Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Contract Negotiations? Or Blackmail?

What's Really Keeping Our BOE From Choosing A New Supt?

The media showed up at last night's dog & pony show ... er ... uhhhh ... I mean Greece BOE meeting expecting the new Supt. to be named. They came away disappointed, just as the rumor mill had predicted.

What the heck is the hold up? Shouldn't we be at that stage of the hiring process where both sides are on the same page and aside from relatively minor details, a contract is ready for signing? In a normal situation, absolutely yes, we should be. But this is the Greece Central School District - The DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION. Our school board has so little idea of how to accomplish the simplest of tasks that even getting signatures on a contract like this becomes another major chore.

Almost unbelievably, among the reported holdups is pressure by the selected candidate to resolve the GTA contract dispute as part of her employment condition! Yes, you read that correctly. The "preferred" candidate is attempting to demand that the BOE settle the longtime teacher's contract dispute with GTA before she accepts the contract to become our next Supt.!

What's wrong with this picture? Simply put, it demonstrates that our BOE is like a ship without a sail floating aimlessly on the waves. With every change in wind direction there is also a change in their destination.

The bottom line is that they should have had a contract ready to go for signing, save but for the details of how much salary, start dates, etc. There should be absolutely no consideration given to any candidate who throws out such a ridiculous demand as this at the end of the process! (And any who suggested it earlier should have been told an emphatic "NO!" at first mention.) In fact, isn't getting a GTA contract settlement one of the responsibilities we would expect of any new supt. hired? But alas, this is Greece ... where we've become used to being victimized by blackmailers in high places. Babs would fit right in ;) So would Gare, if he squeezes the board out of a cool $250K to start for 5 yrs.

Welcome to Greece!
You've "discovered" our promise!


Anonymous said...

A quick contract agreement with gta. You can't be serious Scats. If THAT is a requirement THAT is not the person we need.

SCATS said...

To 12:07PM ~~ That is but one of the reported stumbling blocks. Like I said a few weeks ago, the BOE needs to begin a new search ... or maybe they ought to just offer it to someone already here. I'm not sure that things could get much worse than they currently are.

Anonymous said...

They should find a 40-45 year old principal or vice principal with a solid track record and offer them a 5-10 year contract for $180K/yr with kickers for improved student performance and a district option to end the contract if no improvement after X years.
You can't seriously tell me that there is not a single person capable in the entire district.

Anonymous said...

It's just a job. Why is it that this particular job takes on so much ritual and pomp and circumstance in the search? None of them are that good after they are here. Most of the teachers are far better in their jobs. The head of facilities is better than the superintendent. Just hire someone that has the right certification and wants the job. Interview all the candidates and hire someone.
Is it possible there are not many people that want this job including present staff in our district? What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I can't blame a potential Super for making this particular demand. Lets look at it from her perspective, she knows what she is stepping into, and it damn sure won't be a 1 pair of boots situation. Coming from Podunk Central she certainly knows barnboots and shit.

She also has good cause to believe her name will quickly be dragged into the manure pile, and she'll get no help from the BOE clown club.

At this moment her career potential is high and her fortunes look good. 5 minutes after taking the GCSD Super job her career is in the dumper. She also knows very well she has little to loose bypassing GCSD. The situation at GCSD has to be the textbook definition of hopeless. It's not a move a sane person would make. This is the point in time to drive a hard bargain because there is no position to negotiate from once the contract is signed.

The pool of School Superintendents is small, and the number of places to get hired is large. Why not demand the Moon and a few Stars?

Anonymous said...

The B Of E needs to show the potential super the door and tell them not to let it hit them in the ass on the way out! Settling the GTA contract as part of their contract??????? NO WAY!!! I want to see this super work the Union first and get a whiff of just how disfunctional they are. Then let the new super negotiate a new GTA contract!

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumors that she wanted all civil rights lawsuits settled too? Who would want that on their record. Even though they did not occur on their watch. Perception will be that since it was settled on her watch, it happened on her watch.

Anonymous said...

This does NOT sound like a leader. If significant changes are not made to the contract educational improvements will not happen and a true leader would want to oversee the changes needed.
I would have some serious concerns if this request was made.
4;52 said it very well. Show them the door.

Anonymous said...

My Name is Jethro Bodine, and I will be filing a lawsuit against GCSD as soon as I finish filing my toenails and a ax so I can split firewood.

As a distinguished former 00 spy and brain surgeon I threw my old iron spy hat in the pick a supervisor contest and GCSD never even called me. I think I was discriminated against and so does my banker Jane Hathaway, and she hired me this big lawyer Blohard, Bullcrap and Howe. We gonna sue.

Them there Greasy Bored members refused to take me serious. Only thing I got back for my 44¢ stamp was a shiny letter from some bald headed little dwarf fellow asking me to donate to his campaign fund. He said he was a failed Town Stupid viser and a pathetic teacher who couldn't cut it in 5th grade. He enclosed a picture of some squirley looking woman and said I needed to talk to her.

Now I'm pretty good a ciphering and my sister Ellie May knows how to run a typewriter, so we will be sending them letters to the editor of the Deficate & Criminal laying our position out.

One of my first rule changes will be to eliminate teachers talking about Sex Education and showing your children how to roll a rubber down a squash. Instead them so called teachers can show kids the proper way to work up a chew from a plug of Cannon Ball backie, and roll a proper cigarette. Toabcci is a legal product and heavily taxed. Children got a duty to learn to chew and roll proper so the taxes can support old people and good schools.

Please put a sign in your yard;
Jethro Bodine for Superintendent

I'll give you bang for the buck.

Anonymous said...

Mission Statement recently seen on the School Board's Superintendent search documents.

"Greece Central School District is like a ship with a hole in it, leaking water.

The Superintendent's job is to get it pointed in the right direction."

Anonymous said...

NOT entirely a bad idea there Mr Bodine.

I'd venture to say a number of people have politician signs and those VOTE signs in their garages already.

They look to be easily reversable to give you 2 blank sides.

"GCSD SUX" comes to mind along with "NO SUPER - NO TAX"

I'm sure people could come up with inspirational phrases to light a fire under the Board. Perhaps even a few neighbors getting together to recreate the Burma Shave concept.

GCSD surely doesn't want honest facts being publicly known.