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" ... Over half of the 6th grade are siblings (each year)." ~~ Sue Meier, Odyssey Principal, to BOE

SCATS ~~ Thank you Ms. Meier for proving the point that Odyssey is in fact elitist!

Study Session
May 24th


Anonymous said...

Sooner or later, there's gonna be hell to pay for schools of choice.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of schools of choice was what again?
The need was for what again?

Anonymous said...

We made the leap and put our oldest in Odyssey when he was 10. There was no waiting list back then. That was obviously a wise decision on our part as we have had all of our children guaranteed a spot as the odds got tougher to get in. I fail to see how that makes us elitist...we are fortunate that we made a good decision 14 years ago.

SCATS said...

To 9:32PM ~~ You're right. Tough luck to anyone who couldn't do what you did. Screw the kids who come from families where the oldest was eligible in the last 13 years. Nothing elitist about that at all ;)

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand where you people come up with this elitist crud.

Yavone and I did a great deal of helping Percival and Philomena do well in the lower grades so they could make it into an upper school of quality. Yavone herself took a number of days off work to interact with Administrative people both in Central Office and at the school.

Percival and Philomena are the future of our bloodline and we feel ourselves obligated to obtain the finest education available in Greece for them. The day will come when your children will need employment and they will come to our children to provide that employment. We want our children properly educated to provide jobs to your children.

There is nothing elitist about that!

Anonymous said...

I hope the new superintendent asks the tough questions early on and then acts immediately to correct this probelm!

Anonymous said...

What makes them elitist?

Almost no students on free & reduced lunch - an indicator of poverty level.

Little to no minority representation.

An administration that can't see the facts for what they are.

--- And remember - this does not make the parents or students elitist...this makes the school, it's administration, and set up elitist.

Fix the lottery to find a way to have 40% of the kids eligible for free & reduced lunch.

Fix the lottery to get minority representation up to 25-30% - then show me you can get the same results.

Right now we have a private school system in a public school district.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it doesn't make it elitist. It makes it closed and clubby.

Anonymous said...

Elitism has to do with thinking you're better because of supposed skills, wisdom, abilities, wealth, etc. We were lucky to get into Odyssey. Big difference. Just like any lottery, winning one doesn't make you any better, just more fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Well Scats, another Administrator is leaving Greece. The new Principal at Athena is leaving afetr one year and going back too his former District (Spencerport). Way to Greece! You get an experienced Administrator and FAILED AGAIN to hold on to good people. It will be announced later today

Anonymous said...

Found this in the online thesaurus. For "elite"

"Synonyms: best, cream, cream of the crop, elect, crème de la crème, chosen, select few"

Hilarious that so often we call the schools of choice "the schools of the chosen"...LOLOL

And of course they are the select few. They are "elect" from the secret lottery system.

And we have our own aristocracy by the preference that families get with the sibling protocol. Soon the kids will have to get a special waiver to date commoners from the regular high schools.

Anonymous said...

Scats hot shot lady for supt. from the city failed to be given the interim position of RCSD supt. Rather the Board chose a guidance counselor from Arcadia! Of course the politics had to be breathtaking and the union sure seems happy. So this choice had nothing to do with qualifications and it sure looks crazy. Does that mean that someday Boily or Oberg or VanOrman will be an interim supt somewhere. They have the same credentials (former BOE President!) lol Or Phelan LOL.

Anonymous said...

8:59 Which principal? Is it from the middle school?

SCATS said...

To 8:59AM ~~ This is proof once again that functional people can neither survive nor function in a dysfunctional system.

To 11:43AM ~~ Snyder is retiring at end of June, so it must be the other administrator ... McCabe as I recall ... ?

Anonymous said...

Wow Mr McCabe is leaving I have to say I am very surprised. I really liked him and I am disappointed. Turn- over does nothing to help the behavior problems.

SCATS said...

To 3:25AM ~~ She has NO IDEA what she's getting herself into and I suspect she won't bother with it for long either! One of her quotes after getting her signed deal was to the effect that she looks forward to getting to know about the district. I thought good job candidates do that sort of homework BEFORE they get interviewed ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the data on the percentage of those who apply to Schools of Choice who are eligible for reduced lunches, who are minorities, etc. If only 10% apply, then you're only going to get 10% at those schools.

Anonymous said...

We in Spencerport already have one of your castoff toadies I wish would return to GCSD. Fortunately for you (though not for us), he is moving from HS principal to a deputy super position.

