Friday, July 29, 2011

New Supt, Same Old District Office Spin ...

GCSD's District Office has revamped their old "Board Briefs" PR document following the Tuesday night study session on the impact of the 2% Tax Cap and on District & BOE goals.

While I give Babs credit for trying to get the word out on what was discussed, I'm discouraged by the fact that what was really said during that meeting and how it was summarized in this document are two different things! With that in mind, I'll give you what the PR piece says first , then tell you what my notes say was actually discussed/said. Here goes:

1 ~ Contemplate closing a school vs. "We need to move more aggressively on closing a school." (Lou Alaimo)

2 ~ Study transportation services and effectiveness vs. Take another look at babysitter locations, walk distances, etc.

3 ~ Consider offering employee retirement incentives (I didn't get any notes on this item.)

4 `~ Evaluate the need for course offerings that extend beyond what is mandated vs. Evaluate course offerings in light of staffing allocations.

5 ~ Negotiate labor contracts that reflect current economic conditions vs. "We must structure contracts differently to change the slope of increases given." (Lou Alaimo)
Bottom Line ~~ Be careful with what you believe from DO's PR spin doctors! We're back to the same problems we had when Meg was here.

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