Monday, August 15, 2011

Back-To-School = Wallet Draining

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see a BOE goal to eliminate the parent supplied paper products, hand soap and cleaning products as well as community classroom supplies. Really 15 dollars a child in k-2 PLUS a small supply list. Do the schools provide any writing tools, crayons, glue, paper...

and don't even get me started on the specific items requested in high is beyond insane.   8/15/2011 8:31 PM

SCATS ~~ I agree with this 100%!! It's gone beyond ridiculous. Let's also eliminate ALL "credits" or "grades" or "bonus points" given for those who obediently send in the outrageous requests for all the items on the lists! Some of the lists are so long, the items won't fit in a backpack filled twice! And let's cap the amount a parent can be expected to spend on school supplies by board policy listing limits for grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12. It will cause some thoughtful review by teachers who request folders in a rainbow of colors, but then only use two.


Belle Hertanez said...

Excellent tips from Wikihow:

SCATS said...

Belle ~~ Great link, ty!

Anonymous said...

As a homeowner without children in the schools, I do enough to subsidize education that I shouldn't be responsible for making sure your kid has pens and paper.

You think your k-12 schooler's supply list is pricey? Tough! Maybe you should have figured your budget before you had'em. You had the kids, you pay for them. I'm sick of my tax dollars subsidizing the cost of your kids' lunches, their rides to school, their athletic programs.

What do I want? Fees.

I'll help pay for the basic education, the buildings and the people - but you should pay per-child fees if you want bus rides, or sports programs, or after-school tutoring, or drama club or any other club. You pay for your own darn school supplies, art supplies, musical instruments, etc. I don't think I should be paying for your kids' tissues, hand sanitizers, hand soap or toilet paper. That's a school supply you should provide. I keep the lights on, the heat on and the teacher in the front of the room. The rest is your responsibility.

Your free-loading should end. We taxpayers are burdened enough.

What's next? Do I have to buy your kid new school clothes too?

Anonymous said...

I want a "like" button!

SCATS said...

To 10:37AM ~~ Since YOU opened this can of worms, here's my feelings about SUBSIDIZING YOU in your "Golden Years" so you can stay in your home. It's likely you get the "Enhanced STAR" deduction which lets you off the hook for a bigger chunk of your property taxes based upon your age & income. The term "income" has been bastardized under the law so that income from some of your investments (I think it's your IRAs) are NOT COUNTED towards your support! Guess who gets to make up the portion you don't pay? EVERYONE ELSE who pays full taxes (aside from Basic STAR), which includes me!

Because of the Enhanced STAR and the crazy exclusions, a growing number of you folks in your senior years PAY NO PROPERTY TAXES AT ALL! A growing number of you get to remain in your $250,000+ home tax free, subsidized by the rest of us who are struggling to make ends meet in raising a family, making a mortgage payment on our average $120,000 home (that's what the Town of Greece claims is the average assessment) while working our butts off in a job with few benefits.

QUESTION 1: Why should I have to pay more to keep YOU in your home? I can barely afford my own home!

QUESTION 2: If YOU can't afford your taxes, why shouldn't YOU be forced to downsize into something more affordable than your little mansion on the lakeshore or golf course?

Anonymous said...

To 10:37 AM. Should each of my kids wear a fanny pack filled with TOILET PAPER?? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

10:37 I am not asking for you to pay more school taxes...I am asking that the BOE find a way in that 196 million dollar budget to buy hand soap kleenex chalk pencils and crayons for the k-2 group. I have no problem purchasing supplies for MY children. I DO have issues with buying a laundry list of items and THEN sending then into school with no NAME on them so that they can be SHARED/DISTRIBUTED to others. See my point?

If they want donations of supplies then bonus points to entice, just ask. I would gladly send in a few items for the kids that have nothing, but to be required too is WRONG and giving credit for purchased items is unethical!

AND SCATS great counter post on the senior living subsidies)

Anonymous said...

