Friday, April 29, 2011


Are Lyndonville Schools About
To Be Merged Into Oblivion?

Article 1: One faction wants the Lyndonville community to save its school district, and stop looking for mergers with neighboring communities.

Another faction, mainly senior citizens with escalating property taxes, wants Lyndonville to look at merging with Albion or Medina, or perhaps splitting up the district to merge with more than one neighboring district.

Article 2: Merging the Barker and Lyndonville school districts has been talked about in the past. This time, there’s more than talk. Barker has a $36,000 grant that will be used to hire a consultant team for a merger/consolidation study.

The respective school boards and superintendents met this week to hire an independent consultant. When the groundwork is laid, a movement to merge may begin in the fall.

SCATS ~~ I want to personally thank our BOE for rescuing Babs before she faced unemployment. She's exactly what Greece does NOT need: A Supt. from a shrinking district where senior citizens are feeling squeezed by taxes! Isn't that the kind of school district Greece already is?

Thursday, April 28, 2011


News Release             
April 28, 2011

Greece Central School District Search Consultant Jo Anne Antonacci is pleased to announce that the Greece Board of Education has selected Barbara Deane-Williams as Greece Central’s next superintendent.

Deane-Williams was chosen from an initial pool of 21 applicants and has more than 20 years of educational experience. Since January of 2005, Deane-Williams has served as superintendent of the Lyndonville Central School District. Prior to that, Deane-Williams served as director of special education, assistant superintendent of instruction and deputy superintendent for student learning and accountability in several Rochester-area school districts.

“I am very excited to join the Greece School District and I look forward to working in collaboration with all constituents and becoming a part of the Greece community,” she said in accepting the position. “The challenges facing educators provide focus for our collective energy to support all children and achieve strong results.”

Search Consultant Antonacci said the Greece board is pleased to have Deane-Williams join the Greece community.

“The board and district are looking forward to the energy, enthusiasm, and experience Mrs. Deane-Williams will bring to the position,” Greece Board of Education President Frank Oberg expanded.

Deane-Williams will begin her role as Greece superintendent on July 1, 2011.

SCATS ~~ GCSD website says BOE will vote on her next Tuesday night. 13WHAM reports she got a 4 yr. deal. AT WHAT COST??   

Parent Smackdown: GCSD Staffer's Editorial Blasts Involved Parent

Be Careful What You Wish For, Ms. Camera

Ms. Camera today ~ MPNnow — In response to the April 7 Greece Post essay, “Greece school cuts: Target support staff, not students,” I’m sorry letter writer Jeff Larocque didn’t have all of his facts straight about the support staff of Greece Central School District before he felt the need to publicly humiliate us.

I challenge him to come into any of our offices on any given day and then be the judge of how “non-essential” we are. It is frustrating knowing we’re not appreciated but to have it come from a parent of a student who still attends Arcadia hurts all the most.

Athletic director’s secretary
Arcadia High/Middle Schools


Ms. Camera then ~ Go Meg!!!!! - January 21, 2006


Chrystal Camera

SCATS ~~ Well, well, well Chrystal ...  5 yrs. ago Meg fought, won her suit and that helped send our tax bills up. Flash forward to 2011 and Greece residents find we can no longer support employing people such as you! By the way, I wonder how many times you have personally b*tched about a lack of involved parents, or about this BLOG's existence, perhaps? Guess what? Your editorial both supports the need for this BLOG and provides good reason for parents staying away from their children's schools!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Contract Negotiations? Or Blackmail?

What's Really Keeping Our BOE From Choosing A New Supt?

The media showed up at last night's dog & pony show ... er ... uhhhh ... I mean Greece BOE meeting expecting the new Supt. to be named. They came away disappointed, just as the rumor mill had predicted.

What the heck is the hold up? Shouldn't we be at that stage of the hiring process where both sides are on the same page and aside from relatively minor details, a contract is ready for signing? In a normal situation, absolutely yes, we should be. But this is the Greece Central School District - The DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION. Our school board has so little idea of how to accomplish the simplest of tasks that even getting signatures on a contract like this becomes another major chore.

