Thursday, July 07, 2011

DOT: Raising Speed Will Improve Safety

After Nine Accidents in 4.5 Years, DOT Installs New Signs;

Raises Advisory Speed For Stone Rd Curve


SCATS ~~ Call me skeptical, but reverse psychology won't resolve this problem ;)


Anonymous said...

So the logic is this. Drivers are going 47 in a 25 and there are unsafe conditions. But if they are going 47 and they see a sign that says 30, they will be more reasonably expected to try to slow down. Do they have psychologists working for the state transportation and road department? On what research do they base this hypothesis? Are they conducting an experiment?
Why don't they rebuild the road to get rid of the dangerous curve? I bet the owners of the houses that are being crashed into wouldn't mind selling for eminent domain.
Has anyone else turned from Ridge to Stone there and almost rear-ended the abruptly stopping cars waiting to turn left into Stoneridge Plaza from Stone? That is a cut short situation if there ever was one. Visibility of the stopped cars is an issue there also. And then if you do stop for the people waiting to turn someone else from ridge can crash into you. Bottleneck. That road should be 4 lanes there.

Anonymous said...

Probably can't stop drunk drivers from speeding and leaving the road with a sign. However, there are guardrails and protective devices that would keep these low-flying vehicles from reaching the buildings along the road. We have devices at toll booths, expressway exits, along high speed roads, etc. Let's use them. Who really thinks a SIGN will help?

Anonymous said...

why can't they change the cruve and move the houses

Anonymous said...

They have hard data to support the change. So lets just see what happens. Change it later if needed. No big deal.

Anonymous said...

The article says it is not "feasible" and not necessary since changing the speed from 25 to 30 will of course fix the problems.

SCATS said...

To 3:59AM ~~ If it were YOUR home, it would be a HUGE DEAL ;)

To 9:39AM ~~ Even some of the homeowners requested that sort of change, but the DOT knows better ;)

Anonymous said...

Why does the DOT think we will accept that story about raising the limit and doing nothing else?
Maybe a sobriety checkpoint at the corner of Ridge and Stone every Saturday night would help.
And what was that story about the prostitute patrolling that stretch of highway?