxpayers to pay for something you damn well owe them the 'respect' of knowing the cost - reguardless of the item.

Foreinstance - I have spoke many times about the need of elected officials to know the costs of employee contracts (each part has a cost) prior to approval and to demonstrate that by making it public PRIOR to approval. Remember the lifetime medical? The board had NO idea of the cost and the taxpayers are saddled with it for years. I could list many examples and this item was identified in the Comptrollers audit 2008.

Just one more example of this - remember obamacare? 'we need to pass this so we can find out whats in it'. Well if you don't know whats in it you sure as hell don't know the cost.

It's all about TRUST.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the K-9, leave it to you to take something good that happens in Greece and turn it into something negative.

Why do you even live in the town if you really despise it so much?

Seriously SCATS is there anything you like about Greece?

Anonymous said...

I was always under the impression that a K-9 Officer and Dog were considered partners for life or retirement. These dogs went with their partner everywhere, including home. What other expenses could be involved other than the initial training? Food, more training, agility test, ect..

Was I wrong in thinking this?

SCATS said...

To 8:48AM ~~ Excuse me, but I said nothing pro or con about the idea that Greece got a K-9 unit. My issue is with the way it was gone about! Where was the OPEN DISCUSSION? Why could people who attended that meeting be able to walk away not knowing a K-9 unit for GPD was approved? This is more of the same ole, same ole tactics that got us into the Schwab mess, the Rahn mess, the Auberger messes.

To 10:10AM ~~ That initial training is not "cheap." Other expenses would include vet bills I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

K9 units are very valuable to police departments and very expensive. From some court decisions the officer gets compensated for having responsibilities with the dog 24 hours a day. The initial cost of buying the dog is far less than the cost of having the dog on the force for years.
It was those court decisions and related costs that prompted the Town to cut the K9 program several years ago - under Mr. Aubergers watch.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Greece reporter dropped the ball in uncovering the problem. Thank God we have Scats to point out when the process is used against the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Donn Rice will make sure stuff like this doesn't happen when he's elected to the town Board!

SCATS and the people here are right. The police shouldn't have something like this.

SCATS said...

To 1:42PM ~~ You are ill informed and apparently unable to read for comprehension, as well. Mr. Rice is NOT running for office. Future comments about him related to that will be deleted as irrelevant.

No one has discussed the need to have, or not to have the K-9 unit brought back. THAT is the issue here! It's the cloistered process that's being questioned.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear some data on how frequently Baxter believes such a dog would be used. Daily? Weekly? What sorts of crimes do we have and how frequent are they to justify this expense? Would the money potentially be better spent on an additional officer?

I hope the police dept shares with us the improvements this program is expected to provide. If they can't justify it 6 months in then maybe we should revisit what we're doing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dog will be used as a bounty hunter.

Anonymous said...

For the love of, is this site saturated with GCSD Union Teachers? What's so damn hard to understand about a puttitat like SCATS not wanting Baxter and a Popo dog chasing him?

SCATS is already on a tight budget for catnip & litter. SCATS can't afford to pay for throwdown biscuits to get the dog off his tail!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry SCATS. I thought Mr. Rice was in the race. I really don't read your blog with any regularity so I missed the part where he backed out.

BTW, who the heck are these Democratic candidates that are running?

Last time you posted information about all the D candidates' background,etc. but there's nothing about these people. The last group had websites, held press events, did interviews going back to June.

Yet this new group hasn't done anything to let us know who they are.

From your previous blog posts it seems you interact well with the local Dem Party. Can you ask Mr. Garretson what's up with this slate and why they aren't contesting every incumbent?

Thanks for your efforts to keep us informed.

Anonymous said...

maybe the dog will be taught to fetch Auggie's bagel in the morning instead of sending the town hall janitor to get it from the tax dollars at work!

SCATS said...

To 8:24AM ~~ You don't read with regularity BUT you can tell me what I covered from previous BLOG posts? Interesting ... ;)

I'm sure the Dems will share whatever news whenever they are ready to do so.

Anonymous said...

To 8:24 at "I really don't read your blog with any regularity" Now you must read the blog with great frequency since you covered information form many threads and dates. The fact that you do it without "regularity" must mean you have a digestive problem. Hope you get that taken care of. Keep reading though. We are glad to have you part of the group.

Anonymous said...

Wow, with SCATS allowing insulting comments like 9:04's it's a wonder anyone comes here at all. Pretty aggressive and unnecessary there friend. I do come here a lot and it seems to be a common problem here.

Sorry if you don't like me pointing this out. I know its uncomfortable to hear but someone has so tell it like it is.

That's what we activists are for!

SCATS said...

To 5:07PM ~~ In the scheme of things, 9:04's comment was fairly tame if not mildly amusing. Please keep activating ;)

Anonymous said...

VERY pleased there is a K-9 unit in Greece. I like our police department and support the work they do for us. Please don't attack me for saying so SCATS and friends.

SCATS said...

To 11:44PM ~~ What displeases me is the COMPLETE LACK OF PUBLIC DISCUSSION OF THIS ITEM AT THE TOWN BOARD LEVEL. K-9 units are costly & that was the reason Greece got rid of the K-9 unit about a decade ago. In these economic times, I do not think it's too much to expect our govt to give us some sort of cost/benefit analysis to support the move to renew this part of GPD. Since you are willing to overlook all of that, how about we let YOU pay for it?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Scats, your response to the 11:44 posting was absolutly right on.
Perhaps 11:44 can share with us the anticipating (budgeted) costs and where that info came from because it certainly did not come via public disclosure at the town board meeting and it is THAT I hope is unacceptable to residents.

So again 11:44 what is that cost?