Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Good Idea Or Bad?


Rochester Mayor Tom Richards said closing the two branches and building a new one is an option that would be a “compromise.”

"We have been contacted and have had very preliminary discussions, and if it makes sense, it may be something we’d be willing to consider in the future.” ~~ Kathryn Firkins (13WHAM)

SCATS ~~ One more nail into the coffin of Dewey Ave. should this happen.


Anonymous said...

Go For IT!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea for a cooperative venture. It is after all a monroe county library system. Next step the police and the schools. Consolidation and cooperation.

Anonymous said...

They could put in the the Wegman's store that is closing....

Anonymous said...

11:02 My money says it will become "Big Lots", but I also like you idea.

Anonymous said...

kinda big for a Big Lots.

Anonymous said...

Rochester to Greece-
You play ball with us and we'll stick the bat up your ass.

Give us Charlotte and we'll educate the children of Greece in perpetuity.

Don Riley sold Greece taxpayers out on that in exchange for WHAT?

Greece taxpayers along with other Town taxpayers are already picking up enough tabs for the City.

How many years did Greece Fire Departments respond into the City to cover for City manpower shortages, and how often does a Rochester FD truck cover in Greece?

Sorry Tom Richards, pay your own bills!