Wednesday, May 04, 2011

More Corruption In Greece?

Anonymous said...

SO, who's the Dirty Bird on the GCSD Board who is playing footsie with which dirtball ADA on Team Green to pressure the parents of a kid who got his face beat in last fall in a Spencerport parking lot by a GCSD Sub teacher and his son?

Somebody's smearing stinkeypoo to protect the Sub's teaching license, and somebody on Team Green is playing ball.

This isn't just another Team Green dirty deal like prosecuting Mr Scott and that U of R student, this is a special request coming from Greece. Who does the "teacher" know?

Why does the ADA have an interest in protecting this person's license to teach? If you're nutty enough to help your kid beat the crap out of another kid because they are hitting the same girl you damn well ought not be teaching in school.   5/03/2011 11:42 PM

SCATS ~~ Thanks to the efforts of another reader, here are some links to the related story as followed by WHEC-TV:

Story1    Police Report    Story2


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to that article that was miraculously not deleted by the paper. Maybe scats could make a permanenet copy of this and the police report as we investigate why this attacker and his father are allegedly receiving preferential treatment.

Anonymous said...

So here is the update. Very interesting that the DA wants them to withdraw the charges and let the teacher accept a plea deal? Is that what the night owl is alluding to ? That the teacher is being protected after he encouraged an attack by his son on another teen? So Team Green is indeed corrupt?
Let's dig deeper.

Anonymous said...

Could SCATS possibly translate this post into English?

SCATS said...

To 10:25AM ~~ Read the linked articles. I think you'll understand perfectly then ;)

Anonymous said...

Night Owl, I like that nomenclature.

If I wrote it in everyday english, SCATS would hurl a hairball.

Real simple
Teacher's kid and punched out kid get into a drawn out pissin contest over a girl. Not really too abnormal for boys that age.

Pissin contest goes on over a few months on Internet. Normal

Teacher's kid determines other kid will be in Spencerport for some reason. Teacher drives his kid to Spencerport and helps him hunt down other kid.

Teacher & Son go about pounding the snot out of the other kid, Teacher definitely DID get some licks in.

Initial PD investigation ran about right, normal course of investigation would get both Teacher & Son to a nice discussion session with Town Judge for Arraignment & Bail hearing.

Normal followup would have been case to Grand Jury for Felony Indictment given all details of the case known.

Someplace about here Media gets involved and TV story airs.

Oddly phone calls start coming in on behalf of the Teacher who can only find work as a sub. Smells like there may be something else buried in his background. Also smells like teacher has a horse he can reach out to.

Whole damn investigation goes SleepyBy Time, lost on somebody's pile.

Last week an ADA called the victim's mother and tried conning mom into pulling back on the charges so the teacher can keep his license and continue to make a living corrupting young minds.

This kind of crap only happens when the bad guy has connections folks, anybody from run of the mill population would already be doing time on this case. The public needs to be making noise about this before Mr ****** is back in a classroom possibly punching your kid out.

That's about as polite as I'm going to make it.
Night Owl