Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Greece Democrats to Town Board: Clean up Your Mess!

Tuesday April 12th, 2011
5:30 PM
Lobby of Greece Town Hall

This evening at 5:30 PM, the Greece Democratic Committee will call upon Town Board to answer the voters at tonight's April Meeting.

In March, Town Board tasked a Special Counsel to investigate the conduct of Supervisor John Auberger and report to them no later than April 12th.

At that time, the Greece Democratic Committee called upon Town Board members to:
  • Conduct a thorough and genuine investigation of John Auberger’s conduct.
  • Make the report public in its entirety by April 12th.
  • Take a stand on whether or not the board supports the Supervisor on April 12th.
Separately, Democrats and others urged the board to support independent non-partisan redrawing of its town ward lines.

SCATS ~~ Our most recent poll shows that 82% of the respondents think the "investigation" is "A waste of taxpayer money designed to whitewash the truth and to cover the backsides of Auberger &/or the Town Board." This appears to be in line with our previous poll where 81% of respondents believe that Supervisor Auberger "should IMMEDIATELY RESIGN FROM OFFICE."



Anonymous said...

I read that the agenda for tonights meeting did not include the investigation results, has there been an update on the agenda?

SCATS said...

To 11:12AM ~~ The posted "Preliminary Agenda" doesn't include anything about the investigation. However, any item can be added to the agenda at the actual meeting.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a forum during this meeting where anyone can get up and speak?

SCATS said...

To 11:18AM ~~ YES!!

Anonymous said...

I for one never thought that Auberger had any fault to the murder. I never thought that he committed a crime of any sort and probably did nothing wrong during his interview with the police with the exception of waiting to speak up but that is not a crime either.

I do think that Auberger is dishonest and will throw anyone under the bus. I think that he has pulled many strings in the past while watching others receive judgement for their actions. I think that his morales and standards are sub-standard and wondering why the hell he is still in his position with so many dis-approving of him and his actions.

I do believe that this investigation is nothing but a waste of money, they might as well tell everyone tonight that Auberger committed no crime in NYS.
Lets move on so we can kick ourselves in the ass for giving him his job and just remember when he and his republican peers are running again so we can be heard loud and clear then.