Friday, May 27, 2011

Oops!! She Did It Again!!



Her Family Is Angry At Media:
"you're destroying innocent people's lives by all the (expletive) we put on tv."

Tia Gerstner is charged with felony DWI, aggravated unlicensed operation, criminal impersonation and unlicensed operation while on probation for a fatal DWI crash in 2009. (WHEC-TV)

SCATS ~~ Well, well, well! This criminal who got kid glove treatment via DA Mike Green in 2009 lived up to the expectations of many by doing it all over again! Thank God no one was killed or injured this time. Do society a favor: THROW THE BOOK AT HER!!


Anonymous said...

what a sad waste, his life and hers.

Anonymous said...

As I recall Daddy's darling Tina got special handling all the way, because she was such a little darling and headed off to a fine college when last we saw her.

I guess Tina wasn't all that welcome at the big league college with that jailhouse tood and bichin bod when they learned why she needed to defer admission for 6 months. Daddy probably spent a lot of the tuition on a defense lawyer too so that meant MCC.

Not to worry though Tina learned well, and she can always transfer her credits. She learned to borrow a car, and she learned to hand over false ID, and she learned to ignore that inconvenient little law about no drinky poo till you're 21.

She learned Probation is only an inconvenience, after all Probation Officers don't go hard on a sweet thing with a bichin bod, they don't even bother to look and see if you drove yourself or rode the bus.

Tina even learned some new words in County, one having to do with mothers. Tina can smile and wink and shake her ass real nice when she wants something, and Tina always wants something, after all Tina was brought up to use her skills to get what Tina wants.

Team Green never goes hard on sweet young things like Tina, she only got 6 months for MURDER. This time around the trial will be stalled for time, the public will forget and Tina will be driving around because Tina will get low bail. After all Tina needs to party on down!

Mike has already been through his hearings, and he will be replacing Larimer soon. Nobody cares.
Nobody will make sure the Jury in the Felony trial knows why Tina is a felony DWI. The Judge can't tell the Jurors by law.

Enjoy your drive, and remember Tina may be driving the car behind you.

Anonymous said...

Her name is tia

Anonymous said...

She broke probation so she will have to go to prison. That hearing and judge will know about her previous crime of vehicular manslaughter.
Also she was refused bail yesterday by the second judge so she is spending time in jail.
She will need medical attention for the detox.

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the posting made at 1:17PM to edit out expletives, name-calling, etc. and has reposted it below. Although I tend to agree with the verbiage used, it is an egregious violation of the rules here.

THIS IS A WARNING: Future such postings will be deleted without comment by BLOG Administration.

Anonymous said...
Her name is Spoiled Indulged Xxxxx.

The Monroe County Jail will have no problem providing her with the necessary medical attention to detox her sorry xxx, they already process 20 inmates a week who need detox.

Spoiled little xxxx isn't bail eligible because her murdering xxx has a Probation HOLD on it. TOO MUCH media attention on the little darling this time around for her to slip around Probation.

This time around every time she stands in front of any Judge page 1 in her folder will say KILLER XXXX who knows the rules don't apply to her, and any Judge handling her won't risk the heat he'll take for not slamming the sweet little murderer.

She burned her second chance, and it ain't likely she'll get a third. If she does Bob Lonsberry will be all over WHAM and TV 10 about it, and Judges remember how well Bill Bristol's last election turned out after he gave a Criminal an easy trip to the Pen.

5/28/2011 1:17 PM

Anonymous said...

it just makes me wonder what led to this? Who is this girl. What is her family like. (He dad is a doctor I heard? Can anyone confirm?) Is she a spoiled, entitled brat who thinks she is above the law? My thinking to that is 'yes'. Entitled and privileged, daddy and mommy know the 'important' people so she got off easy the first time. I don't see that happening this time. Very sad all around. The family of the young man killed have to relive all that crap. I doubt she will be so pretty once she is out of jail in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Public Records say sweet Tia lives in a house on Cherry Rd in the city.

When she was convicted of the FELONY for killing her friend Judge Doyle checked the box for Tia to submit a DNA sample and the box for her to pay the taxpayers a $325 Crime Victim Assistance fee, and Probation was supposed to collect the fees. Seems like Tia needed the money for her bar tab more than to pay the fees Judge Doyle levied, then again Tia does as Tia desires.

