Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Will Greece Town Board respond to the voters?

Democrats will be attending the Greece Town Board Agenda
review session to learn if the board plans to take action.

Wednesday April 6, 2011
@5:30 PM
Greece Town Hall

Wednesday at 5:30 PM, the Greece Town Board will meet for its regularly scheduled Agenda Review session, to determine which items will appear on the agenda at their April 12th Board meeting.

In March, Town Board tasked a Special Counsel to investigate the conduct of Supervisor John Auberger and report to them no later than April 12th.

At that time, the Greece Democratic Committee called upon Town Board members to:
  • Conduct a thorough and genuine investigation.
  • Make the report public in its entirety by April 12th.
  • Take a stand on whether or not the board supports the Supervisor on April 12th.
  • Separately, Democrats and others urged the board to support independent non-partisan redrawing of its town wards lines.
“At this agenda review session, we will learn whether Town Board is taking the voters for granted,” said Dave Garretson, Town Leader of the Greece Democratic Committee. “They can no longer rubber stamp the Supervisor’s agenda without public scrutiny. We made it clear what actions we expect to see from Town Board on April 12th. Now we’ll see if Town Board members have any regard for the wishes of the voters.”

For more information, please contact: Dave Garretson


Anonymous said...

can citiziens talk at these meetings?

SCATS said...

To 6:46PM ~~ Citizens can attend agenda setting meetings, but there is no opprtunity to speak. Hold a sign ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Democrats is trying to get Juror 9 to run for office. If so, I swear I heard he him say on occassion that he was a Republican.

More than one person told me that he and Dave Garretson have been seen talking and exchanging a business card at the last Town Meeting and the North Gate Meeting he spoke at last year. So is he going to re-register his political party?

I also heard that the ex-Dupty Chief of GPD, (W. Mackin) and the Juror were outside of the Town Hall talking for a while after the last meeting. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall around that conversation.

Not sure who the Republicans would have running but I would vote for juror 9 if he ran; I liked how he is right to the point and not afraid of who's toes he steps on, that takes a good deal of courage.

SCATS said...

To 9:37PM ~~ While I have some of the answers you seek, I prefer to let Chuck Male speak for himself. So, I'll forward your comment to him and we'll see if he responds.

Anonymous said...

RE: 9:37
I was at the last Town Hall Meeting and I saw Mr. Garretson bring various Media over to Mr. Male so he would be interviewed as well.

Maybe there is something about the Democrats wanting Mr. Male to run for office. They seemed friendly enough towards each other and it probably be a really smart move for the Dems to get someone like Mr. Male on their team.

I also so Mr. Male after the meeting talking to a couple other men outside by the side door and now that I think of it, I believe Bill Mackin was one of them. Wonder if they were talking about the trial or do they have a common interest with Mr. Auberger?

I said it when I first saw him on video from the Northgate Meeting that he be the right person to run, (out spoken and righteous).

Something that our town is lacking these days and definitely something that the Republicans should worry about.

You got my vote Mr. Male! :)

Anonymous said...

Well I plan on going to the next Town Hall Meeting but don't expect anything said that is truly needed to be said or heard. Auberger will keep the investigation in check until he gets to review each and every word with his lawyer.

To 9:37:
If Juror 9 and Dave Garretson are both at the next Town Board Meeting; It would be interesting to see how chummy or not they will be towards each other, I will be looking for both of them. It would be a smart move by the Democrats to get someone like him on their side.

To 11:35
Scats: you have some of the answers, why not share with us? You haven't been known for keeping news from your Bloger audience before, so why now?

SCATS said...

To 1:43AM ~~ I keep many confidences, actually. People trust me, because they know they can. So, I'm not going to risk losing that when the person in question might speak for himself on the issue in question.

Anonymous said...

Putting a monkey in and doing a clean flush of the Town would be an improvement. The problem is I bet you do not get more then 10 people that show up, the town Democrats clearly have no game plan.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Male hardly seems like the kind of man who would follow the democrat initiation which is to practice kissing union backsides.

