Friday, May 06, 2011

Shouldn't ALL Greece Central Employees Be Expected To Exhibit These Traits?

A small item in the newspaper grabbed my attention. It states that the AGCEP union ( Association of Greece Central Educational Professionals ) in the Greece Central School District is seeking nominations for an annual award they call "The Golden Heart and Hands Award." The item went on to list the traits the recipient of the award should exhibit. Union member/nominees should:

  •  maintain a positive attitude toward students and co-workers,
  • contribute as a team member,
  • motivate and inspire students and peers,
  • and contribute above and beyond expectations.
It strikes me as absolutely pathetic that an award must be given to recognize as "special" any employee who possesses this combination of basic traits! Maybe this uncovers a problem that's endemic inside Greece Central that needs addressing ASAP. Let's look at these items individually.

In reality, shouldn't ALL Greece Central employees, not just AGCEP members, be EXPECTED to maintain a positive attitude towards students? If you don't like kids, why should you be allowed to work in a school/among children?

Shouldn't ALL Greece Central employees be EXPECTED to be a team player? If you can't work well with others towards the common goal of appropriately educating & supervising groups of students, then I suggest that you do not belong in a school!

Expecting ALL Greece Central employees to motivate & inspire students (especially) and your peers is so basic, that if you do not do this, you should be FIRED ASAP, shouldn't you? If you don't do this, the students in your care can not perform to their ability!

Last but not least, going above and beyond the call of duty should be a frequent behavior on the part of ALL Greece Central staff, not just an award winning member of one union, right? Making an effort to do your job well is what people in the real world must do to just keep their job, let alone get a raise ... or an award!

But I digress ... the fact that too few Greece Central School District employees exhibit any combination of these four behaviors is what creates the continued negative headlines, the annual defeated budgets and ongoing poor performances on test scores, graduation rates, etc. Sadly, none of these four basic traits are listed in the contracts, so they are NOT common traits in our school employees, thus the special award. Expecting educators and other school employees who are protected by a union to perform is an oxymoron that hurts public education everywhere, not just in Greece.


Anonymous said...

Yes SCATS, I agree. These four things should be a given, especially related to the teachers. It's not in the contract so it can't be expected.

Did you see Oberg's parting shots in the Greece Post? Can you say SELLOUT?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Scats should practice what it preaches??????

Anonymous said...

Is there anything ever positive on this blog? Not that I can recall. While some of your points are correct while referring that all employees should have these qualities, I would hope that they recognize their employees who excell in those areas. It builds morale from within. Too many people today are not team players and are only in it to win it. You should focus on positive items every once in a while. This thread could have been positive. The fact is that this blog gives sub par or former employees a place to bitch anonymously. It doesn't matter if its the school district, school board or the police department. I never heard of this site until recently and I stick my head in every once in a while but its getting old. It is basically a slam site. Nobody does good in your eyes. You couldn't pay me all the money in the world to be on the school board and they do it for free. Then you cry that only three people put in for three spots? Who would want it? Let me see, I can volunteer and then get my familiy and my reputation slammed by people anonymously by myths and untruth or even by someone who just doesn't agree? You say that you have uncovered several things and I will give you that but you have also predicted things that did not happen (like Auberger stepping down and Helfer taking over). I notice that you take shots at individuals at the school district, on the board, and at the police department. You have to remember that your sources may be disgruntled employees. Just the fact that you take shots at the new police chief says a lot. Prior to good old Merritt getting caught there were no negative threads on him or his family. No coverage on Chad Rahn but you are critical of the new Chief? You even quote one former police officer on here a lot for standing up to the school board. If you only knew the truth. Post positive every once in a while and it might help.

Anonymous said...

Scats, you've gone too far this time. The award is given by AGCEP members to one of their own.

When I taught in Greece, I knew many truly great teachers and support staff. In addition there were a few whose contributions were just over the top. They inspired me and others. These people exist in small numbers in every workplace.

Isn't it nice to recognize these people and to let them know their contributions are both noticed and appreciated?

Anonymous said...

Nothing else to complain about? How was your morning constitution?

(I can't wait for that rapier like wit response)

SCATS said...

To 9:40AM ~~ Thank you and yes. I did see the article about Oberg. He IS a sellout, too.