SCATS said...

To 2:01PM ~~ I'm sorry but everyone realizes we can't get that kind of data without compromising the personal info related to individual students. Oh wait, they're just poor. Nevermind. Go ahead ;)


Anonymous said...

There are schools for the common issue of taxpayers and there are schools for the Upper Crust of the community to send their fine children to.

Now probably the common men and women of Greece can't relate to Upper Crust.

Let me explain. When you pop the cover off a septic tank, right there under the cover is the upper crust. It works pretty much the same when you look at society.

SCATS said...

To 10:34PM ~~ You get the award for making me choke on my ice water and squirt it out my nose. lol ... Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, some of you are totally off the wall. I requested for my oldest to hopefully get into Odyssey starting in 6th grade. It was 11th grade before he was able to and at that point he was established at another Greece High School. Now my youngest, did get into Odyssey. She didn't want to go there, we wanted her to go. She is totally happy there. Our reasons had nothing to do with feeling elitist! Odyssey is smaller. Less issues because of smaller #s. Yes, Odyssey has drawbacks (not as many sports options, no pool, not much area outside for sports and having to bus them elsewhere, etc) but we were willing to sacrifice those for her to go to Odyssey. There are pros and cons to Odyssey. No one there believes they are elitist. Get real! Know your facts and go visit. If I'm not mistaken if your child is already in any one of the schools, I believe siblings are able to automatically attend. That isn't just at Odyssey. Why don't you all grow up and stop pitting one school against another. Also, regarding 25-30% minorities. What percentage of the district students are minority? and how many of the minority students even sign up for the lottery at Odyssey? It is usually the parents that want their kids to attend Odyssey, not the student. Get your facts straight.

SCATS said...

To 11:56PM ~~ You ought to familiarize yourself with the things Odyssey parents said/wrote to the BOE during the December forum on School Choice. Among them were statements about how glad they were for "a private school" within the district to send their kids to. Nothing elitist about that at all ;) And that's just one of many such comments that convey Odyssey is a cut above the other high schools.

In the end, all that matters is that the three items I stated earlier are the things Odyssey, Pinebrook & West Ridge must overcome to continue. After 20+ years of schools of choice, it's time to pay the piper.

Anonymous said...

Say there Scats when I got home from second shift tonight BettyLou was all worked up to tell me about this Oddball school GCSD has got where kids get special treatment. Tell you with all the stuff that's goin on in the schools I figure if she read it right my kids are due some of that special stuff. Just Tuesday last EusticeRay got off the bus crying cause some kids in his 3rd grade class was calling him a redneck. BettyLou might go to scrubbing the boys neck a bit hard with that homemade soap of hers but dang he's a boy and his neck gets dirty. I don't see no call for other kids to be picking on him for that.

His big brother Ferdd, he's the one named after BettyLou's rich cousin will be going into 7th grade next year, and even with the one funny eye he has that sort of cocks up a notch he's a good student. Ferdd's the one we got real high hopes for getting a good job like school janitor or such. I'm working two jobs to keep oatmeal on the breakfast table so I can't be running ovver there to the school, but if that Oddball School is better than the Athena place I think the boy should go to Oddball. BettyLou can't be going to set it up by herself cause well don't reallylike to mention but she's got that leaky pipe thing when she gets around important folks like school officials, and well when she goes off it just don't hardly help any situation if you know what I mean.

I do get a break on my day job, is there a number I could call to see about getting Ferdd into oddball. He tells me he asked to talk to that guide fellow about it but the woman who sets up when kids get to talk to the fellow well she kind of gets a flinch going whenever Ferdd stops by her office and Ferdd well he gets kind of shy and just stands looking at her. We don't want no problems with the school security people so Ferdd he don't ask.

Anonymous said...

11:56, you miss the point. While you yourself may not be elitist, it is the system that creates the "elite few" that can benefit from the smaller learning community.

It should not be that so fee have the OPPORTUNITY. If you are an average well behaved student in Greece you have not safe haven unless you win the lottery. Look at it like this, for example at any of the other 3 HS, if you student is in AP classes they by nature are "segregated", in a good way from the the general ed student, thus resulting in those classes having less issue with morals, character and behavior. So if for the masses, if you are not AP or OA material you get mediocrity and are subjected to the "norm" of what the GCSD education is.

Anonymous said...

