Monday, August 29, 2011

Greece Dems Introduce Candidates

"We've talked to voters and they're tired of John Auburger and his political cronies controlling the town." ~~ Dave Garretson, Greece Democratic Committee

The Democratic candidates are: Wendy Wright for Ward 2, Rita Garretson for Ward 3 and Norma Cummings for the Ward 4, with no candidate up for the Ward 1.

Democrat Bill King, a family practice attorney, will be running for Greece Town Justice.

County legislator candidates include Nick Coffee for the 1st district, which includes portions of Parma and Greece.

"In five years when my son starts kindergarten, the county of Monroe could go bankrupt." ~~ Nick Coffee, Dem.

Democrat Todd Dunn is running for a legislator spot for the second time in the 19th district, which includes portions of Parma and Greece.

"I think the county legislature has drifted from representing the people." ~~ Todd Dunn, Dem.



Anonymous said...

I just knew this was going to happen: you give women the vote and the next thing you know they are running for office. Mark my word: the next thing they are going to want is shoes in the winter.
Well at least they will know what to do with those brooms!

Anonymous said...

Do the other candidates know that they aren't going to get any support from the local party? Rita Garrettson is the only one Dave will lift a finger to. The rest are on their own. Just ask Dave how much effort he has and will give to the rest of this group. I know several of them and this won't go over too well. If this is just a weak effort on the local Democratic party's part once again this year I don't expect they will be taken very seriously.

Anonymous said...

I actually went to this yesterday. I was ready to be disgusted with the lame Democrats but I came away impressed. They were reasonable and made sense and they all had good qualifications. Not a clinker in the whole bunch. I will probably vote for them

Anonymous said...

if even one of these democrats comes within 5% points of the republicans ill be shocked

Anonymous said...

Everyone tells us why they are running and how they are tired of how things are done in Greece, but not a single one of them mentioned ISSUES. Same old same old from Greece Dems. The platform is always the same--no matter how they spew it--openness, integrity, competence--. But tell us what the plan is to accomplish this. They don't have a plan because they haven't got a clue.

SCATS said...


SCATS said...

To 10:38AM ~~ Did you say that BEFORE Maloney almost stole the vote from Auberger too? ;)

In a place as corrupted as we are around here, your "shock" would be based on knowing how things are funded, candidates are inter-connected, etc. isn't it?

Anonymous said...

@ 10:40 -- OK I'm ready to hear from the Republicans now. I guess you're saying they will be against openness, integrity, and competence. Well if so at least they are finally taking some kind of stand

The Republicans have had years to show that they are willing to stand up and fight for something during all these scandals but you never hear a peep from any of them.

I'm cheering for the underdogs. Anybody is better than the current crew of party hacks, so I'll support the new guys even though they are Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I still don't hear a plan on how they plan on accomplishing this openness especially since we will still have a Republican seated at the top in the town. How do they plan to work with him?

Again the answer is BALANCE. One Party control is not the answer.

There are so many different issues confronting the Town of Greece within the various wards. These are the key points that any elected official needs to start focusing on.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone support this Democratic slate when they said absolutely nothing about how they'd handle budgeting, taxes, delivery of existing or new services, the cost of pensions, programs forced on us by the state and feds, etc., etc., etc.

They have no platform beyond "we're not the Republicans!"

That may be enough for SCATS, but it isn't for real people.

Sorry SCATS and the Democratic politicians but you gotta have more than that. No plans, no platform, no experience to bring to the table.

C'mon you guys, please do better that this group in the future!

SCATS said...

To 11:56AM ~~ They don't have to "work with him" in that they can merely raise questions, open a discussion, etc. at the meetings. It's something the current bunch never does ;) You're right that one party control doesn't work.

To 12:22PM ~~ What platform do the Republican incumbents have???? What's that I hear? Crickets??

Anonymous said...

Republicans platform: Nothing to see here, ignore the scandals, ignore the numbers, everything's fine, move along folks, trust us, re-elect us

Democrats platform: Honesty & integrity & competence3 & asking questions & taking stands on scandals, we know it's different but why not give us a try

Anonymous said...

""Democrats platform: Honesty & integrity & competence3 & asking questions & taking stands on scandals, we know it's different but why not give us a try

8/30/2011 3:02 PM""

Gee, I don't know, poor punctuation for a start, but that might be because you went to Greece Central.

Honesty & Integrity- please give examples of your claim.

Asking questions, well 4 year old kids ask questions too. WHAT answers have you gotten? That's the question that matters.

Stands on scandals, really? Seems to me Dems demonstrated magnificent ability to hide the salami in the City when Bill Johnson ran that show. Didn't hear any of you saying diddle then. How many new firehouses were flushed into the Edmond FitzJohnson ferry boat, and what did Dems say about that?

Oh, I forgot, it was George Bush's fault!

SCATS said...

To 5:07PM ~~ You also "forgot" two very important words: AIRPORT AUTHORITY!! How quickly you do forget ;)

Anonymous said...

WTF does the Airport Authority have to do with Greece politics?

JH Keerist look at the damn Airport clear back to people like Sam Cooper and Jack Doyle & Ryan.

Biggest ripoff at the Airport till 9-11-01 was City parking tickets. City collected how many million a year, County Deps did all the work and the damn Airport is neither in or touching the City.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:07, you don't mention an actual scandal in the city, except to question the ferry. Fine, whatever. If your point is that the city would be better served by moving away from one-party rule, I say you have a good point. Maybe city residents will wise up and decide to elect some Republicans if they are tired of how things are going.

Here too we would be better served by ditching the one-party system. I am tired of how things are going and that's why I hope a Democrat or two gets elected in Greece. No more foxes watching our chicken coop.

SCATS said...

To 9:16PM ~~ The comment @ 5:07PM brought up the Fast Ferry & Uncle Bill's handling of city affairs. WTF did THAT have to do with Greece politics?? Thus my response ;)

Anonymous said...

HINT to SuperDave

Look to Brighton.

See the web site Brighton candidates have

See how Brighton candidates actually put out positions

See how Brighton candidates actually state their qualifications