Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Greece Is A Laughingstock

Frequent comments left on this BLOG and in the comments areas of other web sites call Greece a laughingstock. Are we? I think so! Over the last decade or so, our town and school district have become synonymous with scandal, corruption, politics rum amok, wasted tax dollars on spurious investigations, consultants, studies, committees ... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

Who is to blame for this?
  • Our elected leaders who show character flaws larger than the GCSD budget once they utter their oath to office?
  • Or those who vote them into office, you and me?
  • Or the masses who fail to get out to vote at all?
  • Or those of us who make excuses for the bad behavior, time after time, allowing the same scoundrels to abuse their power by turning our heads away as the train crashes one more time in the local headlines?
In the midst of our town's most recent embarassment, the Greece Town Board convened today to hire another lawyer for yet another investigation - this time into Supervisor John Auberger's role in the investigation in the murder of his late paramour, Monica Neusatz. This move by the Town Board raises more questions than it answers. Here are a few that come to mind right away:
  • WHY is it that Auberger isn't on suspension during this investigation. That is the way the investigation into Rahn, Ball, Mackin & others was handled. What makes John Teflon, when Rahn wasn't?
  • WHY hire an attorney NOW when the story has been swirling through the community for well over a month? Are they afraid too many people read a certain BLOG & might demand action (i.e. Auberger's resignation) Tuesday night, as that BLOG has called for?
  • WHY should we believe that this wasn't Auberger's own idea to hire Speranza, since it's unlikely our gutless Town Board members would ever go against him?
  • WHO is John Speranza? (A MAJOR contributor to Monroe County Republicans!)
  • WHY should we trust him?
  • WHY don't we know anything about the cost of this investigation?
  • WAS Speranza given a blank check?
  • DOESN'T this move potentially provide Auberger with the opportunity to avoid confronting the angry throng at Tuesday night's planned meeting?
  • WHY should we believe the outcome will be any different than the $1,000,000 Loszynski report which exhonerated Auberger of ALL wrong-doing in the GPD scandals?
  • WHY should we believe that giving the attorney until April 12th to investigate is anything other than a ploy by Auberger, Deputy Supervisor McCann, the Town Council members and Republicans behind the scenes to let things cool down so they can get back to "business as usual?"
  • WHERE have the Democrats been on this latest issue with Auberger's character and suitability (or total lack of it) to hold office?
  • WHERE have the Republicans been on this latest issue with Auberger's character and suitability (or total lack of it) to hold office?
  • CAN anyone give us one good reason why Auberger shouldn't resign first thing in the morning?
If you've had enough, it's time to get active. Get vocal. Get out of the house and head to the meetings. Speak out. Hold these folks accountable for their behavior and for how they spend our money! That is the only way Greece can regain a reputation as a great community to raise a family in!

Doing anything less makes 

Town Board Meeting Tuesday 6pm



Anonymous said...

A great blog Scats! You really hit the nail on the head with your points. I'll be there tonight. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Greece is a laughingstock because all the DISCOVER THE PROMISE signs fell down or were taken down when a lot of people discovered what the promise was.

The new signs will read

Get used to it folks, nobody will be coming riding in on a white horse to save Greece.

The Democrats don't have the talent.

The Republicans OK I'm not going there.

Independants, that boat left a long time ago.

Greece, We Be Skrewed!

Anonymous said...
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Charlie Hubbard said...

WE are the problem because WE tolarate one elected official today with shortcomings of honesty, integrity, and the inability to deliver straight-talk all the time and then wonder why there are 'more' tommorrow.

Great posting Scats

Anonymous said...

There will be no ribbon-cutting tonight.....

Anonymous said...

This is just another well orchestrated Auberger spin.....wise up people, he pulls the strings on all the town board members, always has, always will.

Anonymous said...

"He killed her to stop her from the affair"

We're with you SCATS on pushing Auburger to resign but be careful about what you're allowing people to claim here. An attorney would tell you you're opening yourself up to a lawsuit.

Just sayin'

I'll represent you dirt cheap though!

Anonymous said...

The Greece Town Board didn't look too excited to be on the news last night....

I don't know, maybe its just me, but the usual "hey mom, I'm gonna be on camera tonight" smiles just weren't there

Anonymous said...

Scats: I too think your words are put together perfectly. I too have been ashamed for ever not getting more involved in the Town Politics in Greece.

I have not met many people that have been in the public eye before but never met anyone that I have been so ashamed that I helped put into office for many prior elections as I have when I me John Auberger during the Rahn trial.

Just sitting there watching his body gestures, sipping his water, moving of eyes and clearing his throat bothered me; But then when he did speak and try to convince everyone in that court room that he could not remember anything or when he did say something which was useless, convinced me he was nothing more than a fool and it really bothered me that this is what I helped put in charge of where I lived.

There were two men who gave testimony there that I thought were nothing but spinless slugs and they were Augie and Trowbridge, (what a pair). They both acted as if they were somehow mentally challenged on the stand.

He fooled no one from where I sat but he again was not on trial nor broke any laws other than a code of being a man and the promises to uphold the honor of his position.

