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Dear Kristin ~ The Sky Won't Fall ...

... If Schools of Choice Close
GreecePost 6/2/11
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SCATS ~~ Where to begin in correcting her ridiculous conclusions, concerns and miscalculations?

Example: Illogically, she picks on Buckman Hts. (grades 3-5) as a school that will "remain empty" with it's current 362 students if we eliminate school choice, but ignores the fact that West Ridge has barely 388 students (grades K-5) with choice! What about Brookside with just 273 students (grades 3-5) ? Why not use that example to make her case?

I especially love this projection about other Greece teachers, should we eliminate choice and have to redistribute staff: "We will have teachers pushing into all the other district buildings, interrupting established programs -- changes that will impact teacher morale all around the district." I guess she doesn't view her co-workers as very professional or adaptable! If I were one of her peers, I'd feel insulted by being described as a bullying dolt!

Lastly, some miniscule amount of credibility MIGHT be possible had this piece been written by someone with NO STAKES IN RETAINING ODYSSEY. But it wasn't.


We already know the answer ;)
There is NONE!


Anonymous said...

The argument seems to be that change can only be a bad thing.

If that is the mind set of most teachers, that is a good argument to make the change. Of course there are other more important reasons to change but she seems to have made a good case that will benefit students as teachers learn to adapt to a changing environment.

I wish her good luck in retirement!

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired about hearing teachers complain about morale!!!!! Give me a freakin break. Teachers want to be treated as "professionals" like doctors, lawyers and so on yet they constantly complain about their morale. Get a grip. If you are so unhappy in your job.......LEAVE and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

I have never met a bunch of self serving, whining, immature group of people who cannot function without looking at the union contract to see how they are supposed to do thier job. They are inflexible and resistant to any change. They would nver make it in the real world where we must make changes continually and be adaptable or we lose our jobs.

Change is constant and the teacher's union needs to get a grip. Schools of the Chosen must go. There has been no educational benefit shown since its inception. Our test scores are still in the toilet even though we spend MORE per student in NYS than any other state in the NATION.

Anonymous said...

Notice that this teacher only seems to care about the SOC students and has made not one comment on the impact of the ending of secondary option and signature school options and how it will impact Longridge already a huge population. If her case is valid then it holds true for all choice programs not just the 3. There will be re zoning with the elimination of sig. and secondary option ending. There is not foundation to justify saving SOC to prevent re-zoning.

And again moving OA as a" whole" to a new physical location does not effect the IB program.

Jeffrey Cagwin said...

Scats: Now you are sounding like Frank.

I will state the question one more time.

Why would the District and the people in this district want to close the best performing High School in the District?

Is it just because your student cannot get in?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

The advantage is that it is the status quo and the easiest course to follow. Also the school of choice people have been and will continue to be the loudest most high-maintenance with a hint of threat group of helicopter parents in the history of greece central. Yes even more than hockey parents.
The board will not consider making the slightest change to these pork barrel projects.
The only possible way out for the board is if the present lame ducks in administration are seen as making the decision as they exit so there will be no one to blame in the district.
Let's not hold our breath for a change. Greece is all about special interest groups be it sports, music, schools of choice....When was the last time that an academic teacher of say history or chemistry was lauded in the paper when they were retiring with a special concert and presentation. When was the last time that students that became engineers or doctors were sought out to honor a retiring science or math teacher? We are all about the hall of fame for sports and the broadway few that were coached by our divas. The average and above average that are interested in academic pursuits are basically on their own with their parents and the dedicated unsung teachers of the district.

Anonymous said...

Jeff at 8:01 They are NOT closing the school. Stop ringing that alarm. They are just relocating it like arcadia middle was relocated from trailers to the Mooney building and then back to the north to the new arcadia middle building. It was still the same school with the same principal all the time...hi doug....That lady from Odyssey can just move her office and still be principal. or is there something we don't know. Jeff? Has the district administration told her that she would have to re-apply for the job. No way.
My family moved from one house to another and we all kept our family. Your odyssey will be the same.

SCATS said...

