Friday, March 18, 2011

Shifty Eyes ... As Speakers Ask Auberger To Resign

Auberger reads his statement, then residents speak asking him to resign.


Pot ... Meet Kettle ...

It is despicable that the Greece Democrats are using the death of Monica Neusatz, allegedly at the hand of her mentally ill son, and the destruction of the Neusatz family for political posturing. (March 16 story: "Greece's Auberger: 'I have no plans to resign'") The Greece Democratic Committee should dissolve until they can attract people with a sense of decency, a sense of community and a strong moral compass.


SCATS ~~ The author of the editorial fails to mention he is related to Sen. Joe Robach, a man with troubling similarities to Auberger in his not so distant past. On the other hand, Dave Garretson & Charles Ennis did a great job explaining why Auberger MUST go.


Anonymous said...

Really like this one especially the music! Great on SCATS

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Auberger tried to shorten the comment period to three minutes. He arbitrarily changes the length whenever he sees opponents in the room. Second what is the "civlity policy" II have never heard of it mentioned before and never seen it posted or publicized. Don;t laws and regulations have to be public and not asserted at the whim of the ruling group. Is civility like when you raise you hand yes to everything the supervisor says and sneak away in shame.

Dave Garretson said...

In response to Mr. Kananen's letter to the editor, claiming that "Greece Democrats are using the death of Monica Neusatz..."

I could not disagree more. As Town Leader of the Greece Democratic Committee, I am the spokesperson for the Greece Democrats. I have studiously avoided discussing the family tragedy and personal matters connected to this situation.

All of my my remarks have been about the responsibility of Town Board members, relative to to their newly appointed special counsel and the Supervisor's conduct in office.

Dave Garretson
Greece Democratic Committee

Anonymous said...

This Letter to the Editor in the D&C today made me laugh! I figured it must be one of Auberger's buddies. The guy claims Democrats need a sense of decency, sense of community and a strong moral compass. And the letter writer BELIEVES Auberger has these traits???? Give me a freakin break!

If Augberger had any sense of decency and a strong moral compass, HE would not have gotten involved in a romantic relationship with a married woman. AND he would not have waited until our police department went to HIM to find out WHY there were numerous phone calls between the LEADER of our town and a murdered woman. AND if Auberger had any sense of community HE would resign ASAP and move out of town! Our Supervisor has no decency, no moral compass and a complete lack of responsibility to the community he proclaims to represent.

And for the record.....I am not registered in either party.

SCATS said...

To 7:58PM ~~ C'mon! Auberger has a "sense of community." I heard he had the nerve to show his mug at the Senior Citizen's St. Patrick's Day luncheon yesterday ;)

Anonymous said...

@7:58 - Where exactly did he write that he believes Auberger has a moral compass? Or did you make that up? I'd read it again... and then again if you're still not seeing it.

Maybe then a 3rd time just to be sure.... you know, if you really think you need to because it's not jumping right out at you initially.

SCATS said...

To 8:59PM ~~ It's implied, duh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "shifty eyes" video with appropriate background music.
The last verse of that Eagles song is the part where the cheating girl looks in the mirror and sees how she is lying to herself. Lying to her husband, lying to her lover and most importantly betraying her own dreams. She can't hide the fact she is playing to everyone, including herself. The same could be said for the supervisor when he looks in the mirror. It must be hard for him, although he puts on bravado and arrogance, he has to be aware of all he has hurt, the community, that family , his family and children and himself.
Good choice on background music and good video.
He should resign. We all deserve better. Let's put this behind us.

Anonymous said...

No it's not, duh.

Why don't you let that commenter speak for him or herself.

Or is SCATS every one of the comments posted here?

That'd be weird... but not surprising. ;)

SCATS said...

To 11:45AM ~~ Yes, it is "duh."

If you want to believe that I write all of the comments on a BLOG for the last 5 years, you are free to do so, but then you only have the company of the voices in your head holding onto that opinion ;)

While we're on the topic of the editorial and how it relates to Joe Roebach, I heard a rumor yesterday that he doesn't intend to run again. Anyone else hear similiarly?

Anonymous said...

I heard the same rumor yesterday. He will probably get one of those cushy jobs at the airport or the new marina or as ambassador to Togo. Oh no I forgot he is a republican this time. No embassy job.

Anonymous said...

you are welcome for the video
the editor

Anonymous said...

where is the Republican leadership in all of this Maggie and Relich should have tossed Auberger out by now. What ever happen "for the good of the Party". it is a good thing that the Dems in Greece are lame.
I would like to change my registration from Republican but where does one go for good governemt.
What kind of message are we sending to our kids??????

Anonymous said...

Being a Town Employee myself, I to would love to see Auberger on the outside looking in