Almost unbelievably, among the reported holdups is pressure by the selected candidate to resolve the GTA contract dispute as part of her employment condition! Yes, you read that correctly. The "preferred" candidate is attempting to demand that the BOE settle the longtime teacher's contract dispute with GTA before she accepts the contract to become our next Supt.!

What's wrong with this picture? Simply put, it demonstrates that our BOE is like a ship without a sail floating aimlessly on the waves. With every change in wind direction there is also a change in their destination.

The bottom line is that they should have had a contract ready to go for signing, save but for the details of how much salary, start dates, etc. There should be absolutely no consideration given to any candidate who throws out such a ridiculous demand as this at the end of the process! (And any who suggested it earlier should have been told an emphatic "NO!" at first mention.) In fact, isn't getting a GTA contract settlement one of the responsibilities we would expect of any new supt. hired? But alas, this is Greece ... where we've become used to being victimized by blackmailers in high places. Babs would fit right in ;) So would Gare, if he squeezes the board out of a cool $250K to start for 5 yrs.

Welcome to Greece!
You've "discovered" our promise!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rock ... Paper ... Scissors ...

Oberg Says BOE Still Undecided On Selecting Supt.

MPNNews reports: Greece, N.Y. — Greece school board president Frank Oberg said the board will not be announcing at tonight's study session who has been chosen as superintendent of Greece schools.

The decision was originally slated to be announced tonight, however Oberg said the board needs more time to deliberate. The board has not released information on when they plan to make the announcement.

Two finalists, Barbara Deane-Williams and Gary Mix, are still in the running.

SCATS ~~ The BOE went into Exec. Session only moments after the meeting started tonight. I hear they were set to give Babs the contract, but she started making demands, figuring they would do anything she wanted. Now, I'm hearing Mix was seen in town this afternoon. He's been Boily's choice all along, probably because he appears easy to control ... as long as we give him the $$.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Special BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM

Addition to agenda: 

Will there be an Exec. Session too?
I'm told one is planned, but it doesn't appear on the agenda.

New Supt To Be Announced
(If the final two candidates don't both run away)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter And ...

for NY'ers!

Only NJ and CT have later "freedom" dates.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Odd Tidbits From BOE Meeting Minutes

While browsing through recent BOE meeting minutes, the following items caught my attention for being unusual and/or interesting:

  • Administrative Resignation ~ Steven Achramovitch (Admin. Substitute) ~ Effective 2/10/11 ~ "Work Inactivity in District Office" (3/08/11 meeting) What the heck does this mean? Why is he an Admin. Sub. more than 7 months after leaving Greece? Oddly, I was asked yesterday why Hamburg would need a "waiver for employment of a retiree" under  §211 of the retirement and social security law for him.
  • Administrative Retirement ~ Donald Nadolinski ~ Effective 9/17/11 (3/08/11 meeting) All other retirements listed are effective 6/30/11, except for his. WHY??
  • Meeting Length/Accomplishments ~ Meeting of 3/15/11 began at 6:30PM and adjourned at 8:15PM. All that transpired was formulation and adoption of the motion to direct "the Superintendent of Schools to ask all employees of the Greece Central School District with the exception of GUSS and GUSTO to take a wage freeze for the 2011-2012 school year." I believe other things were discussed in the 1 hour and 45 minutes the meeting lasted. Maybe this is an example of the shoddy recording-keeping practices of a BOE that doesn't want us to know what they are doing, when, or how?
  • Retirements ~ Mary Donlon & Theresa Luther ~ Effective 6/30/11~ Coincidentally, Greece's premier EEOC complainers have decided to retire together! Let's hope they feel less discriminated against as Senior Citizens in their retirements ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Only 3 Contenders For 3 Greece BOE Seats

My understanding is that just three people returned petitions seeking a seat on the Greece Central School District's Board of Education.

Since only three seats are up for election, and assuming they each have a valid petition with approved signatures and assuming that each candidate casts a vote for themselves, congratulations to all!

(God help us all, too!)

