Saturday, July 16, 2011

Does The Public Record Include Facebook, Twitter?

Are Comments Posted To A Politician's Social
Media Account Part Of The Public Record?

When some of state Sen. Joseph Robach's constituents were upset with his vote against gay marriage, they took to his Facebook page to register their complaints.

A short time later, their comments were removed.

Actually, all comments from other Facebook users, regardless of the topic, were removed from Robach's page.

The practice of removing comments from public view once the legislative session ends is something Robach's office has done in prior years, a spokesman said, but it raises wider questions regarding the intersection of social media and its use by elected officials. (Read more ... )

SCATS ~~ Robach runs from controversy again!


Anonymous said...

Are all letters to reps open like to a congressman?

SCATS said...

To 2:46PM ~~ I believe correspondence to ANY elected official is included under the laws as they currently stand.

Anonymous said...

I believe this falls into the category of "Let them eat cake."

Anonymous said...

yet another reason Joe must go.

Anonymous said...

will be glad when we finally vote him out ...but then where will all his family work?

SCATS said...

To 10AM ~~ Don't you think Auggie would give him a job?? Voting him out is like trying to vote out Auggie ... like trying to get gum off your shoe in the parking lot on a 90 degree day!