Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Only 3 Contenders For 3 Greece BOE Seats

My understanding is that just three people returned petitions seeking a seat on the Greece Central School District's Board of Education.

Since only three seats are up for election, and assuming they each have a valid petition with approved signatures and assuming that each candidate casts a vote for themselves, congratulations to all!

(God help us all, too!)


Anonymous said...

Or we could believe any other potential candidate was talked out of being considered a demented egomaniac by the population of Greece Central.

Lets be generous and say the 3 suffer a delusion of riding at dragons on a white charger. Perhaps a 1960s Charger.

SCATS said...

To 10:06PM ~~ Which 3 are you referring to? The three who are running? Or the three who decided not to run??

Anonymous said...

Any word on the new super?

Anonymous said...

That makes the election as much of a vote as the budget. Guess we'll get a huuuuuuuugggggggaaah turnout for this one.

SCATS said...

To 5:41AM ~~ My understanding was the BOE hoped to announce their selection next week. But that's a long time to wait. Both candidates might still run while they can ;)

Anonymous said...

Good timne to WRITE IN those Hubbard boys!

SCATS said...

To 9:20AM ~~ It would be a great time to write in a slate of three! Of the two incumbents, one likes the social aspects of hob-nobbing with his fellow boardsmen (like the visits to the bars following the meetings) and the other one is a danger to the institution of education!

Anonymous said...

I have three words for you:

President Sean McCabe

Anonymous said...

Just like Hilton Central;
The Board has bored the community so much everyone considers education a joke, and nobody gives a damn.

SCATS said...

To 10:55AM ~~ Just when I think I've seen as bad as things can possibly get, someone comes along and shows me I'm way off-base. You just did.

Anonymous said...

Greece needs to get the FAT creature who giggles all through the meeting and occasionally interjects Metric into the discussion.

Hilton has had it mastered for a number of years. 5 years ago their biggest Board discussion was did anyone want to change officer positions or was everybody happy with their present assignment.

On a positive note, they finally did manage to find a Super from within their system, and at a much lower annual cost that GCSD proposes. They even sold the bus sized paint booth in the bus shop that the School had never used because they send all body work out. Hey, they even recovered about 5% of what that thing cost, if you don't include ongoing insurance costs.

Hilton has proudly kept students stupid, the public in the dark and approved every budget since around 85 when some evil citizens had a mechanical gorilla across the street with a sign saying I don't give a damn. Nobody even writes nasty stories about Hilton when the Super is walked off the property by Security because he's doing a nono with a Principal and she don't want him doing it any more.

That level of Board performance needs to be applauded and lauded.

Anonymous said...

If you think the schools are a joke, look at today's magnificent accomplishment by Team Green at the DA's office.

Mike's magnificent meatloaves not only shoved an indictment through Grand Jury that should have been a NoBill, they ran their mouths in front of every camera in town.

Unfortunately DiMarco heard the case, and came about as close as he could from the Bench to slapping the DA into the floor.

For those who didn't hear DiMarco, he clearly stated the DA proved the Defenses case for them with Prosecution witnesses. Nice work from Mike's munchkins.

This is the SECOND very public case where Team Green screwed the pooch prosecuting a man who defended himself to the fullest perverted extent of the law.

What will Mike's Munchkins do next, prosecute an 87 year old woman for assaulting the mugger trying to take her off with her frozen ham?

Just think, the DA today will be Rochester's next Federal Judge.

SCATS said...

To 10:14PM ~~ You mean it's a long ways before we hit bottom still? Who knew??

SCATS said...

To 10:21PM ~~ I saw the fallout on the news ... practically a riot afterwards by people who were given false expectations ... ?

Anonymous said...

"defended himself to the fullest perverted extent of the law"

Easy to say sitting at your computer. Tell me, how did you handle this situation when you were there. I supported Rodderick Scott, but his case wasn't nearly as cut and dry as this case was. Perhaps both (deceased) victims don't belong were they lie today, but both would not be there if not for their actions. Simple rules, keep your hands to yourself (and off other people's property). Defending the actions of someone who beat up on another, simply because it turned out bad for the initial offender....tuff sh**!

SCATS said...

To 10:38PM ~~ I think the previous poster would agree with much of what you say. The other person acknowledged that Judge DiMarco "clearly stated the DA proved the Defenses case for them with Prosecution witnesses. Nice work from Mike's munchkins."

Anonymous said...

I bet they all get elected.

In fact, I'll bet a lot!

SCATS said...

To 9:42AM ~~ I'm with you ;)

Anonymous said...

4/21/2011 10:38 PM pay close attention.

Mr Scott never would have been arrested had it not been ordered by a certain ghynoDA who had her pantyhose in a wad because she had to come out in the cold and rain, and because she detests mixed race couples. She wanted his ass and she ordered an arrest. She also lost the case because she was sure her hot bod in front of TV cameras could put some whupass on John Parinello.

Notice she has been quietly sent to the back of the lineup on media attracting major cases.

Another I know what I'm doing ADA (thinks he can stand for election when MG goes to the Fed Bench)grabbed this U of R case with both fists and went to swinging wild. There was pressure from the U of R to hurt the Defendant who in the eyes of the enlightened professors "Never should have had a knife in his pocket". You have no idea how much weight U of R can throw until you've seen it over and over.

What wasn't covered by any media I'm aware of was the size of the victim -v- size of the Defendant. That Defendant was scared he was going to be beaten to death, and he had good reason to be. He had taken a damn good beating before the knife came into play, and that was after he tried to walk away. If he had been holding a shotgun he would have been entitled to use that. Had it not been for U of R pressure and Mike's Munchkins, that case would have been No Billed and forgotten.

MG has turned the office into a bigger joke than it was under Relin. DA Investigators are made aware what the ADA handling a case wants, and they produce it. Evidence doesn't matter, UNLESS you get a Judge like DiMarco who knows what he is seeing. I can think of 3 other sitting Judges who would have convicted on that pile of crap.

As far as the ADA who tried the case is concerned, even if he didn't get a conviction he ruined that Defendant for life. He cost the kid and his family a boatload of money and the kid will always google up as a murderer. That kind of work is pure PUNK in my book.

Watch to see what shakes out of the arrest last week of the pukeball who conned a kid to his basement rec room on Buttenwood. That's within spitting distance of the Scott shooting. That neighborhood is a center of thieves and sickos, and it gets damn little policing.

Watch to see if MG goes to Bankruptcy Court, Ninfo just announced he's retiring, and MG has been annointed by the Obama Administration to be the next Title 3 Judge in Rochester. If MG replaces Ninfo watch the circus, and don't loan any money out.

We're in the center of a 3 ring circus here, and the public hasn't a clue.