Brother, Can You Spare A Trillion?: Govt Gone Wild

Future School Budget/s Unbalanced ...


1. BOE has approved a $197.6M for next year (+2.05%)... to be placed before voters May 18th.

2. A 2% increase looks good you say, but what looks good now... may not feel so good later on!

3. It appears this budget is not balanced with costs on a forward looking basis.

4. Most notable are appropriations for:

4a. Bus replacement... $1.5M last year vs. $0 next year... and

4b. capital improvements... $3.9M last year vs. $0.1M next year.

5. Exclusions in the budget... do not make ongoing costs disappear.

Do voters deserve an explanation?
What should they be told?

Comment/question postings invited.
George Hubbard

SCATS ~~ George, I'm sure you realize by now that this is just another part of the budget game the BOE plays every year. Of course we deserve an explanation & we should be told the WHOLE TRUTH, not just the part they want us to hear.

The only thing that changes from one year to the next are the numbers & which things they decide "to hide" from taxpayers for the moment. It's why I do NOT support and have NOT supported any GCSD budget in a number of years.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greece Can't Afford To Overpay A New Supt.

 Greece Offers Unrealistic
Superintendent's Salary

Yesterday, an interesting fact surfaced among the coverage of Jean-Claude Brizard being chosen to be Supt. of Schools in Chicago. Chicago has the third largest school district in the nation and paid their former superintendent just $230,000!

Brizard himself is receiving $235,000 in his first year of a three year deal he struck last November with the Rochester City School District.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Duffy: Layoffs & Program Cuts Are "Knee-jerk Reactions" *

Re: TV interview - Lt. Gov. Duffy on school budgets.

1. Very interesting interview with Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy Friday night.
2. I understood Duffy to say...
2a. teacher layoffs and program cuts were knee jerk reaction to reduced state aid...
2b. state operations and state government were cut 10% across the board, but education only about 2%...
2c. education as been growing 10% to 15% every year...
3. Interview on program “New York NOW”, originates WMHT Albany, broadcast WXXI Rochester, 10:30PM, Friday Apr 15, 2011.
4. There was a short (1:46) YOU TUBE video segment of Duffy interview on WMHT home page when I checked Sat night.

Comment/question invited.
George Hubbard

*BLOG #2500

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Was Deputy Supervisor Made Chief of Staff?

At last Tuesday night's Town Board meeting, the last item on the agenda read:

O'Keefe/Bilsky   29.  Authorization to abolish one Deputy Supervisor positions and create one Chief of Staff position; furthermore appoint Jeffrey McCann to the position of ChieStaff, effective April 13, 2011.

Supervisor AuBirder

SCATS ~~ Folks have been asking WHY this change was made, since there was NO discussion at the meeting (typical). Anyone know anything?

Teacher's Unions Explained ...

... and why teachers don't spend much time teaching students about economics!

SCATS ~~ This rhetoric is so familiar it's nauseating!

Town, PD Sued By Oliva's Family In 2005 Crash

A lawsuit  alleges that former Greece cop Brian Ball wrongly reported there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the crash, while a toxicology report determined the vehicle's driver likely had marijuana in his system.

The suit seeking $10 million claims the town and Greece police botched the investigation into the fatality and then concealed the investigatory mistakes. (Source)

SCATS ~~ Mistakes!? Botched investigation!? In Greece!? OMG! How could this ever happen on your watch, Supervisor Aubirder?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Holiday Inn Fire Cold Case Re-Opened

Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter has assigned investigators Sgt. Casey Voelkl & Sgt. Patrick Welch to the 1978 arson/homicide case.

“It's 32 years old but I see that as an advantage. Maybe people are going to talk now that didn't talk, maybe give us information that they didn't.” ~~ Chief Todd Baxter.

"What's important to me about the case is that 10 innocent people were killed and there's no justice for them at this point.” ~~Sgt. Voelkl.

"That we are looking at this from a fresh perspective, we are looking at it like it just happened and we are very excited to do that." ~~ Sgt. Patrick Welch


SCATS ~~ Kudos to Baxter & GPD for their decision to move forward! This ought to really rattle the skeletons in some closets about town.

