Thursday, May 12, 2011


At 2:05PM this afternoon, I had to stop at the traffic light in front of Athena School. To my amazement, a uniformed Greece Police Officer (I assure you he was NOT "Special Police") was doing duty as a Safety Crossing Guard. His cruiser sat on the corner of the lawn behind where he performed his duties.

Assuming that cops on their regular shift don't get assigned to perform such tasks, it seems likely that this fellow is getting paid OVERTIME to cross 12-18 year old students at an intersection with crosswalks, traffic lights, etc.

I'm ALL IN FAVOR OF SAFETY, but how the heck did this fellow get this plum of an assignment and at what cost? I'm pretty sure that most cops make a base salary that is far and above what a Town of Greece School Crossing Guard could ever hope to make.* Calculated at an hourly rate and multiplied by time-and-a-half, paying a cop to cross kids is an egregious waste of taxpayer funds!

* Elaine Falkner featured in today's paper for her 21 years of service as a Greece School Crossing Guard made $9572 in 2010 for performing the duties of her job, according to In comparison, one of the district's SRO's who is an officer with approx. the same number of years of experience earned about $86,000 in 2010. If Ms. Falkner made $20/hr. which is extremely doubtful, there is no way a Greece cop was performing this job for a similar cost!


Anonymous said...

You see what happens in the GCSD is that they would prefer someone who has "experience" running a school district, albeit only a itty bitty one, rather than promote talented people from the inside. How about the move to bring in the VP from Spencerport HS to run Athena MS only to leave a year later, passing over more than qualified candidates. Way to go GCSD! Love working for ya.

Anonymous said...

Crossing guard didn't show up so police filled in. No overtime.

SCATS said...

To 5:03AM ~~ They have no subs for crossing guards? You really think they are going to take a cop off patrol to do crossings? Even if that were to happen, which I'm pretty sure didn't, it's an extraordinary waste of $$.

Anonymous said...

To 9:44 am - You are unbelieveable ! You're given an explanation and you still question it ! Waste of money to leave a very busy intersection unattended w/o some sort of security? So you would rather have that intersection unattended; one of the BUSIEST lights in the town; especially at Athena dismissal? I am happy GPD was there to keep everyone safe ! What is wrong with you?

SCATS said...

To 5:49AM ~~ I'm supposed to believe 5:03AM when they failed to provide details? LOL You are unbelievable. Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy too? What I'm looking for is COMMON SENSE! I know it's lacking most places in this town. If anyone had any, there would be subs available to do duty when one crossing guard didn't show up. That way a cop on OT wouldn't be pulling a huge check to cover for it at our expense. Capisce?