Schools of choice is exactly that. I chose to apply to Odyssey for my daughter because she is not a star athlete, singer, or musician. She is quiet and I felt that a smaller environment would be better for her. It had nothing to do with Odyssey being a better school, I just felt that it would be better for her. As for her brother, he is a strong athlete, and is very outgoing. If things stay the same, he would have the opportunity to go to Odyssey. At this point I need to look at what is best for him. Athena may be a better choice because they have more to offer him and I think that he may thrive there. Schools of choice are just that. Odyssey does not have a baseball field, a pool, it does not have a football team. I am tired of feeling attacked because my daughter goes to Odyssey! She is not an elitist. She is just happy to be in a smaller environment and is thriving.
Have you looked at what Odyssey doesn't have that the bigger schools do have? Odyssey is far from elite. If anything is has far less then the other schools. As for bussing, I would gladly drive my children to school. If it is important enough for me, I will find a way to get her there. People are just looking for things to complain about.

Ernie said...

So, Schools Of Choice are "elitist" because they have different and more successful programs that are sought after by parents? Erroneous.

Since the enrollment is based on random lottery, the charge of "elitism" cannot stand. To be elite means to pick and choose your members.

Blaming a School Of Choice for a low percentage of low-income students is also illogical because of the random lottery. The percentage of low-income students enrolled mirrors the percentage that applied.

Sibling Priority is also an illogical argument because it is clear that given the chance, most parents would like all the children to go to the same school. The only reason that sibling priority is a "problem" is because it reduces the amount of "fresh" students that can be picked through lottery.

So what then is the real issue?

All of the complaints about Schools Of Choice are never about the actual school programs. They all stem from the fact that more parents would like the oppurtunity for their children to attend.

A waiting list to enroll does not indicate a fault of the school. It indicates failure by the District to provide more of what parents want... Schools Of Choice.

The real issue is that there are not more Schools Of Choice.

If every school was a School Of Choice then parents could pick and choose the schools they want. Unsuccessful schools would have low enrollment and would have to improve to attract more students. In this way the district would become self improving based on the input from parents, not disconnected administrators.

Anonymous said...

to 12:19am comment:

I am well aware of what parents/others from Odyssey are stating. Go ahead and nitpick every word if that is what makes you feel better. It's people like you who give Greece a bad name. Grow up!

SCATS said...

To 9:49AM ~~ As long as there is a waiting list so lengthy that people (like you/your daughter) with her special need know they will NEVER GET IN, the school is elitist. The fact that your shy daughter "won the lottery" and that win affords your athletic son guaranteed entrance too IS A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Lots of kids who don't need a smaller school environment are going to school there eliminating the possibility for some other shy kid to benefit. See? You admitted your kid BENEFITS in that way by attending Odyssey. That is exactly the type of thing that makes it elitist - your kid gets something by winning a lottery (the fact a lottery is held creates winners and losers, also contributing to the elitism) that is denied to others.

SCATS said...

To 10:10AM ~~ Please read my previous comment.

Also, re: "Since the enrollment is based on random lottery, the charge of "elitism" cannot stand. To be elite means to pick and choose your members" ... show us the lottery is actually random. No one has ever seen it, so you assume that it is, but you don't actually know that. Your own words prove the elitism ... "To be elite means to pick and choose your members" That is exactly what the lottery does! It creates winners & losers so parents and kids can go around telling everyone "My kid WON THE LOTTERY (and your kid didn't)!"

You ask what are the real issues (which you more or less outline in the first half of your ridiculous rant) then you dismiss the fact that people say they are the issues! Nothing elitist about that either ;)

I love your "conclusion" about how what we really need is more schools-of-choice because they are over-subscribed. If someone even mentions a return to K-5 schools for the rest of Greece, Pinebrook/West Ridge/Odyssey parents will line up to yell that we can't afford to make the schools all like the 2 elementary school-of-choice schools.

Interpreted that behavior means: "Yes, it's great having the convenience to have all of my kids under one roof, riding one bus, standing at one bus stop, etc. and my kids benefit academically from the continuity, BUT WE CAN ONLY ALLOW A FEW TO EXPERIENCE IT so my kid/family can go around feeling "special" at the expense (economic & emotional) of the lottery losers."

Schools-of-choice provide NO benefit to the district to justify any added expense. Not even one penny!

SCATS said...

To 10:11AM ~~ Let me get this straight ... it's "nitpicking" if I point out what Odyssey parents have openly admitted in documentation DO created, but it's NOT "nitpicking" when the person I was responding to mentioned the lack of a pool, fewer sports, etc. WHEN THE SCHOOL WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANY SPORTS FROM THE GITGO?