To 10:17AM ~~ Yes, there are positives reported on this BLOG. When Odyssey received recognition for being among the top schools in the country, it was on this BLOG (multiple times). When there is news about students who become National Merit Scholarship winners, it's been posted. When Todd Baxter first became Police Chief, he was acknowledged. The fact is, in Greece, we are too often making heroes of the mundane as people aspire to mediocrity. I refuse to buy into it. Auberger has a long way to go in his term so stepping down before it ends isn't exactly an impossibility. Chad Rahn wasn't covered because he neither worked in Greece, nor resided here and people weren't interested. And who are you to insult the former cop for taking shots at the BOE when he himself served on the BOE for the same "pay" (free) as all of the others??

So you see, YOU might want to become more familiar with the BLOG before YOU take potshots. Obviously, you don't know as much as you purport to know.

SCATS said...

To 10:56AM ~~ I never said they shouldn't give an award.

What I said is that the traits they seek of an employee for THIS award should be commonplace in a school setting among ALL employees. If I'm wrong on that, then PLEASE argue the point.

I'm betting no one will, because it's another indefensible position taken on by people who could never make it outside their world of make-believe supported by a union contract.

SCATS said...

To 1:26PM ~~ Assuming you meant "morning constitutional," my walk was great on this fine, sunny Spring day :)

Anonymous said...

Of course school employees should have the mentioned traits. SCATS is accurate in saying that too few do.

Isn't it strange that such a question would evoke the strong reactions of 10:17 and 10:56? Why do we need to have special recognition for a job that everyone should be doing without question? I guess it shows just how low the district has sunk. No surprise there.

Keep the awards for the truly exceptional performances and base them on exceptional expectations.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whiners. I'm considered to be middle management at a moderately sized local company. Having a good attitude, working as a team player and constantly motivating and inspiring my colleagues is expected without question. And that's before I produce, doing the job I was hired to do. If I don't constantly tend to these things, it will be noted at my twice yearly evaluations. The first time, I'll get a warning and no raise. The second time I'll be shown the door. They don't give awards for doing what is expected. It's the unexpected that deserves reward.

SCATS said...

To 5:41PM ~~ Very well said! Thank you.

Charlie Hubbard said...

10:17 (anonymous)
I found it interesting 'YOU' chose not to post something positive.

I will tell you in no uncertain terms if 'honesty' 'integrety' and 'straight talk' ruled the day this blog would be our of business in no time.

Is 'trust' of elected officials important? 'Trust' goes both ways - yes?
2 quick questions. The school board has policies they 'choose' not to follow - does that bother you?
Last year the school board gave the community the 'finger' for not liking the way the community voted
on the budget and said 'we don't care how you voted WE are going to increase taxes anyway' - does 'that' bother you?
The point being the school boards problems have been 99.9% self impossed and they have done NOTHING to restore the lost trust.
The evidence - the 'finger' was given to the community in June. When the tax levy was signed in Aug. not one member of the board voiced a concern about the way business had been done.
And they wonder why few (if any) trust them.

Anonymous said...

5:41PM is right on target! Any recognition awards or pay I receive on my job comes when I go above and beyond my company's expected behaviors. People who work in the public sector would NEVER make it in the real world.

I have always thought this award is a joke. SCATS is correct. These behaviors for this award should be exhibited in every district employee. But wait.......there is no real accountability in this system so why do they have to be nice to parents, kids, taxpayers??

I remember back in Ray Page's time when he, as the Superintendent, actually thought the distict was doing a good job when the Parent Survey came back and showed 50 percent of the parents where happy with the job GCSD was doing. I told Ray that if this district was a private company and only 50 percent of its customers were happy.......we would be filing Chaper 7 Bankruptcy!! These people are absolutly clueless.....

Anonymous said...

Looks like SCATS wins again. No one can argue the point made. Kudos SCATS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course this is expected and it is also important to occasionally remind ourselves of these goals.

One way to do this is to recognize someone who demonstrates those positive traits, to which all aspire, on a regular basis and in an exemplary way.

Our community can celebrate the accomplishments of the future winner and use those accomplishments as inspiration for serving better ourselves!

SCATS said...

To 9:56AM ~~ If all truly do aspire to these things as a matter of routine, then why does Greece Central get so few awards for recognition that come from OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT? Why is GCSD's overall performance slipping so far down the ranks in the county? It can not all be blamed on the students and their lazy parents. They do nothing to keep staff from achieving awards at higher levels that originate elsewhere.