Tuesday, March 15, 2011


SCATS ~~ I consider that proof that he reads this BLOG ;)

Auberger's statement: "Prior to getting to tonight's town business I'd like to read a brief statement in response to the board's actions last night.

First, I would like to apologize to everyone who has been hurt by recent disclosures - specifically the Neusatz family, the people of Greece, the Greece Police Department and those dearest to me.

I had no connection whatsoever to Monica Neusatz's death nor had any useful information concerning her death. Notwithstanding, upon request, I voluntarily met with the District Attorney's office and the Greece Police Department.

This is a personal matter and I am continuing to fulfill the duties I was elected to perform and I intend to continue to serve as Supervisor of the Town of Greece. I have no plans to resign. I will decline further comment on this issue until the Town Board concludes its review." (WHEC-TV)


Anonymous said...

One word. D-Bag. End of story.

Anonymous said...

The only reason the board is hiring Speranza i so that they look pro-active. Perhaps Jeff McCann has aspirations to run for the Supervisor position when Auberger's time is up.

As far as a campaign goes he can then claim he removed himself and got a third party to be objective.

Its a sham.

Anonymous said...

Greece Dems = too little, too late

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is sticking around.

SCATS said...

To 8:58PM ~~ Me too! Without him, Frank Oberg et al, there'd be NO NEED for a BLOG like this :D

Anonymous said...

You tell em John.
You're the man.

That goofy looking bunch couldn't run a set of barbells down a bowling alley!

BTW John, thanks for the Birthday card not sent at taxpayer expense. It was so nice to know you care.

Would have been a hell of a lot nicer if you'd told me I could have filed for my Sr Citizen exemptions in the year I turned 65, but what's a few thousand wasted on taxes.

Anonymous said...

Boy is that Auberger one arrogant little sucker. Not many politicians would get up and give some half wit apology and then say this is personal and none of your damn business, so kiss off Greece residents, I will not resign, (screw you all).

Not sure if his speech was one that will help him stay full term or just get more people to feel like myself by being even more pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Auberger, I heard your statement on the news and it sounded like you just said, "Screw you all in Greece, this is my personal business and there is no way I am going to resign. So stop wasting your time bugging me with your petty insults. You voted me in and I am here to stay.

Well, you keep your petty ass job because your fellow Republican Peers are going to feel the pinch with upcoming elections.

You are a disgrace to our community.

Maggie Brooks, just cut a deal with this deadbeat and give him his retirement benefits now so we don't have to go through anymore of his damn scandals.

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting last night but not for the reason that many were. I wanted to see the man who should be running the Town of Greece. Mr. Baxter, you are the man and I will follow you where ever. Not sure what party you are registered with but the Democrats need to talk with you. Ibelieve you are probably a Republican since Augie ended up hiring you to begin with but maybe time to switch.

Auberger, you are a pathetic little man with an ego of a peacock. Please let me tell you how I feel about your statement last night, "kiss my ass".

I will be switching my registration to the Democrat Party.

SCATS said...

To 8:29AM ~~ What makes you think that Baxter either wants the job, or that he would be good at it?

Anonymous said...

To 8:29am: if our police chief becomes the town executive, does that mean his next step would be Lt. Governor? ha!

While I thinks it's great that Baxter apparently urged Auberger to "man up" and and face Mr. Neusatz, I'm still troubled by how long it took for Neusatz to get the police report. As I understand it, Auberger was interviewed back in the Fall and it took until just this past month for him to get details from the police. I can understand the confidentiality of an investigation, but come on... when a loved one is murdered, don't the immediate family members get routine updates about the investigation? Something about the police dept's handling of this doesn't make sense to me - so I'm not ready to call Baxter a hero yet. SCATS, is there something I'm missing?

Anonymous said...

So you think Jonnie can read; pretty presumptuous!

Anonymous said...

The QUESTION is why the hell would anyone capable want the job of Greece Supervisor?

Sorry folks but did you sleep through government classes? I see the posts on here recommending Maggie retire Hairburger, and pension Hairburger off. Maggie doesn't have diddle to say about it, or any authority to make it happen.

Once again, Da Hairburger is on the Fecal Roster with the County Republican Party because Da Hairburger refused to campaign for OFlynn unless he got paid like Maggie did.
That's why Hairburger didn't get the Water Authority job he wanted.

Hairburger was protected ONLY because Antelli is considered an idiot, and County Repubs didn't want an Idiot running a Primary with ammunition provided by Rahn!

Hairburger is Howard Handupmee assigned to Greece. He does what he is told to do and says what is programmed into his system. The question is who does the programming? It damn well ain't Maggie Brooks! She hates Hairburger with a passion.

Bottom line, Da Hairburger has been stepping on his pecker for years. By my count his peckker has cost him 2 houses and a good chunk of money even with Bernie handling his side of the divorces.

