Sunday, May 01, 2011

BOE Meeting/Budget Hearing Tues. @6:30PM

  • Approval of Superintendent Contract
  • 2011-2012 Budget Presentation
  • Public Hearing on 2011-012 Budget, Sign-up begins at 6:00 pm


Anonymous said...

"Approval of Superintendent Contract"

If this goes anything like the GTA contract that they offered, GTA approved, and then they voted down.......

Greece still has a pretty good opportunity to look as dysfunctional as ever!

SCATS said...

To 12:27AM ~~ I assume it's already been signed by both sides. The BOE vote is more of a formality at this point. However, if Babs comes to her senses, she might ask them to find someone else ;)

Tom_Klotzbach said...

SCATS, there really is a need to make it personal? Babs? I doubt you would say that directly to her.

Your blog notes:

"Please check your name-calling and bullying remarks at the door, since it's your persuasive writing abilities that will help you to get your point across ;)"

Perhaps taking some of yor own advice is in order.

SCATS said...

To Tom ~~ If "Babs" constitutes "name-calling" in your world, then perhaps you should get out more often. In the event you really don't know, it's a name form for Barbara ;)

Anonymous said...

It sounds mysoginistic and infantile to refer to a grown woman as "Babs." Fits right in with this blog ;)

Anonymous said...

Very funny that a soon to be former board of education member is getting all hot under the collar about his ex supert being dubbed Babs! Is YOUR connection more personal, Tommy? That happens a lot around these parts. You're too protective to be only friends.

SCATS said...

To 4:06PM ~~ Tell it to Barbara Streisand. She proudly goes by Babs.

By the way, if you're going to use big words, learn how to spell them unless you want to look infantile ... and like you might not know what they mean ;)

For the record, it's misogynistic.

Discussion about the nickname "Babs" is over.

Tom_Klotzbach said...


Is YOUR connection more personal, Tommy? That happens a lot around these parts. You're too protective to be only friends.

I would stick up for the superintendent no matter who they are when these types of comments/accusations are made (like what you just did). I've spoken up about the comments made regarding Lyndonville as well.

Of course, you wouldn't ask such a question directly either in person or over the phone. And that tells me something about your character.

SCATS said...

To Tom ~~ Your "arguments" are old & tired, as they are the same as those discussed at length on this BLOG 5 years ago. I strongly suggest you either: 1 ~ go about the business of helping Lyndonville find a new supt. since you are now rid of this colorful character; or 2 ~ get a BLOG of your own where you can repeat yourself ad naseum without interruption.

Anonymous said...

Temper, temper, SCATS!