Sunday, June 05, 2011

Home Schooling ...

... The Next Best Thing To Odyssey?
In the last decade, the number of home schooled children grew from 850,000 to 1.5 million.
That’s according to a recent report by the National Home Education Research Institute.

Some of those who were home schooled graduated in Rochester Saturday evening.

Christine Foss decided to home school her daughter Rebecca after she noticed her daughter was starting to have a hard time in the third grade.

"The atmosphere she was in, in public school didn't really suit her well,” Foss said.

She shifted Rebecca's focus at home where she saw instant results.

"We get a little more one on one time when their home during the day and in general I’ve found that there are so many opportunities available to homeschoolers now."

"It just wasn't really working for me. I wasn't feeling educated enough, I really need more one on one with my mom,” said Rebecca.

It's an idea that's caught on for mothers like Patti Owens. She homeschooled all three of her children, who are now adults.

"A teacher has their hands tied; they can only be with the kids for so long. They don't have a constant presence a parent does to be able to pass those morals on,” said Owens.

The kids say they don't miss out on typical high school experiences either.

"We have a prom, there's lots of sports teams, I don't feel like I'm missing anything at all,” Rebecca said.

Students and parents also say they don’t feel they’re missing out when it comes to interaction with different cultures. Some parents who are teachers feel that’s the purpose of field trips outside of the home. Many also make it a point to meet with other homeschool groups.

Home schooled students fare well in academic achievement too. A recent home school progress report shows that home schoolers scored 34 to 39 points higher than the average student on standardized testing.

The report also found that whether or not parents were teacher certified didn't make a difference in student performance.

Rebecca says now that she's graduated, she plans to take some time off to figure out what she wants to do and may attend a local community college. (13WHAM )

SCATS ~~ How many Greece kids are home schooled these days?


Anonymous said...

I will tell you this.........If I knew then what I know now I would have never sent my child (now an adult who is 35 yrs old.) to public schools. I would have home schooled her or begged, borrowed or pleaded for money to send her to a catholic school.

Public schools do not challenge kids to be the best they can be. Kids who are are at the higher academic level get left behind. We spend millions of dollars educating special needs kids but do nothing for those kids who have the ablility to excell.

The educational system no longer is about educating our children. It is a muli billion dollar industry that caters to the adults who work with in the system.

I say.more power to those families who chose to "home school" their children!!!! I would rather give them some of my tax dollars than see the school district pee my away.

Anonymous said...

Interesting report. Those parents are very dedicated. Lots of work as they teach and work on the assessment for their children. They have to follow the same requirements as the public schools.

SCATS said...

To 5:47PM ~~ I agree with your many points made. It does NOT take a whole village to educate a child. It takes an interested, dedicated adult or two. and a few hundred $$ per year for books, fieldrtrips, etc.

Anonymous said...

Re: that poll you have on Tuesday's vote: What are we voting on and where do I vote?

Anonymous said...

Re: 5:47. I disagree. Parents can and do assist their children with out going to the extreme of home schooling. I say, work within and on the system (including other parents) to improve what we have. The "system" is not going away and it does need improvement. Involved parents and others can turn it around.

SCATS said...

To 6:26AM ~~ That poll was related to the candidates that voted for BOE members in May. Sorry, it's closed.

To 6:31AM ~~ The other person didn't suggest that parents couldn't assist their kids. I think the comment made a strong case for saying that parents who send talented students to public schools are doing them a disservice. From what I've seen in Greece in particular, I MUST agree! You say public schools aren't going away? They appear to be on a fast track for self-implosion! Wasted money, pathetic outcomes, always needing more resources and providing less benefit!

Anonymous said...

Students that are home schooled get one on one adult attention in every subject area. If public school teachers had this luxury, of course the majority of students would be successful. Unfortunately, most parents can't homeschool and most public classrooms have 20+ students in them.

SCATS said...

To 4:55PM ~~ NOT TRUE! Many kids who are home-schooled these days belong to groups that share the load/responsibilities. Many get schooled in a group, not one-on-one.

Anonymous said...

My guess is it's not a 25:1 ratio though. Just a guess!

SCATS said...

To 8PM ~~ Swimming in the pool at the Y might well be close to that. Like you said, you're guessing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are guessing too SCATS!

SCATS said...

To 8:52PM ~~ Not at all. My neighbors home school and do it cooperatively within a group. They go to the Y to swim as part of the Phys Ed requirement.

Nick said...

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