Monday, May 09, 2011

Greece Police Ticket 75 Late Night Drag-Racers

WHEC-TV reports: "Police say at least 100 souped up cars showed up to the parking lot of the BJ's Wholesale Club, and that the group was drag racing on the public roads around BJ's.

Two cars were towed away because the drivers had suspended licenses. Police wrote up 75 tickets for violations like tinted windows and illegal exhaust systems.

Officials tell us this is an ongoing problem, but this group is constantly on the move in Monroe County, which makes it difficult for police to track them."

SCATS ~~ SERIOUSLY!? Why is it that hard to track 100 cars that travel in a group?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a need to stay on Tweeter or Facebook or one of the other social media. Didn't we work this angle on the Greece Ridge riots?

Anonymous said...

Tweeter or Facebook? It worked on the Greece Ridge riots last summer.

Anonymous said...

"SERIOUSLY!? Why is it that hard to track 100 cars that travel in a group?"

Well er um ah first you gotta sit the coffee down, then you gotta wait for the job to come over the MDT, then you gotta tell your girlfriend you can't keep telling her what you wish you were doing to her instead of being trapped in the Popo car to collect your paycheck. Then you gotta remember who's carrying the ticket printer and call him on his cell to see if he wants to run off a bunch cause you damn well don't want to get carpal tunnel from so much writing.

Then you gotta call a boss to make sure it will be OK to make a big bust like this and that no politicians kids or cops kids are involved.

Then you gotta figure out WTF is actually illegal about the whole deal. Then you gotta figure out if the boss will authorize overtime because this can't be accomplished in 1 shift.

Then you gotta ask around to see if this will go down well with politicians and their friends.

By the time you get all this done the fast cars and bad people have moved on so there really never was a problem. Just another shift in the life of a Greece Cop.