Thursday, June 09, 2011

WGCE Seeks Community's Help

WGCE is a community TV station that currently runs on channel 6. Originally my father, Sal Caterino, obtained a licence for this station in order to put public access and community programming over the air. He hoped to expand it to create a real community television station in our area. We now have an opportunity to do just that. For over 25 years Educable provided community programming over public access with a minimal level of funding. Still we provided the opportunity for individuals and groups to speak out on public issues such as the state of the school district and the town, as well as well as many special events call-in’s event and locally produced programs. They would have been able to do so otherwise. In addition we presented educational and arts programming.

With the virtual elimination of public access in the west side, WGCE is the only real outlet for community programming in our area. Given the closed nature of many of our public institutions and the media, community tv can be a vital resource giving voice to community interests and concerns There is a real need in our community for alternative perspectives. These include locally produced programing on issues from citizens and local non-profits as well as programming by local small businesses, clubs, and interest groups who are relatively invisible on local network and cable TV

Broadcasting on analog channel 6 poses a problem. Channel 6 gets a good deal of interference from Canadian channel CJOH out of Ottawa. This limits our reception.

We have received permission to move our signal to digital channel 25. Not only will this eliminate interference, it will greatly expand our coverage area. A digital channel will also be easily received by most area viewers. Our expanded coverage area will create a real opportunity to create a different type of community programming.

The transition to digital however, requires new equipment, We will be putting up a new transmission tower with a new antenna and transmitter. This all cost money. In addition the town of Greece made it very difficult to get approval for our tower taking over 8 months to approve what was essentially a minor modification of an existing use. These delays cost time and of money.

Our station receives no government public or corporate funding, While this allows us to be a real community television station by and for the residents in our area, it means community support is vital. So we are asking those who think a community station is worthwhile to give us a donation to help defray the cost of equipment for the digital transition. Or alternatively you can underwrite programming on WGCE. It doesn’t matter if your contribution is large or small, it will help bring community television to our area.

You can mail us at:

Educable Communications Corp
2221 Ridgeway Ave
Rochester NY 14626

Make checks payable to Educable Communications or call us at 227-7710. Donations to educable are tax deductible.

Brian Caterino


Mrs. Public Access TV said...

I'd be interested in exact figures of the cost for this before I consider donating. Also, is EduCable a registered 501 (c)(3) organization? If so, please provide proof. If they are not, they should not be soliciting donations from the public. I caution readers to be careful giving these people money without some proof.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Adelphia communications?????

Anonymous said...

Educable is a 501 c 3 tax exempt, nonprofit listed with the charities bureau of NY state.

If you contribute it is tax deductible.

This link is one bit of information. You have to subscribe to this link to see the rest of the information but educable on ridgeway are not for profit. They also are a thorn in the side of the town of greece and the school district and the town of gates administration. That is because they are truly independent.

My satellite or cable TV do not pick this up. Or is there a way we can see it on Time warner cable?

Anonymous said...

And another link

Anonymous said...

Of course educable is a 5013c corp look it up


Anonymous said...

to add:

Educable operated the public access channel here for over 25 years as a non-profit corporation We are well known in the area and we haven't come out of the wood work. Don't you think if we were a scam the it would have been discovered long ago.

I wonder if this is not another one of those attempts to demean and slander those whose disagree with the political powers out here.

Anonymous said...

What is the actual coverage-area of your existing transmitter, now?

What do you expect the coverage-area of the new transmitter to be?

Anonymous said...

the new channel area will cover pretty much all of Monroe County I have a map posted on WGCECA face book page.

Channel 6 is considerably less and has interference from CJOH in Canada


Anonymous said...

Brian, how do we see that channel with cable...time warner communications?

SCATS said...

To 4:37PM ~~ No, it's not carried by TWC. It's free, over the air and I believe an antenna is needed.

Anonymous said...

tw does not have to carry us but organized pressure could work. Again all this needs some community support.


Anonymous said...

Brian, isn't the CJOH argument a little less than genuine since they will go digital in August of this year?

Anonymous said...

Briefly in answer to the question. Thank you for that piece of information. I am unclear however, why you we are trying to do,
I did not actually know that the Canadian stations were finally switching , At the time that we applied for a digital displacement channel that transition date was unclear. Had we not had so much hassle from the town stemming for over a year we could have been up and running by now

There are two issues with ch 6 here. We went over these with the town of Greece zoning board. First even if we were to run digital on ch 6 we would still need a higher tower. Our current tower just isn't high enough and in addition digital signals are somewhat weaker than analog A new tower is needed.

Second ch 6 and the lower VHF channels are not good for the propagation of digital signals. You will have to ask an engineer why. Many stations on the low vhf band run a virtual digital channels on the VHF band and actually broadcast from a higher UHF channel For example in Rochester channel 8 can be received over the on 8 as a virtual channel. THE actual digital transmission is form channel 45 I think or some channel higher in the UHF band.

Sorry to disappoint your latest attempt to demean those those you don;t like