Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wasted Scholarships Languished For Years

Greece Board of Ed Dissolves Dormant Memorial Scholarships

Mark Flaherty Memorial ~ $2407.78 ~ No awards presented since 2000-01. Purpose was to present plaque to an Athena HS student each year as an award for technology.

Chris Fahy Memorial ~ $688.13 ~ No awards presented since 2000-01. Purpose was to raise funds to purchase a sign for the Buckman Hts. playground.

Bill Wilt Memorial ~ $571.58 ~ No awards presented since 2001-02. The purpose was to provide scholarships for students planning to pursue a career in physical education.

Heberle Disposal Scholarship ~ $5.61 ~ No awards presented since 2003-04. The purpose was to provide cash prizes for the "Environments, Recycling For Our Future" art competition.

SCATS ~~ Shame on the Greece Central School District!! The documentation states that the district has "been unsuccessful in contacting the families that initiated the respective scholarships due to the poor documentation on file." How can they be unable to locate Heberle Disposal? They pick-up my trash every week! Has anyone checked the phone book??


Anonymous said...

I bet they took the money to pay for post-meeting visits to applebees.

Or maybe they are going to give to to some random SOC families.

Or maybe they will buy a new sign that says how great OA is.

Or maybe they will us it fund another "study" or "committee" to find out why they lose track of scholarship funds.

Anonymous said...

More fiscal mismanagement by the school district? Say it ain't so!

Anonymous said...

Why are they making such a big deal about this? It is for such a little amount of money. Over the years they have mismanaged reserve funds and been censured by the state education department and the comptroller.
Why the publicity about this when they slide policies through without public discussion. Why all this careful handling of the accounts when they approve new contracts with employees unions and don't follow the policy that says they must openly disclose the ultimate cost of the new contract? Just recently they approved the new GASA contract for principals without a peep of discussion.

SCATS said...

To 6:03PM ~~ I'm with you 100%! I suspect it's just for the sake of appearances.

Anonymous said...

What would one do with the generous Herberle "scholarship?"

SCATS said...

To 6:36PM ~~ It's a bit late to be asking that question. In fact, that question is what the bleeding hearts who start these funds ought to be required to answer BEFORE they start collecting $$$! For example, Chris Fahy was a GCSD teacher and there is even a park that was renamed in his honor. He made the news by running with the Olympic torch in downtown Rochester during his battle to live. How hard did anyone really try to find any of his family? If they couldn't locate the Heberle company which is in the phone book, why should I think that these funds were created for any reason other than to make some "feel good news" ... and then forgotten?

Anonymous said...

$5.61? If it were $5.62....
Oh, the possibilities!

SCATS said...

To 9:10PM ~~ Like buy a few of those "free" lunches? lol