Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The New Supt's Contract ~ What Little We're Told

UPDATE @ 3:45PM : The D&C has posted a link to her contract!

With NO DISCUSSION AT ALL, the BOE ratified the new Supt's contract with a vote of 8 to 0 (VanOrman absent) on Tuesday night. The contract has NOT been posted on the GCSD website as of this writing. We're in the dark about the full terms the BOE agreed to.


D&C reports:

"This is a wonderful opportunity to join a larger district and I am really looking forward to it." ~~ Babs, commenting that she is "undaunted by the difference in scale"

  • Deane-Williams will be paid $198,000 per year.
  • Benefits include 25 days of annual vacation & an annual $6,500 contribution to a tax-sheltered annuity.
  • She will pick up 30 % of the cost of her health care plan.
  • She also must purchase a home in Greece before June 30, 2012.

SCATS ~~ She has to buy a home in Greece, but is she required to actually RESIDE in Greece? Are we providing her with a car? A cell phone? What other perks does she get?


Anonymous said...

You and your followers are disgraceful. I would compare the lot of you to the the Daniels' in the previous blog - bullying, and beating up a woman whom at this point you don't even know. Why don't you wait until the lady has taken the office and started doing the job? I know you'll come back with some snarky, classless comments but that won't make you look any smarter nor give you any class. You are embarrassing yourselves and losing the respect of decent people.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Based on your posting Scats policy 6431 was once again NOT followed.

If educational goals are not part of 'this' contract you can rest assurred 'other' contracts down the road also will not have any improvement expectations AKA give/away contracts will continue.
I can't begin to tell you how important it is to follow policy 6431 - it tells you what the board expects in return for the spending of taxpayers $$ BEFORE a contract is signed.

If the board has no plans to follow the policy(s) then get rid of them. If administration doesn't like the policies - speak up. If board members don't like a policy - speak up.

It's all about building TRUST.

Anonymous said...

She must be getting a cell phone from the District because all of the other DO Administrators on the 3rd floor get them. We pay $1400 per cell phone contract per year! Outrageous! Especially since I am sure that not all business done on them is strictly professional and not personal! If we purchase 10 cell phones at that rate we are spending $14,000 per year on phones!

SCATS said...

To 1:18PM ~~ First of all, there has been no bullying. Second, we shouldn't have to wait for her to take office to know WHAT IS EXPECTED OF HER once she does! And third, but certainly not least, YOU might (though doubtful, I admit) "look smarter" if you were to get off your high horse and realize this posting is more about the lack of effort on the part of the Greece Central Board of Education than about their new scapegoat.

To Charlie Hubbard ~~ They did NOT adhere to policy yet again. Didn't BOE Prez. Oberg himself vote in support of adoption of that policy? There is NO trust.

To 3:10PM ~~ That's outrageous! I'm sure it's also "for the kids" right?

SCATS said...

It's been OVER 24 hrs. since I asked for THREE MEASURABLE EXPECTATIONS people have for this new supt. in the first 12 months of duty (the thread about The Top 10 ... ). No one has responded with even one thing she's expected to accomplish! Given that, negative comments about the BLOG, its readers and/or posters will NOT be posted until you come up with some concrete response to the crux of the issue about this woman's, and the BOE's, shortcomings related to hiring her. We realize you can't defend the indefensible ;)

Anonymous said...

1:18 this thread in no way is saying anything negative about the new superintendent. It is only trying to figure out what the board is thinking as it hands out contracts without following policy. So if any people are being critiqued it is the board members. And all of them have held the office for at least 3 years so we should have higher expectations of them.

Anonymous said...

8:05 pm is correct. Ultimately, it will be the boe's burden. They've made their bed. Let them have a fitful rest in it.

Anonymous said...

That is one sweet contract for Barbie and another screwing of students & taxpayers.

No District car provided, and no compensation for Barbie traveling within the District in her own car, BUT compensation for road trips. I figure Barbie will make a lot of road trips and not be seen anyplace in the District other than her office.

Barbie gets to shuffle the players in District Office as she sees fit. That'll bring some interesting discussions as Board Members protect their favorite employees.

The BIG SWEET TATER, all Barbie has to do to keep the job for 4 years is maintain her Certificate as a School Super, and show up about 110 days a year. Barbie starts with 100 days of sick time, and a lot of vacation days.

Buy & maintain a house within GCSD damn sure ain't buy and live in a home in GCSD. Hell Barbie wouldn't want her kids in GCSD anyhow.

12 month notice of intent to not renew contract by the Board is definitely sweet too.

It looks like the District just may have guaranteed another Super and her husband lifetime 70% payment of health coverage too.

Who the hell does the District hire to write these contracts, the basement janitor in a 3rd rate law school?

Here we go again now, Catch us if you can now.

SCATS said...

To 11:56PM ~~ Very well said! I share many of the same concerns as you pointed out. But what can we expect from a BOE that no one new wants to serve on, or about the new supt? She was "the best of the best" following two nationwide searches with over 50 people showing some interest. The sweetest part of it all, she was right there in our backyards and we just didn't realize it! One of our cast-offs is in contention to be RCSD's next interim ... our loss!

Anonymous said...

SCATS the search deal through BOCES has been a wonderful scam for a long time.

It used to be C Todd Eagle over at BOCES who did all the searching and locating for just about every West Side District. His retainer was $35,000 + expenses + billable time back in the 80s.

He dropped 2 absolute GEMS on Hilton along with an acting or 2 and collected every time. It's all in the public record. 1 pulled ut early after renewing his contract and 1 was walked off the property by District Security for some diddling of a principal who decided she didn't want to diddle any more.

