Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Unity Relocates Main Entrance During Expansion

The main entrance to Unity Hospital has been temporarily relocated just to the west of the main entrance location. Visitor parking has also been relocated to the western end of the parking lot directly across from the temporary entrance.

Unity Health System began a multi-year $159 million modernization and expansion capital project in 2010. It's expected to be completed in 2014.

 The expansion is the largest in Unity Hospital’s history and will add a fourth floor, provides for as many as 50 additional beds and includes upgrades to medical equipment and technology hospital-wide.

Construction will include the installation of a helipad partly funded by the Greece Rotary Club, which will be used by Mercy Flight Central to bring patients suffering ailments such as stroke or heart attacks to the hospital. (SOURCE)
SCATS ~~ So we really will have helicopters to worry about ...


Anonymous said...

If you are IN the helicopter, you'll be glad there is an option to go to with crowing in ERs and all.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot more to worry about at Unity than crap flying from downdraft from a helicopter.

Under the new BOOTHEAL Unity has changed and it's NOT for the better.
Senior managers who KNEW what they were doing have bailed because Unity is all about DOLLARS now. Hide the reality of doing more with less, screw patient safety, just keep the numbers looking good so paying patients Believe.

TV commercials with Deb the fake blonde are more cost effective than proper patient care.

Thank God I'm close to retirement. Maybe I'll make it before the reality comes out where the public can see it. Don't ask and DON'T TELL, Unity now has a bad smell!