Da hairburger screwed up this time around by failing to follow the Bill Clinton Rule, NEVER do a woman named MONICA! Da Hairburger will remain in office until end of term. Greece Dems and Monroe County Dems probably won't put up much opposition in the next election because they don't have anyone to put up.

Monroe County Dems are geared to ghetto politics. David Gant runs that show, and he's loosing his ability to even run the City as is evidenced by the current interim mayor race. Senile Citizen A -v- Senile Citizen B (who really lives in Fairport. The City is so screwed Gant's annointed girl Lovely Warren won't run for Mayor.

The reality is pretty much all politics in the US has become a joke. The old boys who run the show are living in 1960, and since they hold the warchest we will continue to have a choice between Dolt A and Dolt B.

SCATS said...

To 12:15PM ~~ My understanding is that police interviewed Auberger at the end of last Oct. I have no idea how long it was until Neusatz was informed that Auggie was involved with Monica, but my understanding was that Baxter told him late last Fall. It was also my understanding that this is not something that is routine for police to divulge, but Baxter did. What happened in Feb. this year was that Baxter finally got Auggie to have a chat with Mr. Neusatz, because Neusatz was asking the Chief so many questions he didn't have answers to. I believe this is also atypical in such an investigation.

The role of Baxter that troubles me is that it looks like Baxter helped cover Auggie's rearend by keeping the secret since last Fall. I'm not sure that even our Town Board knew any earlier than the rest of us did! But then we all need to remember that Baxter is in no different situation than Rahn was. AUBERGER IS THE POLICE CHIEF'S BOSS! Auberger still does ALL of the hiring in GPD. Baxter says so himself and explains that since he has no budget, the best he can do is give his recommendations to Auberger.

I do give kudos to Baxter for appearing to finally break with Auberger's political hold on him and GPD when he issued his own press release from HQ on Island Cottage Rd. and talked on the radio to clear the air about all of the rumors. I think that showed me that Baxter isn't about to go down on Auberger's Titanic if he can help it.

PS ~~ I'll bet everyone thought that million dollars paid to Loszynski changed something ... it didn't ;)

Anonymous said...

Honestly with more years behind me than in front of me, Baxter was wrong if he told the man in the horned helmet who was doing Monica. It served no purpose, and is clearly outside of any investigative policy. It would probably get an investigator in any Department a few days off and a letter in his file to do so.

That is not to say from time to time such information isn't sent to the husband, in some cases because he deserves the kick in the balls it will give him. The information can very easily be shipped via a 3rd party or let out in a bar.

I told you a while back, Baxter is a worshiper of Duffy and Duffy's GOD Warshaw. Baxter rose like a star under those 2, and Baxter is their creation trying to shape himself in Duffy's image. WATCH Baxter with BOTH EYES!

Based solely on public information, Monica was headed out the door. She had taken her wedding ring off and the carpal tunnel story is pure bullcrap. I've asked 10 women, and 7 of them have experienced carpal tunnel, and every one says her wedding ring stayed on her hand.

WHY Monica was headed out the door we don't know from the public information, but it isn't unusual in a situation where the family business and income have gone down the tubes.

Factor in the husband out playing in a band multiple nights a week for extra income. We now have a lonely woman sitting at home trying to maintain a mentally ill kid (adult size & strength) and wondering what her husband is up to.

The only question, did the balding politician have any better chance with Monica than any other man walking into the drycleaning shop where she now had to work knowing every hour she used to sit home enjoying the profits from someone else working there? The only advantage I see is she knew him for a number of years prior.

No evidence exists Hairburger forced Monica to accompany him anyplace. Reason, she was willing to go, and probably hoping he was her Prince Charming come to carry her off on a white horse.

Did he take any advantage of a woman escaping an unhappy marriage? Probably not beyond his well known proclivity to hit such targets. From her side was he a potentially good catch? Well, Joanne got a free house, didn't she, and a town job for her kid.

Were both participants in the adventure on equal footing? In some ways yes, and in others no. The Hairburger probably doesn't have a pocket full of walking around date money with 2 X wives in his bank account. I doubt if he's dining at the Strathallen.

Honestly, cops attract holster sniffers in droves, and have the divorce record to prove it. Politicians who can get elected attract another group. There ain't a lot of road between vote for me and sleep with me. It's been that way as long as I can remember.

Back in the 60s girls got knocked up and shipped out of town to start over. Today girls get knocked up and given jobs either in government or someplace where somebody can call in a favor.

Sorry folks I stopped looking for heroes long ago. They only exist on TV.

SCATS said...

To 12:43AM ~~ Re: "The Hairburger probably doesn't have a pocket full of walking around date money with 2 X wives in his bank account. I doubt if he's dining at the Strathallen."

FYI: Auberger is living in a high rent district, Mill Landing where the monthly rental is well over $1400 and includes no utilities, not even the water. I'd say he's doing pretty damn fine.