Special Interests May Get Special Attention

Is A Budget Cut EVER Permanent In Greece?

WHEC-TV reports: Budget cuts in the Greece School District are threatening sports programs.

Parents and teacher got their first chance to speak out about the cuts at a meeting Thursday night.

One of the sports programs that could be eliminated is the swim program. Arcadia boys' swimming coach Jeff Humphreys was shocked by the news. "This was out of the blue, because when the budget was proposed at a staff meeting - because I teach here in Arcadia- ano mention was made of boys' swim being cut," says Humphreys.

Humphreys says the swim program has grown over the past few years. Interim superintendent John O'Rourke agreed to meet with people concerned about the swimming program next week. There is another public hearing set for April 28th.

Greece is losing about 15-million dollars in state aid next year, and the latest budget proposal would eliminate 52 jobs.

SCATS ~~ Where have you been, Coach Humphreys? The BOE already adopted their spending plan! How many of those jobs will be through actual elimination of a job and not through attrition? How many will the BOE & administration slip back in over time, just as they did this year while on contingency?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 Statues & 1 Ugly Mug = DYSFUNCTION

Watch Auberger Flip The Bird Towards
Moscato @9:58 On The Video!
Listen carefully at the end where Supervisor Auberger tells the clerk to make sure the minutes reflect the political affiliations of those who addressed the Town Board at this past Tuesday night's meeting. Is this some new kind of democracy where the issues don't matter unless you represent the controlling party?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apollo Middle School To Reopen Thursday

WHEC-TV reports: Greece Apollo Middle School will reopen to students on Thursday. The New York State Education Department has cleared the school for occupany.

Testing of plaster found in the third floor stairwell is complete. It was determined that the actual plaster did contain asbetos, however, air quality tests showed no asbestos release in any part of the building, including the stairwell.

MPNNews reports: District spokeswoman Laurel Heiden released this statement this afternoon:

New York State Education Department has cleared Apollo for occupancy and school will be in session tomorrow. Testing of plaster found in the third floor stairwell is complete. It was determined that the actual plaster did contain asbestos, however, air quality tests showed no asbestos release in any part of the building, including the stairwell. An outside consulting firm specializing in handling hazardous materials is already on site. You will notice plywood and plastic barriers on the doorways leading to the affected stairwell. Barriers were installed as one of the required protective measures to contain the plaster within the stairwell and to ensure that no one enters the area during the removal process. Although SED would permit us to complete the removal during school hours, as an additional safety measure, we have opted to complete it when students are not in the building. Cleanup and removal is expected to occur this Thursday afternoon and evening. Continuous air monitoring will be performed by a third party environmental laboratory before, during and after abatement. Safety remains our top priority. Thank you for your understanding as we work to resolve this matter.

SCATS ~~ If your kid develops mesothelioma 25 years from now, just remember where and when they were exposed so you can sue the district.

Oberg: Less Than Transparent ... AGAIN!

At the end of Tuesday night's Greece Board of Education meeting, BOE Prez. Frank Oberg went on a rant to correct the misperceptions (yeah, right ;) uttered by some (or did he mean someone?) earlier in the meeting. While defending how hard the school board worked, he mentioned how they are unpaid volunteers who often attend many meetings, often on a moment's notice.

While giving us his example of board member dedication required to tend to the duties of the position, he stated that the Greece school board met Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of last week, Monday of this week and again last night.

What he failed to mention is that BoardDocs shows the only meetings from last week that they bothered to post as required under the Open Meetings laws was the Budget Study Session meeting held on Monday April 4th!

This is not the first time they've failed to post meetings under Oberg's leadership. With his term on the BOE nearing its conclusion, we can pray that it might be the last ;)

NY State Law Re: Adultery As A Crime

NY'ers have had to tolerate and/or survive the antics of Paterson, Spitzer and now Auberger. This is an interesting read ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


YNN reports: Greece Apollo Middle School will be closed to students Wednesday, after a piece of plaster fell from the ceiling on Tuesday. Staff is still expected to report.

