Friday, August 26, 2011

Greece Dems To Unveil Slate Monday

WHEN : Monday August 29th, 2011 @4:00 PM
WHERE: Greece Town Hall

Monday August 29 at 4:00 PM the Greece Democratic Committee will present its 2011 slate of candidates to the voters.

“The public is invited to meet our slate of candidates and size them up first-hand,” said Dave Garretson, Town Leader of the Greece Democratic Committee. “We expect to have the entire Democratic slate on hand to meet the voters. They are exceptional candidates.”

Greece Town Hall has been the site for kick-offs of Republican political campaigns in the past, but this is the first time Democrats have held such an event there. “The days of one-party rule in this town are coming to an end,” said Garretson. “We’re showing the voters that Democrats belong in Greece Town Hall.”

For more information, please contact: Dave Garretson


Anonymous said...

Wow, the campaign year is almost over and they're now just getting around to this? Pretty poor. Last time the Democrats had their candidates out there in March. Sorry but can't take them seriously. I've only seen the other side out knocking on doors so where have these mystery people been all summer?

SCATS, please post a picture of the Greece Democrats' candidate slate so we can at least see who these people are.

SCATS said...

To 10:39PM ~~ If your worst complaint about the candidates is timing and/or photos, then I guess you're desperately grasping at straws trying to find something, no matter how trivial, just to slam the other party. IMHO, that's beyond pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the candidates speak intelligently about the real issues in our town government and have the backing of the county democrats. People want to see sincere, ethical and competent people run for office, a monkey should be able to beat the Auberger machine at this point. If they make themselves look like goofs with brooms and race cars or they get left at the curb by Moreli like last time the game is over. So lets do all we can to support the change our town desperately needs to restore the towns dignity.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again.
Poor boaters who can't buy high priced fuel can't get their boats out of the Town owned marina on E Manitou Rd because John Hairburger's wig plugged the channel.

Supervisor Hairburger is a crook and womanizer.

Vote for me so I can attend the real Town Board meeting on Thursday afternoon in the conference room on the second floor.


I'm NOT a Republican.

Perhaps we will also hear from the United Auto Out Of Workers and the Greece Pretending 2B Teachers Union both stellar examples of leadership.

Will there be a small leaflet instructing us on how to identify Democrats by the signs in their yards since most candidates seem to leave their party off signs lately?

Will SuperDave jump a motorcycle over the tent in Town Hall Lawn, or is that another SuperDave?

Will there be baby kissing and baloons for children, or will those be victims of Flu Season?

The biggest question, if a Democrat gets elected to Town Board, how long will it take for him/her to change Party affiliation?

For BONUS points, name the last Democrat to sit on Greece Town Board.

SCATS said...

To 9:24PM ~~ As you already realize, party affiliation has been nearly meaningless in Greece since they swap parties almost as fast as Robach fled that cop's closet a few years ago.

As for the last Dem to sit on the Greece Town Board, I think it was our nefarious current Town Attorney - Raymond "The New Republican" DiRaddo. What do I get for my prize??

Anonymous said...

Since you shouldn't be allowed to enter contests on your own site, you may report directly to the carpeted foyer outside Supervisor Hairbuirger's office and wait for Ms I amhim to drive you to Wegmans where you will be allowed to ride in a grocery cart to the pet asile.

You will be provided with a cupon good for your choice of 1 package of Feline Pine or a 3pack of treats.

The Town Hall janitor requests you don't use the carpeting as a litter box again, and also requests you refrain from employing your claws to carve S C A T S in the carpet.

Of course if you were really good you could name the one before DiRaddo. You could also name the gift Vince Campbell gave DiRaddo at his last Council meeting, location of that meeting and where the mice hid out in Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

Is this a BYOB event?
(Bring Your Own Broom)

Anonymous said...

The last one that was and is a democrat and stayed a democrat was Jim Doyle. Diraddo was republican by the time he was on the board. Zicari was also a democrat on the board. So who was the latest? Doyle or Zicari?
There are no documents telling us that because of the shredding policy in Town Hall before Lozynski.

Anonymous said...

The original was Joe Darweesh.

Anonymous said...

To 10:39 when did the Republicans ever (this year or any other year) introduce their candidates to the public like the Democrats are doing today?

Maybe you've seen candidates knocking on doors, but nobody from either party has been to my place. Speaking of mystery men, I hear there is a new Republican guy for office and I have no idea who he is. Does that mean, like you said about the Democrats, I shouldn't take him seriously because I don't know his name and didn't see his picture?

Yes I'm a Democrat and getting pretty fed up with the bullying tactics from your side.

SCATS said...

To 11:16AM ~~ Good point about the Reps not introducing their candidates. I saw one of them going to A FEW HOMES in my neighborhood a couple weeks ago, but they don't have the spine to ring the bells of those of us who don't belong to either party.

Anonymous said...

11:16. They consider the town newsletters they send out as introduction to the candidates as well as the winners and holders of the jobs permanently until they decide to move on up the ladder. It is only at the city level and further up to the federal level in NY state that the same can be said for democrats.
The democratic primary winner for mayor in the city is the winner overall. They might as well not even hold an election.
In Greece once the democrats have chosen their candidates they might as well be preparing their concession speech.