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Residents Appalled By Portrayal of B&S Students

Greece Post Editorials Say: "The Caliber" Of "Those People" Isn't The Issue

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(Greece Post 6/30/11 pg 12A)


Anonymous said...

I guess the 2nd writer should be very careful if she signs a petition. She should make sure she agrees with every facet of the petition originator's and rest of the signers' opinions. That hardly ever happens, so she should never sign a petition.
I think the petition was in protest to the heavy use of the property. It doesn't matter if some of the signers have different reasons for their protest. What matters is that there are about 2,000 signers that are upset at the college use. There are 98,000 residents of Greece that did not sign.

Anonymous said...

How ludicrous that people think a school brings "heavy use" to a property .... more so than say retail? Give me a break!! This is all about racism, pure and simple. Just like the black woman had no chance of becoming super. This town is full of low class rednecks driving their oversized SUVs as a disguise. A school will be one of the better neighbors given the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Public and private schools are a "heavy use" of property. There is so much more traffic and fumes and noise coming from even an elementary school. So much more for high school. There are meetings and games and events and just day to day activity. This is "heavy" compared to a house next door that has a couple of cars going in and out and the occasional graduation party. Of course there are exceptions in some neighborhoods to the parties and noisy neighbors, but a school is "heavy" use of a property. Most people just seem to accept a school since it is an American icon.
To have 2 large enrollment schools within a quarter mile of each other will be a strain on the activities and traffic of the existing school, Athena. But the town has authorized commercial use of Long Pond for years and the property owner has the right to put the school there. If residents don't like it they should have been aware of the zoning and maybe quietly relocated. There are some very developed areas in Monroe county that are "bedroom communities" where a church and school is about as commercial as you get and you can't even have a drive-through.
Regarding a former such community, has anyone seen Monroe Ave lately in Pittsford? Our Ridge Rd looks peaceful by comparison. Our parking lots are full, which is good for business, but the traffic is better managed and the landscaping and upkeep of the properties are better. Now let's fill some of those empty buildings on Ridge instead of letting developers constantly build new. There must be an incentive to fill the vacant areas.

Anonymous said...

Like your comment isn't racist?... Pure and simPle

Anonymous said...


You claim "this is all about racism" and then fire back with "This town is full of low class rednecks".

Anyone else feel the hypocrisy?

SCATS said...

To 11:10AM ~~ The point is that since this land was already rezoned 10 yrs. ago to commercial like you said, I think a school's use is much less heavy than a major retailer's use would bring. By the way, I rather doubt there will be "games" or "events" at B&S.

As far as incentives to build on Ridge Rd go, forgetaboutit! Long Pond IS the new Ridge Rd. Many Long Pond businesses are getting COMIDA tax breaks to build there ;)

To 12:16PM ~~ I hate to say it, but 10:11AM has a point, pure and simple. And anyone paying attention, knows it to be true.

Anonymous said...

To SCATS Said "public schools" had games and events. Don't change the subject. Also said that putting another school use near the existing school will add to the traffic problems of Athena. That's a fact. Also said there is nothing that can be done because the town has zoned it for that use. So you agree with us?
Also a retailer has intermittent traffic. Schools usually have a big load of traffic in the am. See MCC any morning and the backup at 390 exit.
Mornings from about 7 to 8:30 should be treacherous on Long Pond once this starts up. Many of us are up and going to work at that time.

SCATS said...

To 2:49PM ~~ Actually, you began with "Public and private schools are a "heavy use" of property." Your statements after that did not specify public or private so it was implied you meant both ;) I don't change subjects on here, but when YOU DO, I sometimes go with the flow!

So if you want less traffic at Athena, you MIGHT want to back the idea of moving & enlarging Odyssey to accomodate more Athena students at Apollo. That will help your traffic issue lol (It's sooo easy stirring the pot in this town!)

Anonymous said...