Anonymous said...

If he is a Republican now, why wouldn't the Republicans want to keep him, wouldn't that be a smart move on their part?
Not sure if he has any political experience at all but either way, he seems like he wouldn't take no bull from anyone, no matter what party he is registered for. Not sure how I would vote but it sure be nice to see some new faces in the ring.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Male for office! I doubt that very much.
He might be out there voicing his opinion but that is a great deal different than running for a political position.

If that is true about him and Bill Mackin talking, I like to know what that was about though!

Anonymous said...

The dems need a leader-Dave is not a good one and Chuck Male is worse.

Unfortunately Dave doesn't appear to know any other part of Greece-other than Northgate area.

Morelle needs to step in and help organize them. They probably had the best chance ever in the history of Greece last election and with the exception of Maloney lost terrible.

They definitely need a leader.

SCATS said...

To 11:37AM ~~ Mr. Male has stated several times in public that he voted for Auberger and is a Republican.

What difference does party affiliation make? Most of our local politicians have flip-flopped parties at the drop of a hat. To me, that's a sign of lacking in the area of personal conviction or committment to any particular set of goals, values, beliefs, etc.

To 12:57PM ~~ Shooting from the hip at a veritable unknown is so typical of local Republicans!!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BASE YOUR OPINION OF CHUCK MALE'S POLITICAL ABILITY ON, DO YOU? If you did, you would have told us, but you didn't.

Anonymous said...

12:57 would most likely not like any democratic leader that was well -- a democrat. that would by definition disqualify them for "leadership" If not who would 12:57 suggest?

Anonymous said...

So what position would he run for anyways? I don't think he has ever run for a political position so that would be saying lack of experience, maybe he is right for the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I can't get past the idea that someone thinks speaking out against John Auberger is a qualification for the office of town supervisor. I'm reasonably sure that the voting public would require a little more than that. Perhaps some information of educational level and business acumen. Or would that be too much information? Better to run on the platform of "I'm not Johnny".
If the Democrats or the Republicans want to have a candidate get elected supervisor, they had better put up a candidate who is qualified to run a town of 100,000 people. Auberger certainly embarrassed us by not doing due diligence oversight of his subordinates and other antics, but the town is in relatively good fiscal shape compared to many others. I'm much less concerned with Johnny's recent indiscretion than I am about getting roads paved and plowed and parks established and maintained etc., etc. Supervisor is an important job and I want someone capable to do it, not just some mutt with an opinion.

SCATS said...

Mr. Male has decided to not respond to any of you. Can't say that I blame him.

Anonymous said...

don;t forget that Mussolini was known for claiming to make the trains run on time How did that work out

Anyone who actually deals with town hall these days knows how disorganized partisan abd inefficient it is. And they know how demoralized staff is,

Anonymous said...

To 3:10:

Well for the most part I agree with you about 75%. The residents of Greece deserves much better than what we had and presently have.

I think John Auberger is a disgrace to all of us and his arrogance that is perceived is nothing more than ignorance on his part. With that being said, I also believe we the residents are also a good part of the blame here, we allow these narcissism type of people to run our goverment and keep us in the dark.

You mention that we deserve more than a "mutt with an opinion", well this mutt (as you call it) was the only one who has stood for what he believes in and spoke up on more than one occassion to make sure his opinion was herd by the many.
Unlike yourself who hides behind a blog to state your opinion which is somewhat similar to my own.

From day one when I read some remarks about Mr. Male should run for a political position, I laughed and thought how naive many residents are and how they are willing to settle on whatever comes along.

I also find it funny how many different people in positions of politics, (much more than I presently am involved in) would make it a point to introduce themselves to him and talk to him about what a good man he is; How they perceive him as being a person with a future in politics.