The house on Cherry Rd is owned by Mark C Gerstner. It looks like Mark needed his money for something other than paying the taxes due on the house because the City sold the past due taxes last year to a 3rd party. For those who don't know how to search records Cherry Rd is off Lake Ave behind Charlotte Appliance. It's a nice little 3 bedroom city house with 1½ baths sitting on a 50 x 120 lot.

The neighborhood is low crime density, and Mark C might have a furnished room for rent because he has expenses to cover thanks to sweet Tia.

Anonymous said...

And on Mom's side of the family,
Tammy bailed out of Cherry Rd in 200t leaving Sweet Tia with dad.

Oddly, mom seems to have then moved in with Anthony D**** on Merrill St off Dewey. Tony's wife seems to have left their happy marriage right around the same time Tony & Tammy hooked up taking their kids with her to Livingston County, she probably didn't want them in City Schools after having to downsize from the big house in the burbs of the East side to Kodak Employee housing.

Now Tony & Tammy grab a quick mortgage on Tony's house probably to cover the expenses of setting up a new household and default so the bank up and gets a judgement which they eventually pay off.

Tony for some reason doesn't pay his Child Support payment, and Livingston County shows they have no sense of humor by filing a judgement against Tony for $6345.

All we know for sure was Tammy did move into a house convenient for Sweet Tia to drive to. Sweet Tia could even pop into Tony & Tammy's on her way home from school.

Looks like Tony better stay out of Livingston County too, he's jail eligible there.

Aren't Public Records a wonderful thing? Anybody know Tammy or Tony?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

C'mon, SCATS...can't you somehow blame a teacher for the mess she is in??????

SCATS said...

To 8:17AM ~~ Nope. I'm sure she was one of those straight A, high honor roll types ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't even lay it off on Super VonHairburger, the girl grew up in the CITY.

Her "parents" even sent her to a Catholic School.

I suppose we could claim the girl has a food allergy.

Anonymous said...

The "twinkie defense" again??

Anonymous said...

All we can do is to be very careful where we park our cars. Stay away from parking late at night on a main street.
Be careful if you are a pedestrian at any time. A drunk or inattentive driver could be operating the vehicle, with or without a license.
Expect the unexpected from other drivers even if they are not drunk.
And how about the police presence in that area of the city?
And why can't we have the cameras on our stoplights in Greece and the other suburbs. People always speed through the lights. And if someone is following you and you stop for a light they could crash into you from behind since the norm seems to be to disregard.
As for this girl she is one of probably a thousand drunks that are driving every weekend. That does not minimize what she and her family have done but just be on the lookout for others like her.

Anonymous said...

This is just so so sad. I remember running into this poor girl's father at a bar in Charlotte and him telling me how his sweet daughter was studying hard because she wanted to grow up, go to college, and become a teacher at Greece Central where she could put her values to work for the next generation.

Anonymous said...

This is the fault of Greece Schools!!!! More specifically - the School Board! No? Then it must be the Town Supervisor's fault!!!

Was that a Black Helicopter overhead? Quick SCATS - grab your tin foil head covering!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little nervous my oldest boy has a thing for that Tia girl.

She was on the news tonight and both the boy and the wifr remarked how there's more to Tia now than there was when she went on Probation for murdering her friend from school. Moma says the girl's been spending way too many hours on a barstool and it's all settling in her hips and ***.

Lord I sure hope our boy don't go to taking up with the girl. We're hoping his correspondence schooling in janitorial work will land him a good job with some school district or government agency, and I'd hate to see him waste it all driving to some women's prison for dates.

Anonymous said...

Is her lawyer Joseph Damelio related to the County Airport cigar/smut spender David Damelio?

SCATS said...

To 7:46PM ~~ I've wondered that myself. They even look a bit alike.

Anonymous said...

Well if them two are related it ain't like little Tia will be able to work off some of her lawyer bill pole dancing at the County Jail.
That Monroe County Jail has real tight security you know, nothing in or out unless some Deputy says so.

I don't think the girl will be getting bail or work release either.

I feel so bad for her what's going to happen to her plan to be a GCSD Teacher now? You can't do that teaching with a felony conviction.

Anonymous said...

24 years since Joseph Salvatore Damelio was first licensed to practice law.
State License status Year acquired
New York 1987 Currently registered

Joe ain't a power lawyer for sure, not even admitted to the Federal Bar.

Probably a Court Appointment, either the Public Defender is overbooked or Tia has a Conflict of Interest with a Public Defender case.

Tia might be better off with another lawyer, but that takes money.Tia likely to do State Time this trip. Too Bad, so SAD!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Damelio represented Jim Smith in the Robutrad scandal. I think they're related!