The piece of plaster that fell landed in a stairwell on the third floor of the school. Students were sent home early, so the plaster could be tested to see if it contained asbestos.

The Greece Central School District is working with the New York State Education Department and the Department of Labor to make sure the appropriate actions are taken to ensure the safety of the students and staff.

Who Dunnit? Town Board or School Board?

The Greece Town Board denies that the brush fire on Buck Pond was caused when evidence of wrongdoing was destroyed by investigator John Speranza prior to today's emergency press conference.

The Greece Board of Education denies that the brush fire was caused by administration's efforts to cook the books more than they already were in preparation to adopt the Greece Central School District's budget at tonight's meeting.

The Greece Republicans are blaming the Greece Democrats.

The Greece Democrats are blaming the Republicans.

In the meantime, Greece continues burning!!

Auberger Cleared of Criminal Wrongdoing

Shannon O'Keefe's faux pas  ~~ "He's done nothing legal."

13WHAM reports: Speranza said Auberger cooperated with Greece police and he did not hamper or obstruct the murder investigation.

Town board members said Auberger said they were disappointed with Auberger and said he had poor judgment for not disclosing earlier that he was interviewed in the murder case.

They said there will be no difficutlies working with the supervisor.

The independent review cost $10,000, which was less than expected.

Copies of the report will be available for the public.

SCATS ~~ So he not only "forgot" to mention his involvement to police, but also to the Greece Town Board!


(Rachel Barhart's Tweet) From @angelahong23 on Auberger: No wrongdong in his dealings with police during the investigation of the Nuesatz murder.
WHEC-TV reports: Today at 4 p.m., the Greece Town Board will hold a news conference regarding the report prepared by attorney John Speranza.

Auberger has admitted he had a relationship with a Greece woman, Monica Neusatz, who police say was killed by her son last year. Investigators say Neusatz's phone records showed numerous calls from Auberger.

Board members will decide if Auberger should keep his position as town supervisor.

All town employees were directed to fully cooperate with the special counsel.

The Greece Town Board is scheduled to hold it’s meeting at 6 p.m.



WHEC-TV reports: Students at Greece Apollo Middle School were sent home just before 2 p.m. today.

District officials say Tuesday morning, contractors working on the school’s roof disturbed some plaster causing it to fall into a third-floor stairwell. The plaster now must be tested for possible asbestos. The students were sent home as a precaution.

Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting will also be relocated.

SCATS ~~ How many times have we paid for asbestos abatement at this school?

Who Is Running For BOE?

Petitions are out for the following candidates:

Ferington (incumbent)
McCabe (incumbent)

Moscato (Former BOE member)

Quirk (newcomer)
Kozak (newcomer) WITHDRAWS!
SCATS ~~ ALL candidates are invited to provide SCATS with a 1-2 paragraph bio and statement of intent for posting after all petitions are returned to Lynne Armstrong.

Greece Democrats to Town Board: Clean up Your Mess!

Tuesday April 12th, 2011
5:30 PM
Lobby of Greece Town Hall

This evening at 5:30 PM, the Greece Democratic Committee will call upon Town Board to answer the voters at tonight's April Meeting.

In March, Town Board tasked a Special Counsel to investigate the conduct of Supervisor John Auberger and report to them no later than April 12th.

At that time, the Greece Democratic Committee called upon Town Board members to:
  • Conduct a thorough and genuine investigation of John Auberger’s conduct.
  • Make the report public in its entirety by April 12th.
  • Take a stand on whether or not the board supports the Supervisor on April 12th.
Separately, Democrats and others urged the board to support independent non-partisan redrawing of its town ward lines.

SCATS ~~ Our most recent poll shows that 82% of the respondents think the "investigation" is "A waste of taxpayer money designed to whitewash the truth and to cover the backsides of Auberger &/or the Town Board." This appears to be in line with our previous poll where 81% of respondents believe that Supervisor Auberger "should IMMEDIATELY RESIGN FROM OFFICE."