The same acting he dropped into Hilton was later dropped into GCSD when somebody bailed.

This Super scam is really a dirty deal for the taxpayers. A small group of license holders own the business and the Law mandates a District replace one with another in a very short timeframe.

GCSD just made a very interesting move by my calculation. Seems like the last couple had that EdD tag behind their names and proved to be big voids. A few years back Hilton after having the same experience brought one of their building Principals up to be Super. Not sure on the cost saving, probably nil, but given that HCSD was already operating in the Nobody Cares and Nobody Runs for Board mode things have been running along quietly.

The funny thing is a couple years back somebody put up a website spilling the beans over a 20 year period, and I have a hunch I know who did. It has enough conformable information I'm 95% convinced it's about HCSD.

As far as people wanting to run for BOE, why in hell would any sane person want to subject themself and their family to the crap without any compensation?

Anonymous said...

Night Owl you are right except for one misconception. She has no kids. The present husband has some but they are grown. She has none for the Greece Schools or otherwise.
And how and why could the board be so silly to require her to buy a home to maintain and not require her to reside in it. There are many landlords that own and maintain "homes" in Greece and the city and live in Pittsford and Florida. That year to buy the home gives her the chance to just not do it. They will never enforce that clause.

Anonymous said...

To Scats, I will go out on a limb on this and suggest that the reason Dyce is not the Sup is because she is a strong woman who was not going to be easily manipulated and controlled. Maybe that is what this district really needed!

SCATS said...

To 3:33AM ~~ Thanks for the info & history. I don't think BOCES charged that much for the search (the first time), but I can't recall the cost. We were told it was a huge savings (of course!).

Re: "The same acting he dropped into Hilton was later dropped into GCSD when somebody bailed." Who do you mean? Kehoe?

Just an FYI, our last Supt. Achramovitch, had no EdD degree. i haven't heard that Babs has one either. In Greece, we're more about jockstraps than diplomas.

SCATS said...

To 5:57AM ~~ There is NOTHING to enforce related to her not buying a home here. In the later part of the contract where consequences for various transgressions are addressed, that item is totally missing ;)

To 9:50AM ~~ BINGO!! That combined with the fact that she could see right through our total lack of goals for the BOE, DO and students, plus no strategic framework, etc. put everyone on notice that she would upend the dysfunction in short order. God forbid we try to make GCSD functional!

Anonymous said...

Kehoe was the magic fixer who came to Hilton to fill in when "Dr" Cooper was escorted to the edge of the parking lot for failing to stop playing BoingBoing with the Principal of Northwood.

She came in looking good and saying she was going to cut a lot of money out of the then current construction, including the "Dr" Cooper memorial urinal in the wall of Quest, and the nonfunctional heated outdoor stairway at the High School. It was such a lovely water feature, as soon as you came in the door you got a sense of how much of your hard earned money was being pissed away.

Oddly being a Crista project the memorial urinal crapped out just about the time Crista claimed it ran out of warranty. Now it just gurgles along.

The site that tells it all is I love the opening page
"Stuck On Stupid Central School District in Upstate NY"

Obviously names were changed to protect the guilty, but many of the incidents are true to my knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Also did you notice how they slipped the waiver for her to collect the health benefits after she leaves us. Supposedly only when she was really "retired" but they added that she could still collect even if she did the occasional "interim" assignment. They are all in this together. They travel like carpetbaggers across the eastern US.
And who is our acting or interim or pro tem or superintendent designee now? Are they all Dandy Don Nads and does he get quadruple salary?

SCATS said...

To 1:54PM ~~ As far as I'm aware, O'Rourke is still Supt. but still out on "sick leave" following his cancer surgery, the biggest non-secret secret in the history of GCSD ;) I heard there was little chance he'd return for more than a brief spell, if that. Nads is our "Acting Supt." but he's not getting any academy awards, is he? So to answer your question, we are currently paying two people to do one job. Nothing wrong with that, right? Double-dipping is the corrupted, dysfunctional way !

By the way, since we saved $52,000 on Babs' starting salary that was included in next year's budget (they were prepared to pay $250K but got her on a discount of $198K), let's tell the BOE to step-up and put that money to work making capital repairs to one of our schools!

Anonymous said...

O'Rourke's back. He was on unpaid sick leave. Nadolinski turned down any stidpend, so they had one person doing two jobs, not two doing one. Get your facts straight!

SCATS said...

To 9:20PM ~~ As of Tuesday May 3rd, O'Rourke wasn't back. That's just a couple of days ago. Nadolinski oversaw the BOE meeting that night ;)

Getting the facts straight would be much easier for YOU if our BOE would tell us what they are doing about such matters, wouldn't it? They never showed us O'Rourke's contract, never discussed his absense, never discussed Nadolinski as Acting Supt. and haven't posted Bab's new contract either. In fact, my email to Oberg has been ignored. So much for transparency. If they want to hide what they are doing, they'll have to settle for whatever info gets out.

Anonymous said...

9:20 Don't you think it is strange that only insiders know what a public employer is paying their employees? In this case O'rourke and Nadolinski and their duties and assignments and leaves.
It's nice that you dole out information as you follow this blog, trying to protect certain "important" people. By law the public has to have full disclosure of any compensation that employees or contractors receive. Like it or not, public employees have no privacy when it comes to their salaries and benefits. If it were at a private company like Kodak that would be private, unless Kodak or the employee choose to share. That is not the case with school or town and county etc staff and contractors. It must all be open. Obviously the secrets at Greece central have spawned this blog and the revelations that follow.