Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Did They Do That?

SCATS ~~ Earlier this year, Chicken Little* told the Greece community that the sky is falling (again). Last night, the Greece Central School District's Board of Education heard that most of the major items cut under the former Interim Superintendent's** budget plan have been reinstated under the Acting Superintendent's*** watch.

Now, we're expected to believe that an added $1.14 million in State Aid rescued us from certain academic ruin ... until next year. Are you buying their explanation? SCATS doesn't!

Tonight the BOE will perform the final act in this comedic tragedy, as they vote to adopt a budget that they have said very little about (publicly), following the initial "keep the tax rate under 2%" order given to administration by BOE Prez. Frank Oberg.****

The only question remaining is, will they all vote to support the budget the way Oberg hopes? SCATS predicts they will ... even though Julia will have a heavy heart doing so despite being ever so thankful to the wonderful Greece teachers ... and Gale will echo that remark by describing a personal situation that fits the moment ... and Anne-Marie will piggyback onto that comment and express her gratitude that sports is basically intact despite the cost to academics ... and Sean will blubber on about something no one understands or cares about ... and Roger will tell Lou what a great job he did playing Chicken Little ... and Frank will applaud Nadolinski his hard work ... and nine hands will rise in unison as they all say "Yea" and seal the fate of Greece Central students for another year "As the District Churns."

* Played by Lou Alaimo who deserves an Oscar for "Best Melodrama"

** Played by the seriously ill John O'Rourke who will not be returning (but the BOE is too gutless to tell us that)

*** Played by the soon to-be-retired Don Nadolinski

**** Playing himself


Anonymous said...

Who plays Snidely Whiplash?

Anonymous said...

You left out the bumbling person to play Deb. Hoeft.