I think it's the people who can't logically argue the issues that give Greece the bad name ... along with the closed, clubby & corrupt "leaders" they put into power and support.

Ernie said...

The fact that there is even a debate over how children are selected to attend Odyssey proves that the community sees value in attending Odyssey.

If you claim that Odyssey is "elitist", but do not care if you child attends, then why bother arguing about it?

If you claim that Odyssey is "elitist" because you feel that the random lottery is unfair because your child could not enroll, then you are acknowledging value in attending Odyssey.

This is the only reason to even debate the subject. People must feel that they have not been given the chance to enroll in a school that they feel is successful and has value, otherwise they would not waste their time.

So how can you blame Odyssey for being successful?

How can you blame Odyssey for being one of a kind?

If you feel that your child should be given a chance at a School Of Choice education... then demand more SCHOOLS OF CHOICE!

They are the answer, not the problem.

If a store has long waiting lines, then you open more stores!

It's that simple folks!

Stop fighting each other and start demanding what you want from the true elitists!

The District is who dictates how our childen our educated, not a single school.

It is the District's fault that they ignore the waiting lists and blame Odyssey, when instead they could open another School Of Choice in Odyssey's image and solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Is it at all possible that there are not as many applicants to Odyssey that are minority and/or free lunch eligible? You might want to research that before you go throwing around words like 'elitist'. It makes you sound like you have a bad case of sour grapes.

One of my kids got wait listed, the other made it in. Please explain to me where the favoritism or elitism is there. I must have missed it.

SCATS said...

To 5:26PM ~~ The word "elitist" was "thrown around" by Odyssey's principal first. Of course there aren't as many of "those kind" applying to Odyssey! That's exactly what makes it elitist, desirable, oversubscribed, etc. And the people who do get in, want to keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

As an Odyssey graduate I feel I can adequately speak on behalf of the school with facts rather than hot-headed opinions.

For example, I come from a lower middle class family and was on reduced lunch throughout my years at Odyssey. I had no siblings who went to the school and yet I still got in. The reason why they have the sibling rule is to keep it convenient for the families of those students: if you were the parent of two students and one went to Odyssey while the other went to Athena (which is very far from Odyssey), would you be content with it? I'd take up issue with letting students go to schools that aren't their home schools before complaining about that. Please do explain to me how any of that is elitist?

While at the school, I formed very close bonds with the administration as well as my teachers and the rest of the staff. The school has a level of interaction that is rarely seen, and it gives students the change to have individualized attention rather than living out their school careers in the shadow of anonymity. Dr. Meier is an extremely friendly, intelligent, and respectable woman. She is strong in her stances, but is able to portray them eloquently and without falling into the trap of talking down on others. Whether you agree with her stances or not is entirely your own decision which you are perfectly entitled to, but to say she is not a good public speaker or administrator simply is not true.

I am currently a student at the University of Rochester and work as a tutor over at East High. The transition from being in a school environment like Odyssey to the environment at East High is almost shocking. East High has graduating classes several times the size of Odyssey; however, they also have a 23% graduation rate. I can't resist the temptation to say that this is probably due in part to the fact that class sizes are so large and the school is so underfunded. They offer AP courses, tutoring, counseling, and academic/college application support, and yet the graduation rates are still abysmally low. I have worked with students who have brilliant work ethics, which I commend and deeply respect, but suffer semi-illiteracy. Obviously the city school district faces a multitude of challenges which factor into this situation, but I don't want to see Greece fall into this same pitfall by eliminating something great that it has going for itself.

Odyssey is not a product of narcissistic administration and discrimination, though I do agree that racial diversity is something that could be addressed. Rather, it is a product of small class sizes, focus of students' self-knowledge (which is based strongly on prominent cognitive development theories and strategies such as those of Gardner), and leadership development. Unfortunately, such programs are difficult to bring to the other schools in the district due to their sheer sizes and scheduling.

The school really doesn't do anything different than the others. The only difference is what we are able to do with the students, class sizes, and resources that we have. And the school works for it. Odyssey has the highest graduation rate in the district, the highest test scores, and is the only school in the district to offer IB. That's not elitism, that's simply the product of successful teaching methods and administration. The administration doesn't walk around wearing these things as a badge of honour, sneering in the faces of the other schools. The other schools have plenty of their own successes to boast. But because it's a school of choice, that somehow means that Odyssey loses the right to take pride in its achievements? Then what do you have to say for the Athena Performing Arts Center which was originally built for district-wide usage? I hold no resentment towards them at all, but by the logic I've seen displayed it is a grand act of elitism for them to own it.


