Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rock ... Paper ... Scissors ...

Oberg Says BOE Still Undecided On Selecting Supt.

MPNNews reports: Greece, N.Y. — Greece school board president Frank Oberg said the board will not be announcing at tonight's study session who has been chosen as superintendent of Greece schools.

The decision was originally slated to be announced tonight, however Oberg said the board needs more time to deliberate. The board has not released information on when they plan to make the announcement.

Two finalists, Barbara Deane-Williams and Gary Mix, are still in the running.

SCATS ~~ The BOE went into Exec. Session only moments after the meeting started tonight. I hear they were set to give Babs the contract, but she started making demands, figuring they would do anything she wanted. Now, I'm hearing Mix was seen in town this afternoon. He's been Boily's choice all along, probably because he appears easy to control ... as long as we give him the $$.


Anonymous said...

It would be nicer if the delay was caused by the board trying to decide on district educational goals that the new supt would be measured against. How can anyone decide if they want the job when the job isn't defined?

Anonymous said...

It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

This Board can not even decide to make a bad decision!

How ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

One thing I have to say about "Babs" is -- whichever way the board votes - SHE wins.

Anonymous said...

This procrastination is not fair to either candidate and shows little if no respect for the integrity of either. Leave it to GCSD to screw up a great get like ONE of these candidates. Crazy.