No can, no worms.


1. I don't get enhanced STAR because I'm not a senior.

2. See answer 1.

Using the same logic as in your questions, why should anyone complain about how high the school taxes are, period? We all could just move to cheaper communities.

Everyone's getting subsidized somewhere. I don't have kids and pay school taxes, subsidizing those who do. I have a higher income, so I pay higher income tax rates, subsidizing the 50 percent who don't pay any income taxes at all. I have a bigger house, so I pay a higher aggregate property tax, subsidizing those who have cheap houses and lower property taxes. I pay school tax on my business properties, and what children do they have in the schools? None!

Those of you with children made the decision to have them. If you're struggling to make ends meet and raise your family you obviously couldn't afford them in the first place. Why is that my problem? Why do I have to subsidize someone else's poor decisions? And, why should I have to subsidize your kids' education anyway? It's all a bunch of PC welfare BS.

It's my money. I should get to keep it and not have to hand it out to welfare leeches.

SCATS said...

To 12:31PM ~~ WELFARE LEECHES!? You own business properties and have the audacity to call parents of school-aged children "welfare leeches?" I'll bet you get a fistful of extra tax deductions, reductions, credits and/or perks to help subsidize your businesses! And you even go further by using the old "everyone's getting subsidized somewhere" line as your best defense!

Gosh, I'm really glad you never had any kids. I'd hate to see your genetic material passed on in the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Yes, welfare leeches.

Public school = welfare. You can call it by a different name, and try to kid yourself but it's still a welfare program.

And, lol to "I'll bet you get a fistful of extra tax deductions, reductions, credits and/or perks to help subsidize your businesses!"

Yeah, and I employ people. I'm "a job creator." And we all know overtaxing job creators means I, and people like me, won't create more jobs or pay our people any more.

Don't like it? Tough. People like me who take the risk to create small and medium-sized businesses are the ones keeping food on the table for most American families.

And, the genetics crack...I didn't realize you were so sensitive or so heavily invested in fleecing the productive members of society so you can force your and other people's kids into to a crap school system. And Greece schools are crap. Just look at the grad rates and test scores.

I thought we were on the same page when it came to stripping this crappy system of the money it steals from hardworking taxpayers.

SCATS said...

To 1:31PM ~~ I've never heard that comparison before, but OK. If I accept that as your definition of welfare, then there's a damned good chance you're a welfare leech too. Did you ever attend a public school? Did you ever take a govt "stimulus check" and cash it in? Did you ever take a "credit" on your income taxes? Did you ever make a business decision based upon lessening your tax load? Have you/do you plan to receive Social Security benefits? If you answered yes to any of these, then YOU are also a "welfare leech" based upon your own definition.

By the way, while I do promote accountability, minimizing expenses etc. in the schools, I'm also aware that our property taxes are supporting a large number of people in their jobs as teachers, bus drivers, janitors, cafeteria workers, etc. That is also "job creation."

Anonymous said...

All the extra supplies are for those kids whose parents don't work and live off the system in one of the many subsidized housing projects in Greece.

SCATS said...

To 3:51PM ~~ If only it were that few kids! There are some who just don't bother buying the supplies, whether they work or not.

Anonymous said...

What the parents do not realize is that they can just not get the supplies and tell the school. The school would have to provide them. They could call the bluff of the school district.
And that tale of kids being penalized for not having the supplies with a grade reduction is completely not legal. They are guilty of discrimination if they base grades on that. And that goes for parents who can't afford as well as parents who are asleep at the wheel and just don't go to the store because they are addicts or just plain disorganized. The schools know that but they figure the rest of us that are very submissive and compliant will not know that.
No one has the courage to test this. Only the disadvantaged kids from poverty or children of parents without a clue that forget they have kids will be embarrassed. The school should not bring to the attention of the rest of the class when a kid can't get the supplies.
And to take it further there should be no activity in public school for which money and the parent's choice to pay is a factor in participation. That should go from AP courses to school trips to plays and sports. And if we can't provide equal opportunity, the activity should not be sponsored by the public school. Then maybe we could concentrate on educating the children in the basics.