To Jeffrey ~~ You expect an answer to your question, but ignore mine? Ha!! I may be "sounding like Frank" but you are definitely sounding like a very broken record. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH ODYSSEY'S PERFORMANCE, and you know it!

As a matter of fact, Jeffrey, in order for OA to have that stellar outcome, it means leaving Olympia to flouder & flail. Where do you think the preponderance of Odyssey's students live? I'll give you one little hint: IN THE OLYMPIA HS ATTENDANCE/FEEDER PATTERN AREA!

To 10:20AM ~~ TRUE, TRUE, TRUE!! Your points are well-made!

SCATS said...

To 4:59AM ~~ Change is something that creeps out the BOE, DO administration AND the teaching staff in Greece Central. God forbid they have to lift a finger, adapt, be flexible, or role model for students. The sky really IS falling inside GCSD.

Anonymous said...

To Jeff- The reason OA has high test scores is that it has only 16% of kids on free or reduced lunch! OLYMPIA has 45%. Low income kids perform much lower as a group. How about bringing that 16% up to the district wide number of 38% kids on free or reduced lunch? Ten schools in Greece are over 40%, 6 are over 50%. To compare the performance at our SOC to the rest of Greece schools is unfair at best. Middle class kids, as a group, score higher on tests no matter what building they are in- that is a fact.

SCATS said...

To 11:33AM ~~ The reason for the high numbers at Olympia CAN BE BLAMED ON ODYSSEY,too. Odyssey drew away a certain type of student, leaving Olympia to contend with a large populations of students who are disadvantaged.

Anonymous said...

Pinebrook has 11% kids on free/reduced lunch. Just as a comparison the 3-5 school in Brighton and one of the K-5 schools in Pittsford also have 11% kids on free/reduced lunch(NYS 09/2010). Compare Pinebrook's performance to those schools. Our three SOC have the three lowest % in the district!

Anonymous said...

"....wasting taxpayer money that has already been invested at Odyssey" According to the teacher that wrote this editorial, spending money on IB at other district schools is a "waste" but at Odyssey it is an "investment". It may not be what she wanted to convey, but her subconscious intent came through.

SCATS said...

To 12:25PM ~~ This editorial is poorly written and falls lightyears short of being any sort of "persuasive writing" piece. Her examples come riddled with holes of her own making. Perhaps we should stop funding Odyssey and send their teachers for training so they can teach our kids properly.

Anonymous said...

Is this editorial the best the teacher's union can do to validate keeping SOC's? I thought it was hands off for the union at Odyssey. Wait until Sue Meiers finds out they meddled!

Anonymous said...

It'll be much less disruptive and energy intense for the board to dissolve three schools than to deal with the inequities created by keeping them. Let them whine, scream, kick and cry into the mic. They'll get over it. Let's put this issue behind us ASAP then get on with trying to educate ALL Greece students better.

Anonymous said...

Wow you people really hate Odyssey. My kid goes to Arcadia and we know there are problem in the school but there are in all schools.

I think that the District should take the things that are working at Odyssey and put them to use in the other schools.

SCATS said...

To 3:36PM ~~ Please tell uswhat those things are!

Teachers willing to work outside the contract?

Hand-selected student body?

Hand-selected staff?

No mid-year transfers in?

Fewer students on free/reduced lunches?

Fewer minority students?

Fewer Special Ed students?

Yes, by all means let's institute these changes in ALL other Greece schools! Oh wait ... we can't! It would be illegal!

Anonymous said...

3:36, for the record, nobody is buying your "Arcadia" claim.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Greece teacher and I think schools of choice are a joke and would love to see them abolished. I promise you that school morale would improve significantly for the vast majority of teachers in the district if SOCs were done away with. Perhaps the teachers who have it easy at Pinebrook, Westridge, and Odyssey would disagree, but most of use don't see the point of SOCs other than to siphon off the best students from other buildings.

Anonymous said...

I think we would all feel bad for Kristin and her coworkers should they be forced into a bad morale situation. I looked Kristin up on See Through NY, and already I feel bad for her. She already had to deal with a raise of ONLY $7,715 from 2008-2010. That plus a total of nearly 190 working days a year(if she chooses). Why wouldn't schools be a breeding ground of poor morale, given these tuff working conditions?! Hey Kristin, how do you spell pathetic at Odyssey?