How Did They Do That?

SCATS ~~ Earlier this year, Chicken Little* told the Greece community that the sky is falling (again). Last night, the Greece Central School District's Board of Education heard that most of the major items cut under the former Interim Superintendent's** budget plan have been reinstated under the Acting Superintendent's*** watch.

Now, we're expected to believe that an added $1.14 million in State Aid rescued us from certain academic ruin ... until next year. Are you buying their explanation? SCATS doesn't!

Tonight the BOE will perform the final act in this comedic tragedy, as they vote to adopt a budget that they have said very little about (publicly), following the initial "keep the tax rate under 2%" order given to administration by BOE Prez. Frank Oberg.****

The only question remaining is, will they all vote to support the budget the way Oberg hopes? SCATS predicts they will ... even though Julia will have a heavy heart doing so despite being ever so thankful to the wonderful Greece teachers ... and Gale will echo that remark by describing a personal situation that fits the moment ... and Anne-Marie will piggyback onto that comment and express her gratitude that sports is basically intact despite the cost to academics ... and Sean will blubber on about something no one understands or cares about ... and Roger will tell Lou what a great job he did playing Chicken Little ... and Frank will applaud Nadolinski his hard work ... and nine hands will rise in unison as they all say "Yea" and seal the fate of Greece Central students for another year "As the District Churns."

* Played by Lou Alaimo who deserves an Oscar for "Best Melodrama"

** Played by the seriously ill John O'Rourke who will not be returning (but the BOE is too gutless to tell us that)

*** Played by the soon to-be-retired Don Nadolinski

**** Playing himself

Monday, April 11, 2011

GASA Gets Rich During Contingency

The list of 24 GASA administrators shown below all received raises of $10,000 or more from 2009 (first column) to the present (second column). This shows significant increases occurred while on a contingency budget (2010-11) AND after the BOE settled a new contract with the GASA union (Jan. 2009). At the time the BOE settled that contract, they were already crying aloud about the hardships future budget constraints would bring. While our kids are losing academic offerings, over 100 employees are getting some very lucrative salary increases. These are the worst of them.

Balsamo              108,683 to 120, 266
Barber                   71,544 to   82,405
Boily***                99,448 to  110,047
Boni                    102,437 to  113,355
Critchlow              97,267 to  107,633
D'Angelo             103,172 to  114,168
Evans                    97,294 to  107,663
Flick                   121,116  to 134,024
Gianatti                 71,544  to   82,405
Graupman             95,077  to 105,210
Huchzermeier        74,000  to   86,525
Hurst                     62,747 to   82,405
Meier**              130,542 to 144,455
Pacelli                 115,477 to 127,784
Pickering             100,771 to 111,511
Potter                    74,000 to   86,525
Reale                     71,544 to   82,405
Sloane                 118,703 to 131,354
Smalline                 76,344 to   88,704
Snyder*                125,917 to 139,337
Streicher                79,157  to  91,973   
Tsang                     76,344  to  88,705
Ziegler                  116,257 to 128,647
Zodarecky***      104,540 to 115,681

* He plans to retire this June, so this huge increase will nicely pad his pension ;)

** Being principal of your own kingdom comes with many advantages, not the least of which are huge salary increases.

*** Having connections never hurts, esp. when they get to vote on your pay hike!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Instrumental & Vocal Music Restored To Budget

Marching Band & Gymnastics Partially Restored

Will YOU Vote YES on the Budget Now??

New Poll Posted

In addition, the Superintendent’s Proposed Budget (Revised, pg. 4) recommended reducing instructional time at the elementary level for special classes in art, library, and music. With the restoration of State Aid and increased use of fund balance, we are able to reinstate these special subject areas along with 4th grade instrumental and vocal music. This restored more than 20 teaching positions. Furthermore, it allowed for the partial reinstatement of programs such as the Marching Band and gymnastics program.