Public and private schools meant schools like athena and aquinas and pinebrook. let's call B and S a college. They are all educational institutions. But the argument was with your cynicism as to the neighbors thinking the school use was "heavy". You said that was "ludicrous". It is heavy whether it is a high school public or private or a college. Again look at MCC in the am when the cars are exiting the 390 to start the school day. That is a heavy time for travel and traffic. Right now during the school year at 7 in the am there is a slow traffic jam in front of athena. That will be doubled when the new college is started. The morning hours will be when they all arrive to take the first classes. And the staff will be arriving also. And yes college students are there day and night. But the majority of the arrivals will be around the same time athena starts.
And the Odyssey problem will not even touch this traffic. It is not funny. The college has the right to expand and the neighbors and the rest of us that have to get to work in the morning will have to suffer as you "LOL". How about a little empathy for the valid concerns of all involved.

SCATS said...

To 4:18PM ~~ I'm no mind-reader, so telling me what you meant after making the remarks doesn't clarify much.

You've become confused, too. I did not say anything was "ludicrous." That was 10:11AM's comment.

What's "funny" is that no one in this town except those that live in certain areas (like the one by Athena) would ever talk to a reporter using terms like "those people" or say they don't want to "see it, hear it or smell it" about a school! You've been revealed for some deep issues. I mean that in terms of the collective "you" ... not you individually.

Anonymous said...

Don't paint the whole area with the broad brush from the remark of one person. And that remark seems to be taken in a completely different way than what the speaker was maybe describing.
But you do get lots of ammunition from that one remark. The petition has signatures from many different areas of town. Not just the surrounding neighborhood. Maybe the whole town is starting to support the plight of one area. Or the rest of the town, or at least the half that will be going to Wegmans, the YMCA or the town hall and library, knows that there will be traffic and congestion problems. With those problems comes more pollution, accidents, and the need for more police. The student body of the new college location will be good customers for the Greece area even if they do not live in Greece. That will be a plus. And the college will probably pick up many more local students because of the convenience. And we can only hope that the police will be involved with the entrance and exit plans as they are built for the college. And there will probably be a snarky reply as to some other commercial owner in Greece that you find fault with. And scats style was in 10:11. If it wasn't scats, it sure was someone trying to not be him.
Just stop trying to incite a hot issue where none is stated.

SCATS said...

To 5:34PM ~~ But that area IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME so one brushstroke is fitting.

As far as signatures from all over town are concerned I read the online petition and saw lots of "connections" so please don't try to sell us the idea that there's none between the people. If people wanted to support ONE THING IN GREECE it should have been booting Auggie from office.

I have no idea what you mean by a snarky reply about some other commercial owner, but your panties aren't just in a twist, they're knotted.

Exactly what is "my style?"

This whole idea already is a hot issue. You're showing how hot it's made you. Calm down. You will get used to the traffic. Just add 20 minutes to your commute time.

Your area of Greece (NW quadrant) is no place for a Post Office, an institution of higher education, or for senior housing ... what next? Unsuitable for families with kids?

Anonymous said...

I would still like to know why B&S didn't want to expand at Canal Ponds. Seems like a good place with great access to Rt 390.
It doesn't answer the question of the eventual use of Long Pond in that arid and how to deal with the increased traffic. Morning traffic in front of Athena is really heavy when school is in session.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone realize that the Greece school calendar has 31 days in June besides me?

SCATS said...

To 9:16PM ~~ The board approved calendar? LOL

I wonder if that is accomodate Babs so she didn't have to start work for 1 day before a long holiday weekend ... ? It's going to be an interesting year for sure!

Anonymous said...

It's the 2010 - 2011 school calendar that parents receive at the beginning of the school year that has all the events on, dates for plays, days off, etc. I guess it's a calendar/handbook.

SCATS said...

To 9:27AM ~~ Kind of shows the caliber of GCSD employees ... and BOE members both these days. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Just one dern minute here, we already know Greece can screw anything up, and if we didn't just talk to some of the people who were screwed over and inconvenienced by Baxter's 7 hour circus on Hawk's Landing today. I damn well don't want to trust Town Officials to get the depth of snowfall right after the 7 hours of performance art I sat in the middle of today. Seemed like a real chance for the Pretend Police to play authority too since their fireworks show ain't happening.