Anonymous said...

I don;t mind contributing to the pool of supplies but those who don't should not get to take from it either.

SCATS said...

To 4:58PM ~~ That's a very well written comment. I agree with it completely! As I've said many times before, Greece Central can no longer afford to be all things to all people. They should be cutting extra-curriculars, NOT electives!

As far school supply lists go, I'm hearing about teachers demanding 3 BOXES OF KLEENEX/STUDENT FOR 1ST GRADE! What the heck are they doing with that much Kleenex? Some other requests go beyond ridiculous, like a package of paper plates from each kindergarten student. Parents are saying they are spending around $100 on supplies for elementary school students. This free-for-all has gone too far.

SCATS said...

To 6:29PM ~~ If the supplies go into a pool, you will never know ;) Thus the outrage over this tactic.

Anonymous said...

Word to what 4:58 said - you're absolutely right.

There should be no "activities," period.

No AP, no marching band, "gifted" programs, no sports, no clubs, NOTHING unless ALL the parents are willing to pay for it entirely by themselves. And if they aren't, then we just don't offer it at all. It's school, all you should do in school is learn the basics.

The kids are failing us, the taxpayers who fund their "education." And until they're all able to pass the standardized tests and all graduate on time, there shouldn't be any other distractions on our dime.

Furthermore, I don't think we should be in the business of transporting kids either. It's school, not a bus company. Let them all walk, or pay for a cab, or drive them yourselves. Carpool.

And don't even get me started on the waste of time and money that is "special education." Want to talk unfair? How come some kids get to have "note-takers" or "one-on-one aides?" How is that equitable?

Anonymous said...

4:58 the year in Middle School where we did not buy the excessive items my child got a note to bring home that items where missing. Of course this tactic worked as my child along with the few others were upset about the "not being prepared for class note.

SCATS said...

To 7:45PM ~~ Tell the teacher on Day 1 that the blackmail tactics won't work with you this year and that she is NOT to make an example of your child for not bringing items the district should supply. Tell her that if she does, you'll take it State Ed and consider suing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the busing all over comments, I do agree that the signature school and school of choice needs to come to an end. Make all schools equal and not more sought after than another. I however do have to disagree with the comment about getting rid of AP classes. These are a great way for the students that want to be challenged and want to do the extra work to obtain an early start on college credits. We do pay for our kids to take these classes, I believe it is up to $85 a class to take the test at the end of the year which determines if they get the college credit. So as parents we do pay for the opportunity for the kids that want to go that extra mile. I have no problem paying for this as long as my child is willing to put forth the effort. So it is not really an accurate comment to suggest eliminating AP classes unless we pay for them as we already do. The AP teachers aren't payed anymore, the parents are the only ones that have to pay if and only if their child choses to take the challenge on.

Anonymous said...

11:10 - when everyone's equal, no one's special. Why should I have to pay for an AP teacher, when whe should be providing good teachers who will get some of the 20 percent black hole students across the stage to pick up a diploma.

We just can't afford extra perks and AP classes are a perk.

Can I please be a fly on the wall on day one when 7:45 tells their supply thief teacher to cool it on the demands? I say that because we all know where those extra Kleenex and paper plates really go...home with teacher.

Anonymous said...

Had us quite a discussion here at the house on this school supply list they want the kids to bring in. With 7 in school we have to pass clothes down and watch our pennies real close.

Our oldest boy, the one who might graduate this year will be 23 in November and he wants to drive to school, but he'd have to drive the dump truck because he has loads to haul after classes, and the school over there gets all nasty about parking that truck in the student lot. He did some cyphering up on a pad, and he figures if he sells the free condominiums the school gives him in sex class to the guys he works with he can cover gas for the truck

Trouble is we can't pass his clothes down to the next 2 cause they're girls and they give us a ration about wearing old beat up Carharts.

