Monday, May 02, 2011

Top 10 Signs Babs Isn't What GCSD Needs

10 ~ Two nationwide searches got us a Supt. from Mayberry ... er ... uhhh ... Lyndonville.

9 ~ Two nationwide searches got us a Supt. in our own backyard ... er uhmmm ... Lyndonville.

8 ~ Out of more than 50 applicants in those two searches, Babs was the "best" we could do.

7 ~ After offering a salary up to $250,000, we're going to hire Lyndonville's boss for $198,000. What a bargain!! (see #6)

6 ~ People in her own district questioned paying her $158,000 last Fall. (see link in #4 below)

5 ~ She recently got a 5 yr. renewal on her contract in Lyndonville ... now decided to leave!

4 ~ In an online forum started last year, her BOE appear to be her only supporters.

3 ~ That same online forum has new comments expressing glee at how Greece is now stuck with her.

2 ~ You could fit all of Lyndonville's 650 students inside of Longridge Elementary School ... with room to spare! What will she do with 20 schools to manage?

1 ~ Greece already has the exact same problems Babs is leaving Lyndonville with: shrinking enrollment & higher taxes.

SCATS ~~ I called on our BOE for a DO OVER of the supt's search in my BLOG of April 8th. Of course, they were desperate to get somebody ... anybody to be our Supt. and Babs offered herself up. So now I ask everyone to please remember to thank Frank Oberg (as he leaves his position on the BOE) for foisting this disaster-to-be upon the teachers, students and taxpayers of the Greece Central School District. Just when we thought things couldn't get much worse ... it does! Achramovitch is going to look very good in the not-so-distant future!


Anonymous said...

Coulda been worse.

GCSD coulda got one who calls herself Muffie because that was her sorority name.

Babs is one hell of a lot shorter to type that Andronoyngrjvich too.

There are just so many opportunities to mess with the name Babs alone, that's a plus.

I wouldn't put too much weight to what folks in Lindonville say, I have a hunch there's something wrong with the drinking water over there, or maybe they all been exposed to that Black Mold. You ain't going to see a lot of rocket scientists coming out of that town.

Anonymous said...

I hate to bring this up, but the constant referral to our new Superintendent by the name "Babs" comes off poorly.

Calling her Babs seems to be an attempt to marginalize her and it can be seen as a way to denigrate and belittle her not based on anything she has done - but because of who she is.

We so often get caught up in our struggles to do what we think is best (informing the people, being a voice for fiscal responsibility, pointing out corruption when we suspect it, etc) that we sometimes slide into this arena of denigration. I myself have been guilty of this.

We should stay above the fray and continue to voice our concerns - but in a way that does not come off as demeaning.

If Ms. Deane-Williams offers a policy, makes a statement, or in some other way does something we disagree with - we have a responsibility to speak up about it. But let’s do it in an appropriate manor that does not make us appear to be taking things personally.

I make this request because I don't want to see the good that people on this site have done, be lost because of a perceived inclination.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

We had to give Walts lifetime health care benefits. That was before he took the longevity incentive . Then he decided to leave for the south with his besties after the park and he was accused and then confirmed that there was age discrimination and financial improprieties during his term. Some interim...who knows? Then Meg took over and the board wanted to get rid of her almost immediately but we had to buy her out and not talk about her. Then we had the interim that had her own driver and was a dictator to the board forcing them to give raises to her BFF's. Then Steve the 2nd came on the scene and it wasn't too long before the board got upset with him. Then we had the mostly "not in his office" recent interim that through no fault of his own was very ill. The board kept from the public the fact that we were paying him $800 per day for sick leave. Then we were paying an acting superintendent an increase during all the down times of these aforesaid wonder boys.

How long will it take before this lady gets under the skin of the high maintenance, fuss-budget Greece school board. Prediction less than 18 months.

Anonymous said...

Scats- would you stop with the higher taxes at Lyndonville. You are incorrect. Remember one comment from a blog doesn't represent a community feeling. Why tear apart a person before they even arrive in your district.

Anonymous said...

Is it news to you that the board does not listen to you?

Anonymous said...

Other than giving yourself a solid basis to say "I told you so" on some (many) future blog postings, it is not at all clear what purpose this thread serves in furthering the interests of students and taxpayers. And you already have ample evidence to do a "I told you so" without "piling on".
So just what is your purpose in what appears to be a mean spirited effort to "poison the well" of Deane-Williams efforts, whatever they may be?
Does she represent a signifcant risk? Yes. Are her credentials modest at best. Yes. Is she likely to improve our district. Perhaps. Does she deserve a chance to get her arms around our mess and sort out what might improve things? Absolutely. Should we rip her to pieces on this blog if her actions and behaviors are unproductive and embarrassing? Absolutely.
But for now, why don't you park your broom in the corner for 6 months and lets see what this "not ideal" new hire can do with the stinkin' mess that she has now inherited. It is in our best interests to give her a shot at making improvements. Lets agree on a 3 month, 6 months and one year evaluation of what she does and then let the chips fall where they may.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration rejected publishing one lengthy comment for whining about anonymity on the BLOG, posting an individual's name (I have no idea who this person is) and violating other long-standing policies here.

To 3:27AM ~~ Babs is going to be among the tamest of monikers used by this time next year ;)

To 6:11AM ~~ As long as she continues to golf & drink as reported by the people in Lyndonville, she'll be fine! The Chamber of Commerce crowd LOVES that!

To 9:02AM ~~ Who said it was from one comment?

To 9:39AM ~~ Actually there is ample evidence that the BOE does pay much attention to this BLOG.

To 9:59AM ~~ Re: " ... it is not at all clear what purpose this thread serves in furthering the interests of students and taxpayers."