Anonymous said...


It isn't the perfect school, as can be said of every school. It is not the "public private school" that the Greece community loves to maliciously pin it as. It is simply a school that found a method that works just as the other high schools found methods that work. There has been a lot of concern being voiced about keeping class sizes at a cap. Why, then, would it make sense to shut down the schools of choice and try to feed those students into the other elementary, middle, and high schools? It's simply counterproductive.

From every argument against Odyssey I've listened to and read, I still have yet to derive just what it is that the school is doing wrong. Are they to be punished for doing well? Yes the school needs to address the matter of diversity, I won't hold that against you at all. And yes it can be frustrating if your child does not get chosen in the lottery while siblings are guaranteed. But then think: why is it that you are so angry that your child didn't get into the school? It's clearly not because you want your child to go to the awful, elitist school. Would you be so vocal about closing the school if your child got in?

The point of this district is to help raise successful students and prepare them to take on the world in ways which will fulfill their own lives and bring the nation up as a whole. Whatever your opinion may be, the facts speak for themselves: Odyssey is doing its job and doing it well. I can see no logical motive for working so adamantly to take such an opportunity away from students. What is there to gain from that in the long run? It's a lottery. And as in any lottery, there are those who get chosen and those who do not. That is simply the way it works, not a snarky work of elitism. Some of my best friends from high school were from other schools. And the students and faculty at Odyssey were extremely open, tolerant, and friendly people.

Interaction between the schools has always been a concern for all four of the high schools. It's not just Odyssey's issue. I used to attend the student leader forums in my junior and senior years, which brought students leaders from all four high schools to meet with members of district office. The issue of schools not interacting with each other enough was first addressed by a student from Arcadia and had been brought up several times in meetings after that. That is in district office's hands, and nothing will probably be done about it. Nonetheless, that simply proves that Odyssey is not some recluse sitting in a corner with its nose turned up to the district. It's just another middle/high school that happens to use a lottery to keep its class sizes small. If you find notably irksome, you'd absolutely despise registering for classes in college.

I understand the concerns and the frustration, but in the grander scheme of things, Greece has far bigger fish to fry before discussing anything like closing schools. We need to build unity and civility in order to have any hopes of bringing this district back onto its feet. Spewing hatred and blame onto the schools that support the students who will someday be our working force is probably not the best way to go about doing that, I would say.

SCATS said...

To 3:51AM ~~ I could write a very long response addressing each of the points/questions you bring up and then some, but I'll save my energy. I do want to say I am amazed to see a Greece graduate of the infamous Odyssey using the British spellings for certain words. Were you taught that way at Odyssey?

In the bigger picture, like all others before you who try to defend the indefensible, you have failed to explain why we should fund a school that District Office and the Board of Education can't show is worth the added expense to run.

THAT IS the bottom line. It's very simple. Odyssey and the other SOC's have outlived the purpose for which they were intended and so now must change along with the times and the rest of the district.


Anonymous said...

I picked up the British spellings around the internet actually and partially from the fact that IB is based in Switzerland and therefore used British spelling on its materials. I am actually very surprised that you would make such a generalization, since you've shown yourself to be far smarter than that. Generalizations based on personal opinion are no substitute for hard facts.

I can't see how having the highest graduation rates in the district doesn't attest to Odyssey's purpose at all. Nor the leadership building, focus on self-knowledge and being recognized as an individual rather than an anonymous student. The school doesn't tack on that much more to the budget and, really, it would probably cost them more both financially and in the form of graduation rates to close the school.

To call Odyssey "indefensible" is quite the bold statement. Especially considering the fact that I just defended it. It's one thing to say the school doesn't serve the purpose you think it should. It's an entirely different thing to say that your opinion is an absolute truth. But that is beside the point. The fact is Odyssey does what schools are supposed to do: it prepares students for college, trade school, the work force, and life after high school. It gives students a multitude of opportunities at a personal and amicable level. It gets students to graduate at a higher rate than any of the other high schools. That doesn't make it better than any of them, education isn't a competition of "I'm better than you", but it certainly makes the prospect of punishing the school seem a bit rash.