SCATS said...

To 10:21PM ~~ Don't forget the extra 18 vacation days ... er ... Imean sick days each yr. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well might just be Kristin needs some extra bucks to pay for the house on W Craig Hill.
After all her husband sure ain't bringing in the big bucks as an Irrigation technician for R&M Landscape, and his little side business doesn't seem to have taken off.
It's all right there on Todd's linderkind page

And Kristin NEEDS all possible days off so she can help Todd. I'll even bet GCSD taxpayers are picking up health coverage for the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it fascinating that the school bored assumes the community wouldn't back some expense to return to a K-5 school structure? They haven't asked the question, have they? No survey, no poll, no vote, no consideration.

Anonymous said...

1:51 your info is a little outdated. And that house and the one they are in now are not that expensive. And all Greece employees can have a family plan for health.
Although I disagree with her opinion she is entitled to it. I think there should be no more schools of choice since they cost so much and we do not have the resources. I think if we have to keep redrawing boundary be it.
But to act as if you are finding out where she lives...which she doesn't....and presenting that on an opinion blog is a little off track. But again that is my opinion. Maybe anyone who identifies themselves will have you look them up on and "disclose". I am just pleased she lives in an average house in average greece and her kids go to the Greece schools.

SCATS said...

To 12:39PM ~~ No one is completely anonymous. Public employees are especially not so.

I agree with you about being happy she lives in Greece where she teaches. Her opinion on the other hand, left a lot to be desired. I'm unimpressed by the poor job she did of defending her views.

Anonymous said...

To 12:39 pm -- "I think there should be no more schools of choice since they cost so much and we do not have the resources."

When has the BOE, district or any consultant actually quantified the "cost" of schools of choice and the net savings to the district from eliminating schools of choice? If you have the figures, please post them because no one seems to be able to attribute any real numbers to this idea.

SCATS said...

To 5:41PM ~~ The supposed cost of the extra transportation has been discussed as recently as at the BOE meeting held May 24th. Other costs have not been quantified, but some include the costs to get the school into the IB program, special training for IB teachers, annual costs to retain their IB status. Of course those expenses are just for Odyssey. The cost no one has measured is the deleterious impact schools of choice has had on other schools like Parkland/Brookside or Olympia HS. Don't hold your breath. No one wants to discuss such things ;)

Anonymous said...

To 1:51 am- If you want to go after her argument for school of choice then do so without trying to discredit her family and what her husband does. What that shows is that you lack the knowledge to effectively attack her argument and truly shows your ignorance.

SCATS said...

To 7:42PM ~~ This is Greece where attacking people personally is what is done as a matter of routine. Thus the need for anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Well gosh 12:39, it's nice to get you and the other GTA member riled up, but you seem ignorant of public documents.

You're right, I did miss how Kristin & Todd had moved to Paddy Hill on the wedge shaped lot. Is Todd installing sprinklers there?

As I said, it's a good thing Kristin has the nice paying job @ GCSD because I doubt they could have qualified for the mortgage on just what Todd brings in.

Just a couple years of Kristin's pay could pay off the mortgage.

Are all GTA members ashamed of how much they get paid?

Anonymous said...

Scats- I thought this blog was for the serious issues concerning GCSD and community. What I have found in my short time following it is that the personal attacks are more frequent than the REAL issues and most of the personal attacks have no merit whatsoever other than to prove the ignorance of the constituents, thus in my opinion, diminishing the validity of the blog. If you want the blog to be taken seriously I would recommend sticking to the facts, in turn truly becoming a voice for the people of Greece.

SCATS said...

To 7:02AM ~~ You are just another in a long line of people who come on here claiming something is inaccurate but then fail to say what it is. How do YOU expect to be taken seriously?

Anonymous said...

HEY 7:02
How was Kristin attacked?

Are you the GTA Member assigned to write the BS response for the morning shift?

Seems rather odd you describe posts putting solid factual information out as "ignorant", aren't GTA members required to know what the word means under language arts?

Are you too ashamed of how much you're paid for how little you do at GCSD?

We now await the next GTA canned response.