As for all the comments about who Chuck Male spoke with, his business and nothing more than that. If any of you wanted to know, you should of come up and introduce yourself and got into the conversation. I doubt you would of been shun away like our present politicians do to all of us when we disagree with how they are doing the job that we put them into.

You are right, both parties need to get the right candidates who can lead our town in place. Will they need a wall of framed credentials or wear a nice suit to prove that to us, I don't think that means much these days; I do think someone with integrity, morales and most importantly can put together a team that he can trust and work together to make a real team where all opinions count, embrass that and mentor that. This is what type of person who would gain the respect of the people that he represents, including me.

Have you ever been up early in the a.m. and driven down the newer improved Ridge Road during the summer? If you have, you might have noticed how many Town Workers and Trucks are working on watering the trees that are in the middle of the highway. I think you would of been shocked at the ongoing sight last summer, especially since you think Augberger is doing such a fine job in keeping our finances in good shape and our roads looking nice.

By the way, why did you not get up and share your insight and opinion during the last Town Hall Meeting, at least one female school teacher would of not been alone in sharing her opinion of approval to Mr. John Auberger.

If you got an opinion, then it is your duty to be part of these Town Meetings and let everyone know if you approve or upset with our elected officials.

Before I end my opinion, I like to say one more thing about the "Mutt" description that you so dubbed onto Mr. Male.

I was born and raised in Greece and I am an American Citzen my friend, not a mutt as you went on too describe me as.

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

Mr. Male, bravo!

Not sure by your comment if you will be running for an elected position in the future but you should.
I am just an ordinary Greece Resident, (not a mutt) who is sick of one party and their lies and the other who is just plain useless.

Anonymous said...

To 9:17;
so your only purpose was to have your opinion heard?
So you are not running for office or being recruited by the Democrats or Republicans?
Your last statement was inspiring!

If Scats is right on her inside info., you may have been one of the contributing factors that Auberger will not be our Town Supervisor soon, (along with this Blog too). Maybe you were heard! Maybe I need to visit our Town Meetings more often.

To 3:10;
I think some crucial information may have been divulged by Mr. Male, it is called integrity. Something that both parties are greatly in need of.

Anonymous said...

Mutts or mongrels are the most healthy dogs. Too much inbreeding for pure-bred pedigree pooches can lead to weakness. Mr. Male is a strong character and is not afraid to speak up. I'm all for the mutt.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Male, you should use "Mutt" in your political running slogan. That be sweet to use what was suppose to mock you as your signature slogan to gain a political office position. Run for the Dems, and I will vote for you.

From Muttsville, NY

Anonymous said...

The more I read and hear about Chuck Male, I am finding that I admire him a great deal. He seems to be of much character and sincere too his cause. A republican once said, people like him has an agenda and for a long time I agreed but I have not heard of any such thing from Mr. Male yet. Just maybe what he has been saying is not to accept and do something about what you think is right. I am a registered as a Republican but I find myself being in the corner with the "Mutt".

SCATS said...

To Chuck Male ~~ If I start your fan club, can I be your agent? I'll only ask for 15% of whatever you earn when you hit it big!

Meow ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

It's all about 'trust' Mr.Male.
You can never truly 'trust' someone lacking integrity. 'Part time' truth doesn't cut it.

No one has all the answers to every problem and mistakes are made. Having said that people who don't make mistakes usualy don't do anything.

Again it's all about TRUST.


Anonymous said...

I just like to know how this turned into a topic over a some juror and some Democrat leader who can't leave the Dewey Ave. area?

Don't you have any control over this blog?

SCATS said...

To 7:22PM ~~ Sometimes new topics spring forth from others, just conversations can change course. What's wrong with the topic? You don't like these folks so you want to control the comments, is that it?

Anonymous said...