SCATS ~~ Isn't it absolutely AMAZING what administration is able to do with only $1.1 million extra in State Aid? Do you really believe that's why all of the elementary specials, school day length, band & gymnastics are able to be added back into this "bare-bones" budget? If that's the case, let them dig a little deeper and give us a budget that does NOT raise our taxes!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

So Many Meetings ... So Little Time

Greece Central School District
Board of Education
Special Meeting
Monday April 11th @6PM

Town of Greece
Town Board Meeting
Tuesday April 12th @6PM
Investigator's Report Re: Auberger
Suggestion: Anybody wanting to demonstrate their opposition to the Supervisor and/or Town Board can wear a "Spruce up Greece" T shirt. For those who don't have one but wish to join in, wear a yellow shirt.

Greece Central School District
Board of Education
Regular Monthly Meeting
Tuesday April 12th @6:30PM
Exec. Session @5:30PM ~~ to discuss collective bargaining, pending litigation & the employment history of particular person(s).
NYS School Report Cards
Special Ed Settlement

Northgate Neighborhood Group
Monthly Meeting
Wed. April 13th @7PM
Aldersgate Methodist Church
Dewey Ave.
Flooding Issues/Discussion with Paul Czapranski, Technical Services Coordinator from the Town of Greece’s Inspection Services Dept.

Friday, April 08, 2011

And Then There Were Two ...

WHEC-TV reports: According to Greece Central School District officials finalist Dr. Jana Carlisle has withdrawn from the Greece superintendent search for personal reasons.

Carlisle said in a statement, "Having had further discussions with my children and my husband, I have decided for personal reasons to withdraw my candidacy. I regret that I will no longer be considered for this leadership role."

Greece School Board President Frank Oberg said that Carlisle's decision was appreciated before the final deliberations began to choose the district's next leader.

SCATS ~~ Maybe the BOE could have the final two candidates engage in a game of ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS to determine our new leader. Didn't this happen when we got stuck with Achramovitch?


To the Greece BOE:

How dare you try to stick us with candidates who have NEVER taught, come from districts that are smaller than our high schools, who are eyeballing your incredibly lucrative salary offers to pad their retirements or who are essentially unemployed "has beens" from other districts!

Twice you've FAILED to bring us a suitable candidate for this important leadership position!

The people of Greece and the students of the district deserve better!


Don't settle for someone else's cast-off!

Tell the BOE HERE that you want better choices!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011



Apparently, the heat is getting too hot for County Executive Maggie Brooks (Rep.),  who is up for re-election this fall.

SCATS ~~ If accurate ... Mieux vaut tard que j'amais, Maggie ;)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011



Will Greece Town Board respond to the voters?

Democrats will be attending the Greece Town Board Agenda
review session to learn if the board plans to take action.

Wednesday April 6, 2011
@5:30 PM
Greece Town Hall

Wednesday at 5:30 PM, the Greece Town Board will meet for its regularly scheduled Agenda Review session, to determine which items will appear on the agenda at their April 12th Board meeting.

In March, Town Board tasked a Special Counsel to investigate the conduct of Supervisor John Auberger and report to them no later than April 12th.

At that time, the Greece Democratic Committee called upon Town Board members to:
  • Conduct a thorough and genuine investigation.
  • Make the report public in its entirety by April 12th.
  • Take a stand on whether or not the board supports the Supervisor on April 12th.
  • Separately, Democrats and others urged the board to support independent non-partisan redrawing of its town wards lines.
“At this agenda review session, we will learn whether Town Board is taking the voters for granted,” said Dave Garretson, Town Leader of the Greece Democratic Committee. “They can no longer rubber stamp the Supervisor’s agenda without public scrutiny. We made it clear what actions we expect to see from Town Board on April 12th. Now we’ll see if Town Board members have any regard for the wishes of the voters.”