What the hell is with you can park your car in the gas station and walk to your house but you can't drive to your house 1/4 mile East of Manitou?

B&S is definitely a much heavier use of roads, water and sewers than strip commercial would be. A school will also require greater fire protection, guess who pays for that and who gets exempted. Any high population density use is an expense to the Town taxpayer. How much tax will B&S pay on their proposed school?

SCATS said...

To 12:08PM ~~ Tax? WHAT tax??

Anonymous said...

Why the hell shouldn't B&S pay tax? They barely qualify as a school, and B&S is privately held.

There is no way B&S is one bit different from Wegmans from a corporate standpoint. I'd rather kick in to pay for a new Wegman's store, at least it will be a positive.

Look into the graduation rates for B&S and other so called schools, if you can fog a mirror and get a student loan you're in. How many complete the program, damn few and the taxpayers get stuck for the loans too.

Lets call it like it is!

SCATS said...

To 2:49AM ~~ On the issue of taxes, I do NOT disagree with you at all. It's my understanding that the only reason this project had to get approval was due to the tax exempt status sought as an educational institution.

Anonymous said...

Churches, houses where clergy live, schools, not-for profits, purchases by the same are tax exempt. Sales tax and federal tax and state tax and property tax.

Here is a link to an organization that makes it simple to become a cleric. it's so easy to get tax examption. And for the rest there is COMIDA.

Anonymous said...

The B&S controversy is proof positive that racism is alive and well in Greece.

Don't give me the usual garbage about traffic problems. That's BS given the flurry of activity a mile to the north at Latta Rd. and Long Pond. It's really a race issue and nothing more.

Where has everyone been in the past five years and then some. The complexion of this town has been changing for some time now. This trend will continue as home sales and property values continue to drop. One realtor told me that selling homes in Greece has reached an all time low. He said the biggest reason is the sad state of our school district and the corrupt politics of Greece.

Don't look now, but it is estimated that approximately 12% to 15% of the population of Greece are minorities with Blacks in the lead followed by Asians and Hispanics. That equates to 10 to 15 thousand residents representing these groups. My point is that this trend will continue so get used to it.

Regarding B&S, give it up! It's done deal. John Auberger has already received his "tribute" from developers and will "make it happen."

Anonymous said...

RACIST my ass!
That is PURE bullcrap being promoted by a bunch of Libretards promoting a bad idea.

B&S is a for profit entity primarily engaged in the business of securing Student Loans for anyone who can fog a mirror. B&S barely existed prior to the market of "training welfare recipients" for carers.

Look at the admission policy for B&S as well as others in that market, and compare admissions to actual educations resulting in B&S students getting and keeping jobs. The numbers only work for B&S, not the taxpayer.

How much tax exempt property can Greece afford? Are we trying to match the City of Rochester? Did that work well for the City?

It isn't all that long ago Strong Memorial wanted to build a facility in that same neighborhood. Strong was told NO because of traffic and sewer & water services available. If the infrastructure couldn't support a medical building how the hell is it sufficient to support B&S with the number of people who will be in said "school" for longer periods of time per day? Strong built on Ridgeway.

B&S is only coming North for one reason, somebody is making a boatload of money dumping land that can't cost effectively support more housing. WHO owns this land and how much do they contribute to politicians?

How much will NG Fire Department need to spend to cope with the new B&S building?

WHY is a B&S building tax Exempt to begin with? Is the building B&S currently occupys tax exempt?
Greece NEEDS taxpaying properties, NOT tax exempt properties!

Anonymous said...

"The complexion of this town has been changing for some time now. This trend will continue as home sales and property values continue to drop.
Don't look now, but it is estimated that approximately 12% to 15% of the population of Greece are minorities with Blacks in the lead followed by Asians and Hispanics."
Who is the racist,scats? Since when did complexion change equate with property values dropping? Or are you saying that property values have dropped and the complexion change follows? And you think the neighbors are racist when they said they were concerned over the volume of traffic and congestion. You sure read a lot into their complaints. Your concern is direct and obvious.

SCATS said...

To 6:28PM ~~ The remark you are quoting was not something SCATS wrote, so I can't answer your questions.