EusticeBob can't wear the Carharts either because he's short for his age, but BillySue & her sister went over to the Salvation army place and did good on some clothes they can cut down to fit and have some quilting patches left too. EB that's what we call EusticeBob figured he can get a bunch of that notebook paper off other kids, and the pens I snatch at work will be just fine far as he cares.

Don't any of us understand this kleenex thing, I mean shoot how hard is it for kids to wipe their noses on handkerchiefs made from the part of bedsheets that ain't wore? It teaches em valuable sewing skills. Kids who can't do that can just blow between their fingers and wipe with a sleee like we did growing up. Seems like all these schools are trying to do is make wimps and panses out of the kids.

SCATS said...

To 3:05AM ~~ You are too funny! You ought to consider writing humor for a living ... when you aren't practicing law ;)

Anonymous said...

3:05 - I think you're mixed up. This blog usually talks about Greece schools, not Hilton.

Anonymous said...

SCATS my 4 pawed friend, I don't practice law, I just do my best to splain to those with the licenses and cheap suits why they really shouldn't do things they wish to do.

I already work rewriting comedy for the comedians.

Anonymous said...

I have spent over 160.00 on School Supplies for Athena Middle School so far and still need to purchase more. I have two children, one in 6th. and the other in 8th. grade.

My son was asked to bring in extra supplies for "Bonus Points" for ASL class. So my son will bring them in to receive his bonus points but what is not fair is if another child's parents doesn't or can't afford to have this "extra supplies".

I think the list that we received gets larger every year. I remember when my parents handed us some pencils, pens, a 3" binder with paper and sent us into school. Everything else that was needed was given to us when we went to each of our new classes.

My brothers kids have on their list to bring in two tennis balls. They are for a teacher who gets annoyed with the noise from the kids pushing in and out their chairs. They get cut in half and put on the bottoms of the legs to prevent this "very annoying noise". He actually went a little off the wall on that teacher.

Well my kids will have all their supplies but they might be wearing burlap bags for clothes and flip flops for shoes until we can get clothes and shoes into our budget.

Anonymous said...

5:04 Like you I have lists from that school and each year the waste that comes home at years end is approx. half of what I purchased and barley was used.

We to had the bonus point items from not only ASL but a few other teachers, it is ethically wrong to award points fro items purchased.

Yet for the last 3 years I have sent a letter in and I was told yes it is wrong and it will be addressed yet again it is on the supply list.

Anonymous said...

Why not reuse the items that were barley (sic) used? Why buy all new when you have half the supply from last year?
That's what I do. And, I start shopping the office supply and drugstore ads starting in late July. We get by with spending as little as possible, probably less than $50 for both kids.
We reuse backpacks and lunch boxes and got calculators from ebay at Christmas.

Anonymous said...

2:13 Thank you for pointing out my spelling error.
We do reuse when able. And no matter when I start shopping it adds up. The only issue I have is with many requests for specific brand items and quantities that are excessive...and if you are the parent that skimps and buys so little so that the rest of us have to send in community supplies you frustrate me too!

SCATS said...

I just had an idea. Any chance you can locate "sample sized" bottles of hand sanitizer (I have one in my desk drawer, freebie from CVS) and some of these other items? Wouldn't teacher be surprised with a cupboard full of those teeny tiny bottles all lined up ;)

Anonymous said...

Enough with the sanitizer comments SCATS. Meow is you haven't replaced the sanitizer on your litterbox and it's been empty for months.

GCSD has come a long way with the sanitary thing. Back in the 70s the B&G crew had to build a cart containing a toilet and sink that was pushed from room to room to teach the little darlings the function of those devices. Today everybody in 7th grade already knows what to do with the porcelain fixture.