For more information, please contact: Dave Garretson

REMINDER: Supt. Candidate Forums Tuesday - Thursday

The community forums will be held at 4:30 p.m. in the Athena High School Forum Room.Tuesday,

April 5 – Dr. Jana Carlisle

Wednesday, April 6 – Mrs. Barbara Deane-Williams

Thursday, April 7 – Mr. Gary Mix

 SCATS ~~ SCATS & friends are unable to attend these, so any feedback/input is welcomed :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Instrumental Music Stays Out of GCSD Budget

Tonight, Greece School administrators Don Nadolinski & Lou Alaimo told the Greece Board of Education that the extra $1.85 million in state aid GCSD received could be used to add 21.5 EFTs back into the budget. Those recommended additions include:

4.0 Elementary teachers
4.5 Math Intervention teachers
4.0 Literacy Coaches
2.0 Special Education teachers
1.0 Social Studies teachers
6.0 Elementary librarians

The resultant tax rate after the most recent budget tinkering increases by 1.66% which equals $22.91/$1000 valuation. BOE members are already talking about what a Contingency Budget would look like.


Odyssey Principal/PTSA Flexing Muscles Over School Choice & Sibling Rule

Ongoing Internal Politicking Getting
Attention Across The Greece School District
Special Meeting on Schools of Choice
Monday April 4th @6:30 pm in the Auditorium

SCATS ~~It's obvious from recent and ongoing activity (see links on PTSA site) that this school is feeling threatened by the Attendance Committee's recommendations to the Interim Supt. and other ideas presented to the BOE. Following the BOE meeting of March 15, Odyssey school's principal Sue Meier sent a letter on school letterhead to the BOE attempting to downplay the significance of the differences that may favor Odyssey students over those attending other district schools. Once the BOE showed little chance of making any School Choice changes that could eliminate Odyssey, their tactics changed.

Via an email, I was told their PTSA met again March 23rd following the BOE meeting of the previous night. Again, School Choice topics were pushed to the top of their agenda for discussion. (I confirmed both items were true.) A second letter was crafted by Meier and sent to the BOE, this time focused on a campaign to keep the sibling rule*.

Tonight, I received yet another email (from a different individual) expressing serious concerns over the activities of the Odyssey School's PTSA which just happens to be planning another "special meeting" about School Choice tomorrow night. 

All of this internal politicking, plotting, planning & campaigning by the Odyssey School Principal and her school's PTSA to the BOE leads to questions in the greater Greece community about whether or not these activities are within the bylaws of operating an active PTSA and possibly whether or not they are strictly legal and within GCSD policy and regulations.

SCATS URGES ALL INTERESTED PARTIES TO ATTEND THE PTSA MEETING AT ODYSSEY MONDAY NIGHT. You do NOT need to be a PTSA member to attend a PTSA meeting. Just don't drink their Kool-Aid ;)

*From letter #2: "Approximately 50 percent of every incoming sixth grade class consists of siblings. Knowing the parents and families of students is a major advantage in providing quality services in a school for counselors, teachers, and administrators. The proposal to eliminate sibling priority would splinter families while increasing transportation costs."

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Union Hanky Panky?

Attended a concert at Athena today and noticed GTA United paraphinalia stuck on the door of room 155. If it was on the Union Bulletin Board no problem but stuck to the door of the classroom is against the rules. Why is the union allowed to deface our buildings? They expect the students to follow the rules but they do not. Wasup widat.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

From "World Class" To "Welfare Case" ?

WHEC-TV's website reports that the Greece Central School District will get extra $1.8 million in state aid under Cuomo's budget agreement.

"We live budget to budget each year because we are heavily relying on state aid. In years past, we could predict how much money we would get from the state, but now the state is figuring what they need to balance their budget and then cutting our aid. It's difficult for school districts to put together a long-term financial plan." ~~ Lou Alaimo, Asst. Supt. for Finance (Article outlines Greece's school bus driver's contract terms )

SCATS ~~ If either you or I heavily relied upon NY State to support our families, we'd be called a welfare case! What's the difference when it's a school district? Watching GCSD "budget" for next year is a lot like being behind that person at the grocery who is buying sirloin & shrimp with his food stamp debit card!
Monday, April 4, 2011 BOE, 6:30 pm
Budget Study Session
To Spend the "Extra" $1.8million

Friday, April 01, 2011


"I'm haunted by the memories!"

"I always wanted to be him, really ..."

April Fools!