Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who Dunnit? Town Board or School Board?

The Greece Town Board denies that the brush fire on Buck Pond was caused when evidence of wrongdoing was destroyed by investigator John Speranza prior to today's emergency press conference.

The Greece Board of Education denies that the brush fire was caused by administration's efforts to cook the books more than they already were in preparation to adopt the Greece Central School District's budget at tonight's meeting.

The Greece Republicans are blaming the Greece Democrats.

The Greece Democrats are blaming the Republicans.

In the meantime, Greece continues burning!!


Anonymous said...

I know where we can move the Town Hall!

Anonymous said...

That's a big fire on the water. It looks like one of those fires where oil or gasoline is on the water after a ship explodes in a movie. What caused it?

Anonymous said...

Now that's a smokescreen!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God no one was hurt and that we had this rain. Could you imagine if this happen a day earlier?

Anonymous said...

why is water on fire

Anonymous said...

it wasn't on the water, it was in the marsh part of the pond, where the growth is. it was the cat-tails that caught fire and the vegetation that had died over the winter