The word trust doesn't come to mind when I am thinking about our Town Officials and Mr. Auberger.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, aside from wanting Auberger gone (agreed) what's your platform? What would you do to lower taxes in Greece or bring new businesses here? Would you build the boat dock arena that was brought up in the 2009 campaign or the aquarium? What's your stance on prayer at the meetings? What's your history in the town? Have you lived here long? Are you a volunteer firefighter/EMS worker? Do you belong to a local community groups?

Last time a bunch of Republicans switched to Democrat so they could run so it's been done before.

Sorry if you've already shared all or any of this here, in other threads but we'd (my family) love to hear more about you and your platform! Thanks.

PS - be careful. Campaigns get VERY, VERY nasty here. But you look like you can take a pretty good beating anyway so all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh 7:22, this blog is very responsive and allows connections and relatedness. It's 6 degrees of separation. Look at the heading of this thread. Town Board leads to republicans which leads to democrats which leads to elections which leads to candidates which leads to possibly Mr. Male. It is really quite logical and simple.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Well looks like Augie and the rest of his Republican seat holders are going to keep the investigation under tabs for a while. I think that wasn't going to be a big surprise.

So when are the Town Board seats up for election again. Think we need some diversity sitting up there.

Anonymous said...

To 10:12
U another one of those Republican henchmen sending out cheap threats!

No wonder why that dude is going DTRT and run with the Dems.

I do agree with u about him looking like he can take a beating.
He's a big guy, so good luck to you! HTH TSDMC :-)

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with you people here? All i did was ask Mr. Male a little bit about himself and if he was going to run for office. Many people here are encouraging him to do so, so I figured it was ok to ask.

I didn't think I'd be beaten up for simply asking him a question that I believe to his credit that he's fully capable of answering himself without you people attacking me and accusing me of being one of Auberger's cronies.

I agree that Auberger should go and said as much. YOU people post that Mr. Male is a republican and that the democrats are courting him to run. Do YOU read the posts? Did you get his permission to post personal information about him first? It doesn't appear that he appreciated your blurting out who he speaks with. All I did was say that there's history of republicans switching to democrat (and vice versa) to run in political campaigns. And the politics does get nasty in Greece... or maybe YOU don't pay attention to what really happens around here... IF you really do live here that is.

I have no reason to think anything bad about Mr. Male but if you who call yourselves his friends will aggressively attack anyone who wants to converse with him, well, maybe I'm not so sure at this point. You do him no service with your aggressiveness towards people.

Calm down and let the man speak for himself. You people need to get yourselves under control here. My gosh!

Sorry for the rant SCATS but these two were way out of line, in my opinion and I didn't appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

@1:45am - what are you even saying? You need to go to bed earlier and get some rest. It helps with thought clarity. ;)

SCATS said...

To 8:35AM ~~ Chuck Male has posted here a number of times since the Rahn trial. People who are regular readers of this BLOG know who he is, his political background etc. because he has told us about himself before. It only becomes a problem when the people who fear opposition at the polls (in this case Greece Republicans and their backers) get nervous and try to bash any newcomer, that person's supporters etc. Then things turn contentious.

SCATS said...

To 1:45AM ~~ I think I finally cracked your code and I've got your number. You really need to stop. I don't like name-calling or swearing, not even in code form ;)

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration decided to remove the posted comments from 12:52AM due to the personal info contained in them about someone's family. Why any of that would matter enough for someone to go to the trouble of posting it is beyond my ability to comprehend.


Anonymous said...

I am sick of hearing about qualifications, someone tell me what great qualifications anyone has in either party in town? Mr. Male or anyone with any character is a step up from what we have. Mr. male seams to have been consistent with his statements about the town and police department. He called out the cast of characters that testified Rahns trial and was upfront that are police department has a few people in it that should have gone down with Rahn. Mr. Male at least has had the guts to publicly speak about issues that face our town, can’t say I have heard anyone speak up and say it hurts when they put it in.

SCATS said...

To 9:01AM ~~ Say it hurts when they put what in??? (My mind is going where it shouldn't with this!)

Anonymous said...

