Monday, May 09, 2011

Shocking Video Revisits Holiday Inn Fire

UPDATED BY SCATS (6:20PM) ~~ WHEC-TV received a written statement from Greece Ridge Fire Chief Harold "Bud" Phillips that states: “I am aware this has been an ongoing investigation since 1978, and given the severity of the fire and loss of life, I would expect nothing less. I have been a firefighter in Greece for over 42 years, and the Chief of the Ridge Road Fire District for the last 10. As such, I am deeply committed to the safety of the residents of the Town of Greece. I cooperated with this investigation in 1978 and was interviewed by several detectives as they conducted over a month long investigation and I will continue to cooperate with any further investigation. Despite the insinuations made by the recent TV broadcast in Canada, I had no involvement with this fire and have nothing to hide.”




The Greece Post reported 3/1/11:

Greece, N.Y. — Ridge Road Fire District Chief Bud Phillips was hospitalized last week. His condition at this time is unknown.

The chief released a statement last week regarding his condition: “Last week I experienced an arterial blood clot. This clot has caused some temporary loss of sensitivity to my right side. For the next couple of weeks I will be undergoing extensive rehab at Strong. I am expected to make a full recovery. In my absence, Battalion Chief Michael Bloomer is designated Deputy Chief until my return and is authorized to act on my behalf until my return”.

Check back with us to hear the latest on his condition, as we receive it.


Anonymous said...

SO what or who is the person? I clicked on your link but all I got was a review and a reference to 16:9. What is 16:9?????

Anonymous said...

We should all watch the entire report. Especially the part where they interview the "person of interest" who was the first to "see" the fire which could not be seen from the street. He was in 1978 questioned by police and failed the polygraph. He took off the last week of February 2011 with a blood clot and his replacement is Michael Bloomer. Why did we have to hunt through google to find that? Is the implication of a Greece official enough to make the news put a gag order on any further information?
Maybe the opening of the cold case into this arson and the investigation by the Canadian news team was a surprise and too hot to handle. Could retirement be in his future? If they finally get enough admissible evidence it could be on a desert isle.

Anonymous said...

Gee gollie gosh, what a brilliant piece of 2011 J School journalism.

Lets look at reality.

Phelon's elapsed time of travel between the bartender at Barnard Exempts informing him the Holiday Inn was burning and Phelon arriving on scene was probably 30+ minutes. Phelon was not a fast mover between his barstool and car.

By the time Phelon arrived the building was fully involved!

One of his detectives told him the fire was moving unusually fast; gee I wonder who among the group of Greece detectives at that time had experience to make that call?

If memory serves me correctly this was right around the time Phelon had embraced his Crime Impact Team concept that revolved around 3 senior cops riding up and down Dewey Ave in a custom police car with more damn lights than a Christmas Tree. Phelon fully believed making a big show as soon as possible after discovering the crime would solve the crime. It was well financed with a Federal Grant.

Phelon's greatest contribution to the investigative effort of the Holiday Inn fire on the night of the fire was developing a plan that ended with 6 cops directing the effort to drag a camping trailer into the corner of the parking lot and find a generator to supply power to the camper so the boys could stay warm and out of sight.

Fast moving fire, NO KIDDING! The building was built to 1960s fire codes with a long open corridor for smoke & heat to travel. The stairway at the South End was being used to store foam mattresses for the remodel because Holiday Inn had miscalculated the delivery of the mattresses and didn't want to bring in another DeCarolis storage trailer to store them.

The stairway was also known to be the smoking hangout for the bellboys & busboys where they could hide on the clock.

The amount of smoke and color of the smoke and heat when initial units arrived were consistent with a stairtower full of mattresses.

Those observations weren't available to Swine1 after playing bumper pool on the curbs with 800 car. What brilliant detective told Phelon the fire was moving fast? Could it be the man who would later proudly announce to the world his Masters Degree from Columbia Paciffica College?

Anonymous said...

Really not so surprising that the man suspect is a fireman. If he did it I hope that he is brought to trial before he dies of old age.

SCATS said...

To 10:32AM ~~ It's a TV show out of Toronto. The video is on the right side of the story.

Anonymous said...

16:9 is the aspect ratio of HDTV

Anonymous said...

Scats.......Whec New 10 just posted an article on its web site at 5:23PM in which the Canandian newspaper DIRECTLY names Bud Phillips "a person of interest."

His name has floated around for many years in connection to this fire. The Canandian newspaper must be talking to someone here locally who knows the real dirt on Phillips.

SCATS said...

To 6:02PM ~~ Phillips is named directly in the video link posted here earlier today, too. In that video, Phillips is asked directly if he set the fire. He denies it.

Anonymous said...

Photos from a fire and someone was honored. A fire on ice.

SCATS said...

To 6:57AM ~~ In those photos it suddenly hit me at how close that fire was to the fire dept! You could see the flames from there! (Don't arsonists like to watch from nearby?)