The condescending tone with which you addressed my response really makes me see the poetic irony in calling Odyssey elitist. Elitism is having some convoluted sense of superiority over others. While I may disagree with your stances, I know that you're far too intelligent a person to fall into such a stigma. When it comes to schools of choice, it's not a matter of right or wrong, it's simply a matter of what is the logical course of action. We just happen to disagree on what it is that is proper. And I appreciate having the adversity. :) Such things are what get change going.

SCATS said...

To 10AM ~~ I decided not to address your first diatribe because it would take a lot of my time to pick it apart - there's a lot to say in response. Here's but one example: "The school really doesn't do anything different than the others. The only difference is what we are able to do with the students, class sizes, and resources that we have."

To that I must "DUH!!" For someone who writes with such an air as you attempt, that really is a huge understatement, don't you think?

If it weren't for those lottery-selected students (done behind closed doors) that keeps the "diversity" and parent involvement skewed in favor of the test scores/grad. rates, or the often artificially low class sizes, and the special resources bestowed upon it (IB which cost/s a bundle) along with the ones afforded by the previous items among other factors (Do you realize Odyssey's teachers were ALL hand-selected by the Supt. from among those teaching at the other district schools when it opened?), Odyssey would be pretty much like all the other schools!

Do you realize that teachers who teach at your dear alma mater make contractual concessions to endure the hardships of mingling with the students at lunch? Do you have any idea what the impact that likely has on discipline alone? These are not small issues! They are also not likely to ever be affordable to reproduce across the district, because of the contractual (i.e. negotiations) cost to the community.

As I said earlier, I have no desire to respond to all of the things you wrote. Much of that has been dealt with before anyway. Read back over 5 years on the BLOG, you'll see.

So, back to the nitty grittyIT IS A MATTER OF RIGHT & WRONG! It is WRONG to ask ALL OF US TO PAY MORE IN TAXES TO SUPPORT SOMETHING ONLY A FRACTION OF US CAN EVER ENJOY! IT IS ESPECIALLY SO WHEN THERE IS NO BENEFIT TO THE DISTRICT (BOE members will quietly say this to those they know in side conversations) FOR KEEPING SOC's! They've outlived the purpose for which they were created.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever even visited the school and seen how it functions? Your replies would suggest otherwise. I don't put on airs, but I suppose when being defensive one can see what's not there.

How many fights do you hear of at the school? I'd say discipline isn't an issue at all. The reason we eat in our classrooms is because of how small the cafeteria is. Students become very close with their homeroom teachers during lunch periods as it gives them a chance to interact. And most of the time we were allowed to go visit other rooms where our friends were.

The rest is jargon, and it would appear that you lack the capacity to respond to dissent without reverting to a condescending tone. If you want your voice to be listened to, be civil and people will want to listen. Otherwise people will just pin you in the same category as Hubbard. You don't deserve that.

As for taxes going to the few, I suppose, then, that you think we should not pay into social security? That comes out of my salary and goes to people I don't even know. And the population of people who receive it is very small in comparison to the national population. And I suppose East Ridge High school should be condemned as well for having the IB program? It's like AP, except it includes a 4,000 word essay, a philosophy course, and 150 community service hours. Perhaps it's just me but that looks like a nice recipe for a well rounded student. Just like AP.

Tread dangerous waters carefully and with attention to detail. That is the last I have to say on this blog. Have a wonderful week, and I hope we'll all get some sunshine soon! :)

SCATS said...

To 11:23PM ~~ I'm quite intimately familiar with how Odyssey operates.

As for having SCATS' voice listened to, I'm not worried. This site has over 5 years of history with 2500+ BLOGS posted and 19 followers via Google and well over 200 on Facebook. Facebook was added only 14 months ago and is growing phenomenally lately.

SCATS has been duplicated in other districts and sometimes logs 44,000 pageviews in one month (recently), up from about 25,000 in Feb.

Let's face it, the reason people like you are writing in is because you worry about the impact this BLOG makes.

You've still avoided responding to the overall point about Odyssey and the other SOC's:

IT IS A MATTER OF RIGHT & WRONG! It is WRONG to ask ALL OF US TO PAY MORE IN TAXES TO SUPPORT SOMETHING ONLY A FRACTION OF US CAN EVER ENJOY! IT IS ESPECIALLY SO WHEN THERE IS NO BENEFIT TO THE DISTRICT (BOE members will quietly say this to those they know in side conversations) FOR KEEPING SOC's! They've outlived the purpose for which they were created.