I can't speak for the people in the gallery but I do know what was said by the jurors and it was pretty embarrassing for Paula and I since we lived in Greece. I know that these comments and thoughts are old history but the man has not changed one bit.

Auberger has again and again shown the residents of Greece the deceit that usually follows and under his management but never gets his hands dirty enough so he is not breaking a NYS law.

Well, I say this has nothing to do with NYS Laws, this is about a man who represents Greece and has broken what is called Respect, Truth, Integrity, Morales and Gods Laws and we have done nothing about it in the past.

We are quick to blame others for why he is still in office but lets face the facts, we put him there, we can get him out if we pull together as one. It is real easy pulling a lever and putting someone in a position but much harder to get them out once we did.

We just need to know how the residents of this Town can take this to a much bigger level where maybe a larger media can see our plight who are capable to get our message out much further.
The Town of Greece should not be the joke of Monroe County, Auberger should be the joke of NYS.

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

Has the State Attorney General's office been notified of any of this so maybe they can investigate?

Plus, I read recently that schools of choice in other areas have been terminated by the Supreme Court because if the program makes certain schools racially identifiable(i.e, all the Hispanic kids go to ...) it's considered segregation. I wonder if someone has the demographic data it could be forwarded to the ACLU, who'd be all over a case like this in a heartbeat.

SCATS said...

The comment posted at 2:12AM has been deleted by BLOG Administration due to lack of clarity about known events and activities by known persons.

Thank you 8:04AM. Your point was well made. I assumed when I read the comment that everyone would know the correct information, an assumption I shouldn't make ;)

SCATS said...

To 9:05AM ~~ I'm not aware that the AG has been called. It's probably time!

Regarding schools-of-choice, it was my understanding that someone planned to get in touch with the ACLU over a year ago. I'm not sure whether or not they followed through. Perhaps if they read this they can let us know ;)

Anonymous said...

Isn't Speranza the same attorney used by Bill Mackin and Steve Wise? They used him to ride off into the sunset after a life of corruption.............maybe Aubbie plans the same thing?

SCATS said...

To 11:41AM ~~ My understanding is that he was Mackin's lawyer. I have never heard about Wise's. Isn't it odd that EVERYONE is getting lawyered up with criminal defense lawyers when no one has been charged with a crime? The Town hires Speranza (for Auggie?) to investigate "his statements" (also odd!) and Neusatz hires Parrinello ... why? Something tells me there's much more to this story. It seems likely that our Town Board didn't know about Auberger's affair until they read the paper a week ago too. Stay tuned folks for the next addition of "As the Toilet Swirls."

Anonymous said...

Before you call the A.G. I think you might want to have a suspected crime. Perhaps a god old Salem style witch hunt will gin up what you are looking for. Call the National Enquirer. I bet they can create one for you. Or maybe dig up J. Edgar Hoover to hold some congressional hearings. Perhaps Johnny knew a communist once. Otherwise just get out the pitchforks and torches and go to the castle tonight.
Quite frankly I don't like him either, but it took a lot less than half of the eligible voters in the town to vote him in. The rest couldn't be bothered to get out and vote. Maybe because there was not a good alternative.

Anonymous said...

SCATS; I happened to tune in Bob Lonsberry this am and he seemed to say that the information on Auberger's affair was circulating in Republican circle in January and February. He also seemed to imply thst the leak of information came from republicans. If this is true it is unlikely that the town board just found out. It seems more like CYA

SCATS said...

To 12:35PM ~~ Oh, I am sure CYA is involved! Afterall, that is one hallmark of the dysfunction in Greece. However, even if all of that is true, it still doesn't explain the need for a CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTY ... one for each side.

Anonymous said...

the problem with these defenses of Auberger is that they want to have their cake and eat it too,
Greece Republicans area always parading their churchy ways.
At one point all the board members tout their church memberships.
They attend the yearly prayer meeting and national prayer day.
They play the fundamentalist card. You can't be moralistic when it applies to someone else (especially the poor among us) and libertine when it applies to you.

Anonymous said...

If Auberger is guilty of crimes in NYS at all, it will be using Town Sponsored equipment for the affair.
Cell Phone, Car, Fuel, Cash, Credit Card, ect...

If not, then Augie will have a clean bill of health, guarantee it.

He is as guilty as hell if there was a law on integrity but there is not.
People want to keep on making this about sex or his past indulgences but it will never happen that way.

I say he is a elected official and should be kept at a higher standard than anyone else and this is where his Republican peers should be concerned about and hopefully that is what the people of Greece who show up for the meeting realize and stand up for tonight.

Many elected officials in the past have been in such a scandal, (must less than our Supervisor) and they had enough common sense to give their resignation and apologize to the people they served.

SCATS said...

To 2:39PM ~~ I'm pretty sure at some point he slipped up and used one or more of those town owned items, but even if he did not, this isn't about sex. It's about a murder investigation where he was not forthcoming until forced to do so. It's about a dozen plus years of his slippery, slimey ways and his inability to recall ANYTHING on a witness stand during the same period of time that he was quite able to recall details of a Yankees game that cleared him in the sense of an alibi.