No offense to Mr. Male but just because he dumps on the police and the town doesn't make him fit to serve in elected office.

Hell, over half the town would be qualified then!

And SCATS should be president of the United States by these standards!!!

In all seriousness, whining, griping and taking shots at people doesn't mean you have good character...

It just means you whine, gripe and take shots at people.

Like SCATS says, its all about the issues.

SCATS said...

To 1:44PM ~~ Re: "No offense to Mr. Male but ..."

I learned long ago that when someone uses such a lead-in it means to brace yourself because you are about to be attacked. You didn't disappoint either. "BUT" negates everything said before it.

As far as the issues are concerned, Auberger made his character an issue long ago. At this point, he just keeps digging that hole deeper 'n deeper ;)

Anonymous said...

1:44 That is the point anyone is qualified, probably even you. Most of what we have on the town board and will have as a new supervisor, did not get in because they are qualified but because of who they new. Name one of them that can stand on their qualifications. as far as dumping on the police department or town, anyone with half a brain can see the town and all it’s departments have been run into the ground. That is why we shouldered a million dollar plus investigation. Mr. Male sat on the jury and was able to see and hear more about what went on then most of us. Based on his first hand knowledge that the police department and town had people that should have been accountable with Rahn does not make it whining or griping. I am guessing you have no problem with how are town or police department is run or how your hard earned money is used by your qualified people. I say give until it hurts!

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Male put it very nicely about who should be running the Town:

"I do think someone with integrity, morales and most importantly can put together a team that he can trust and work together to make a real team where all opinions count, embrass that and mentor that. This is what type of person who would gain the respect of the people that he represents, including me".

A good Manager of People with the right people to manage.

Anonymous said...

Well said, that is the key for a good team to take over and run the scoundrels out once and for all.

Anonymous said...

What type of a man could stop at the home of the woman he is having an affair with and be welcomed in by her husband to discuss his re-election?
Do you really think his thoughts were strickly proffesional? I don't, I think he was gloating and having a good time in Mr. Neusatz's home. I doubt very much if there were much thoughts other than personal conquest going through his mind.

What type of a man recalls nothing when it was he who endorsed Pignato to be hired by the GPD?

What type of a man who could let someone else go to jail for crimes committed for hiring Pignato when in reality, he told his subordinates that he wanted this perv. hired.

What type of a man could ask for an investigation that cost the Town of Greece a million + dollars to prove he had not committed any crime and on top of that, with hold this report until he has had thoroughly read this report with his lawyers.

What type of man is it that will more than likely not allow anything about the newest investigation that has been initiated by him and his henchmen to prove he was not involved in a murder?
Do you really think we will hear anything about this investigation until next year sometime. Probably for National Security reasons but it will not be told to us at the next Town Meeting.

What type of man could do these things and be able to say I will not resign, no matter what everyone thinks I should do?

I will tell you:
Mr. Auberger is this type of a man!

Am I throwing shots out? Am I whining? or am I just giping about this man without just cause.

Mr Auberger chose to run and be elected to be our Town Supervisor, he is the one that said he be will an example to all of us in this town by taking on this job. He stands on the pedestal and looks down upon us now and says, screw you all!

Well, we have some People staring right back at him now and saying, No, screw you!
Do you think his Political Party is worried over this, Damn Straight They Are; They know it will cost them dearly down the road if they don't do something soon! Maggie Brooks could be the first fall out to the party over how people feel about Auberger and their lack of reaction.

Maybe Auberger will serve out his term when Maggie Brooks looses her bid for re-election; There will more coming up but all you Republicans can feel good that you stood by this chump as your cleaning out your office.

Auberger truly thinks that this is just going to fizzle out in time, Time is going to get things more heated.

Greece Republican Voter

Anonymous said...

I do not think we should demonize Auberger to the point if he goes everything is OK. The town Board should be accountable for this mess, change has to be sweeping if out town is ever going to have a chance.