Saturday, May 14, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Since BOE incumbent, and known truth stretcher, McCabe was quoted in the D&C on 5/14 as saying he wants to start to fix school of choice, I took it upon myself to look into how he's leading by example. The D&C mentions he lives on Helenwood Road in Greece. That would mean, according to Mapquest, that he has his children attending the 3rd furthest high school from his home.

Athena 3.51 miles from Helenwood
Arcadia 1.52 miles from Helenwood
Olympia 3.07 miles from Helenwood

Great job Sean! I suppose next you want to get teacher spending under control, right? Before you do that, you might want to invest in a better couch. The boys at the fire house have been right about this guy from day one.

Anonymous said...

Right!?!?! It will be easy for McCabe to vote for ending secondary option NOW that his children are grandfathered in and will finish at ATHS.

They are all in it for themselves.

Me first said...

Aren't we all?

Anonymous said...

Well dang, that one fellow, can ya really call it running when nobody's opposing, supposed to be ""Certified Quality Improvement Associate with the American Society for Quality, is a member of the Greater Rochester Quality Council "".

Now I might not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, wife says that regular, but that boy sure ain't doing diddle for the quality of education in Greece. Seems like he might have snuck into that there Society.

Then we got another fellow with a degree in Biology who can't smell something's rottin in the school. Did he spend too much time in the locker room and loose his sense of smell?

I'm thinking it's more a case like over in Hilton where the taxpayers just wore themselves sore trying to get the school district to do the job, and went deaf listening to the crap the School Board spews.

Sure seems like we could save a lot of money just putting kids on Welfare earlier. Of course then the Union teachers and Union administrators wouldn't have high paid jobs.

I sure do like the idea of a school becoming a kid prison though. We got some extra space and why not convert a few rooms. Hilton already put a kid prison in their High School and it cut down on a lot of things. Don't say I told you though, it's supposed to be a secret. It's right there on the ground floor in the North East end of the building.

Anonymous said...

WRITE IN Charles Hubbard for board!

Vote NO beacuse:
1. They cut too much from the budget.
2, They didn't cut enough from the budget.
3. You don't like schools of choice.
3. You do like schools of choice.
4. The teachers deserve a new contract.
5. The teachers should be willing to take a pay freeze.
6. Your taxes are too high.
7. You want to spend more on taxes; it is for the kids after all.
8. They should have included capital projects in the budget.
9. Vote NO now so I can YES later on? Someone said that to me, so I'm quioting that one.

If you have other good reasons for voting NO, go ahead and list them. With a good turn out we may get the first ever unanimous NO vote!

SCATS said...

To 10:58AM ~~ Are you a Greece BOE member? You sound like one ...