Friday, August 05, 2011

Babs To Hold Community Focus Groups

Babs plans two focus groups "to allow residents to give input on what the Greece School District should be known for, how to increase achievement and to share ideas for improvement."

When: Wednesday, Aug. 17 & Thursday, Sept. 1 @ 6:30PM

Where: Apollo Middle School, room E50.

She will lead the meetings as part of her "100 days of listening and learning process."

Residents must register to attend by calling 966-2301.

SCATS ~~ Why in Heaven's name would people have to register to attend? IS THIS LEGAL? Isn't this an "open meeting?" Wouldn't she want as many to attend as possible, if only to listen in?


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would it be illegal?

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

To 12:49PM ~~ I'm asking if requiring people to register to attend is in compliance with the Open Meetings Laws. You don't have to register to attend a BOE meeting, hearings, forums, etc. Why would we need to register for these?

Anonymous said...

Here's a set of questions Super Babs would like to get stirring up in the community, from her 100-day plan:

Guiding Questions: How will I frame conversations for focus and coherence?
 What is the Greece Central School District best known for?
 What do we want the Greece Central School District to be known for?
 What strengths, challenges, and weaknesses exist?
 What ideas/opportunities are there for improvement?
 What are the barriers to improved achievement results?
 What can we do to leverage increased achievement with the given fiscal constraints?

Anonymous said...

To answer 12:58 p.m.

Babs isn't a quorum of an elected body meeting to conduct public business. She's not subject to open meetings law.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration is reposting below the comment from 12:58PM minus an irrelevant link. The correct link to Bab's "Entry Plan" is:

Be more careful next time Jeffrey ;)

Anonymous said...
I think Babs' 100-Day Plan is interesting.

Here's some issues to talk about.

"The Choice is Ours. The Time is Now.
We must create a culture of effectiveness within a context of limited fiscal resources by setting and
meeting high standards and high expectations. We value:
Improving achievement for ALL students through a strategic focus on teaching and learning
with an emphasis on results.
Distributing resources equitably based on needs to schools and students.
Using data to hold ourselves accountable for student results and applying evidence-based
practice to foster high achievement for all students."

8/05/2011 12:58 PM

SCATS said...

To 1:02PM ~~ So the BOE will NOT attend?

Anonymous said...

If it's legal, good. Even so why not make it totally open? What's she afraid of?

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that the board will be present for these meetings. They are a typically occurring event for new Superintendents. You can bet Mrs. D-W will report back to the board, as she should, but there is no harm in asking people to register. Often, the Superintendent will want to write a note of thank you to those who were able to make it to the forums. It's an appropriate and professional gesture. Not everything is cloak and daggers, SCATS. Really.

Anonymous said...

The announcement isn't that the BOE is holding a community meeting people have to register for. At face value, it doesn't look they're going to be there.

Since I'm not a board member, just an anonymous comment-er, I'm not privy to what their thinking is.

If we want to know that, we'll have to ask them if they're going to convene in a quorum and attend.

SCATS said...

To 2:48PM ~~ I don't recall these sorts of meetings held when either Walts or Achramovitch started here.

No, not everything is cloak & daggers. However, enough is that we must question everything ;)

Anonymous said...

If I recall the open meeting law applies to "public bodies" which require a quorum. Short of a very bad pun I do not think this qualifies. As long as it is not a meeting of the BOE or under their auspices. Still a call to the NYS committee on Open government might answer the question. That said I still think these meetings should be public and not require registration

Anonymous said...

to 1:00. Interesting set of questions. However, since the BOE sets the policy and direction THEY need to ask

"What do we want the GCSD to be known for"

"What ideas are there for improvement- needs to ask what do we want/need to improve? (ie, goals???)"

"Do we want to improve achievement and in what areas? (attendance, teacher educational levels, graduation rates, productivity, efficiency?"

Before the supt. can ask your questions, the BOE needs to set some goals and direction.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they want people to register so they know how many people they are going to need to accomodate. That makes sense to me. I think it is great that she is starting off seeking input from the community.

SCATS said...

To 4:04PM ~~ Thanks for that reminder. You ARE correct.

To 4:50PM ~~ Solution: HOLD IT THE OLYMPIA AUDITORIUM. Even interviews of Supt. candidates draw few to participate. Since this isn't another phony forum on schools-of-choice, keeping it open and accommodating ought to be easy.

Anonymous said...

Focus groups are usually small and somehow, although approximately, representational of the community. Of course these BDW groups will be representative of people who volunteer themselves not people who were randomly selected and then qualified by age or economics or parenthood for example. They will maybe be subdivided. It will be nice to know how many have volunteered and then they can possibly have refreshments??
These are not focus groups but get- acquainted sessions where the planners know who is attending.
Here is another view expanding the concept of focus group beyond my opinion:

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, the new sheriff wants to know WHO is at these meetings. It's another attempt at intimidation.

Anonymous said...

Where's the negative comments about the teachers volunteering article in today's D&C. You are really dropping the ball.

Anonymous said...

9:28 I agree with you. Keeping track of attendees so they know who to prepare for is the way things work. Person X registers, so staffers tell her in advance what to expect from Person X. Her opinions are formed before she ever sets eyes on you, right Don N?

Anonymous said...

Intimidation? Sure it would be more fun to slink in under cover of anonymity and report back here doing the same, but I'm not afraid or ashamed to attend and voice my opinion. I've already signed up.

I'll look Babs right in the eye while I tell her what's what.

Of course, what's at stake for me isn't getting outed as a blogger. So,I can see why some wouldn't want the district to have a list of who went so's it can be compared to what turns up here.

Anonymous said...

Of course, we could always sign up using fake names...

SCATS said...

To 10:52AM ~~ I notice that you just fully excercised your right to anonymity here, so slink onward to your meeting! ;)

There's a GREAT story in today's D&C about how they won a court case brought by Brockport police over anonymous comments. I especially liked the D&C's attorney's quote: "Anonymous speech has been important in this country since the Federalist Papers were published. This decision recognizes that principle and applies it to a modern form of speech."

Anonymous said...

Oh, put your hackles back down, Kitty.

Obviously, I love anonymity too, or I wouldn't be here.

Not everything is an attack on you.

Just saying, when I put my name down and go to the meeting, there's no chance I'm gonna be outed as SCATS. But, that's the danger in you attending. I see why you bristle at having to register.

You can't go.

SCATS said...

To 12:13PM ~~ WHY CAN'T I GO??? I attend quite a number of events, meetings, etc. about town. When I register, I don't give the BLOGGER name, ya know? ;) lol

Anonymous said...

I think it's just silly that Barbie arranges to meet people to hear what's on their minds but closes the door to the public. Slightly counterproductive, very contradictory.