Maybe 5 of the BOE will come to their senses tonight and vote "no" on ratifying her contract.

By the way 9:59AM, she did NOT "INHERIT" this mess, she actively sought it out!

Anonymous said...

Well SCATS is nothing if not consistent. So once again we have the terse and tart responses to various posts. Why must you always seek to demonstrate that you are "the smartest person in the room?" You are often right and you are sometimes wrong. Sometimes on target and sometimes unable to find the target. This blog is often useful to further facts and opinions but sometimes it is just a soapbox for unproductive and poorly executed intellectual forays and proselytizing. If SCATS is going to be productive in "guiding" Deane-Williams then this blog has to reach a higher level of critique and advice than shown by this thread.

SCATS said...

To 11:31AM ~~ How funny that you think I should guide this woman!!!!
Especially so since so many contend that DO, the Supt. & the BOE don't bother reading this BLOG!!

On a more serious note, since when did it become the job of a BLOGGER (i.e. me and other posters)to "guide" the Greece Supt? Isn't she going to get a nice fat salary & benefits package because she is SUPPOSED to know what to do? Isn't that why she came here seeking out a new challenge?? No???

You see, that's the crux of the issue right there ~ Our BOE hired BOCES to find us a new Supt. but had no concrete idea of what kind of candidate they wanted, or of what they want, need and/or expect a new Supt. to do. This is all about dysfunction. They settled for a candidate who will absolutely promote the status quo once settled in. Finding a person who would shake things up is just too scary for the DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION known as GCSD/Town of Greece ;)

I can't wait to see what happens in July and beyond. So many of the district's old-timers will be gone, Babs won't even know where the skeletons in DO are hiding. She is quietly adored by GTA because she will be like a rag doll in their hands.

Anonymous said...

Ok SCATs, have your temper tantrum because the BOE wasn't "guided" by your ranting and raving. And would it be a mistake to suggest that you intended to "guide" at least 5 members of the BOE to vote NO tonight on Deane-Williams contract. And the chances of that happening are about as great as Auberger resigning when asked to do so.
So how about putting your big boy pants on and writing some threads that might just have a chance of contributing something useful to the dialogue about improving our schools. Ripping Deane-Williams to shreds before she even walks in the door only reflects on you, not her.

Anonymous said...

Scat you are just so funny! You always make me laugh. Love your material.

SCATS said...

To 4:18PM ~~ I'm not having a temper tantrum. I'm not angry :) Rarely do I get angry over such matters as this.

Regarding guidance of the BOE, surely you must jest! They were/are hellbent on getting us new a new super no matter what. They can't stand the idea that they FAILED TWICE in one year.

Regarding Miz Dee-Dubbya's record: It DOES refelect on her, not me.

So then 4:18PM, since you are begging for discourse about improvement, I'll let you start us off: please give me THREE MEASURABLE EXPECTATIONS you have of her accomplishing in the first 12 months she's here? I've heard/seen NO DISCUSSION of that topic anywhere, as I pointed out earlier.

To 5:02PM ~~ Glad you are amused. Hope you keep that smile when you get your next tax bill in Sept. ;)

Anonymous said...

Can we just give this lady a chance? I have never seen such negative people. Are you all perfect?

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if MsDW can play that fancy piano we supposedly own and keep in the climate controlled room? Hell is there even a piano? I think one of the new Super's acts should be to grab a camera crew from that TV studio nobody knew who built and show us all the piano. If she can't play the dang thing maybe she can sit on it and sing while some kid plays the thing. We sure spend enough on theater arts we ought to have a kid who can play piano.

Other thing I want to know is can Barb Whatever work up a good lip of snuff? She needs to put an end to all this pansie stuff of no dippin in school, at least in Jr High and High School. Half of them kids is on that marijuana stuff, so why the hell can't a kid dip?

Anonymous said...

SO, who's the Dirty Bird on the GCSD Board who is playing footsie with which dirtball ADA on Team Green to pressure the parents of a kid who got his face beat in last fall in a Spencerport parking lot by a GCSD Sub teacher and his son?

Somebody's smearing stinkeypoo to protect the Sub's teaching license, and somebody on Team Green is playing ball.

This isn't just another Team Green dirty deal like prosecuting Mr Scott and that U of R student, this is a special request coming from Greece. Who does the "teacher" know?

Why does the ADA have an interest in protecting this person's license to teach? If you're nutty enough to help your kid beat the crap out of another kid because they are hitting the same girl you damn well ought not be teaching in school.

Anonymous said...

Although 11:37's remarks are hardly serious, the Steinway has been on stage at APAC and played wonderfully in the past two concerts under the direction of Gary Samulski. The piano is kept in a special room underneath the APAC stage and brought up for concerts on the pit lift.
Yes, it was an outrageous expenditure, yes Walts had no business buying it, and yes, it has been played publicly about 12 times ever. And it does sound awesome. Now where are the handicapped lifts that Walts bought and stashed in some storage unit? LOL

SCATS said...

To 6:33AM ~~ It's an outrageous expense to have to babysit this piano, don't you think? And the last heard, I thought those lifts were supposed to get installed in GCSD so we could stop paying rent on the storage. Did that ever happen? I've asked the question before, but got no response.

Don't forget, we're on a "bare bones budget" in Greece ;) "For the kids!"

Anonymous said...

The lifts have been installed. Finally.

SCATS said...

To 4:39PM ~~ can you tell us where they were installed?

It's been OVER 24 hrs. since I asked for THREE MEASURABLE EXPECTATIONS people have for this new supt. in the first 12 months of duty. No one has responded with even one! Given that, negative comments about the BLOG, its readers and/or posters will NOT be posted until you come up with some concrete response to the crux of the issue about this woman's and the BOE's shortcomings related to hiring her.