Monday, March 14, 2011



13WHAM TV reports that the Greece Town Board has convened a Special Meeting at 5PM today to discuss Supervisor John Auberger & the police investigation into the murder of Monica Neusatz.

Rachel Barnhart reports that the Greece Town Board went into executive session with Atty. John Speranza going with them. She now reports that Greece town board hires John Speranza to examine Auberger's communications with Greece police department regarding Moinca Neusatz.


Anonymous said...

So what does that mean, Auberger needs to resign. Why waste more money on this Baboon.

Anonymous said...


You could not script this &*)^

Anonymous said...

Oh Pleeeeeze! This is a waste of time, the puppets have to show they are doing something. Nothing will come of it; it also will give Augie an excuse for not being at the Town Board Meeting tomorrow night. Augie and McCann were probably huddled in his office all day looking for a spin. Now there will be legal fees to pay? Is Augie paying for them out of his pocket; out of his political warchest? He really will need his upcoming fundraiser (another joke) Don't be fooled, go to the meeting tomorrow night and demand to the Town Board that they get his resignation! By the way, why does he need a town car? Why are taxpayers paying for his ride, insurance, gas, etc. Did he use this on his dates? Another waste of tax dollars!

Anonymous said...

Well I am sure he used that Town Car for when he went to the Neusatz home to gloat, I mean campaining.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of this corrupt fools who think we are dumb residents from the Town of Greece.

We need to ask for the entire Town Board to resign. How do we go about this, just holding a sign on the sidewalks of the Town Hall?

Petitions maybe?

Auberger, you need to resign and nothing less will be accepted.

SCATS said...

To 6:06PM ~~ From where I sit it appears they are hoping a one month investigation will let things cool off, no matter the cost! I'm reminded by Facebook Friends that Rahn was SUSPENDED during his investigation. Why isn't Auberger?

To 6:14PM ~~ No word on the cost of the attorney. I'm not sure I understand the reasoning for hiring one, to be honest. Aside from providing a diversion, of course.

To 6:17PM ~~ AGREED!!!

Anonymous said...

This meeting tonight with an attorney is nothing but a ploy to head off the people the town board and Hairberger expect to show up tomorrow night demanding his resignation!

I mean really......they all have to try to save face so the town board is making it look like they are actually trying to do something. We should still go tomorrow night in huge numbers to demand the Stupidvisors resignation!

Anonymous said...

So the taxpayers have to pay for an attorney to look into what? Augie already confessed to the affair. The scumbag may have even been the reason the poor kid lost it and killed his mother.

Anonymous said...

Augie is going to go down in History for costing our Town the most money ever with cover ups. He will be known as one of our worst Supervisor ever and come election time, the Republican party will feel the reperucusions for not forcing this man out of office.

HEAR ME! Auberger, you need to resign now and take those other Council Members with you! We could find moraley courageous people to replace each and everyone of them before April 12th...

Anonymous said...

Well I don't care is Auberger is there or not. I am still going and now I have some friends to go with me.

Anonymous said...

Lets vote on what strategy is in play...

#1: Reilich asked Auberger to step down and he refused. The attorney hiring is the next step in a plan that leads to Auberger being removed from office.
Analysis: Not too likely as it is messy and public. But can lead to a very quiet resignation (after yelling begin closed doors) and meanwhile he has a reason to hide out...after all he is being investigated.
#2: What better way to hide from the public and let things quiet down. And it gives the appearance of doing the right thing by checking out his story. Then with great fanfare it will be announced that he is as pure as the driven snow and life goes on (except for Monica),
Analysis:Best strategy if the Republicans want to keep the scumbag. Creates the sense of responsible behavior by the Republicans to look into the matter. BUT, and here is the big BUT.....if Auberger remains in power and the stench doesn't go away then allowing him to remain in office creates serious problems for the Republicans in the next election. BUT.......the Democrats are the invisible party. How much trouble can even an elephant's ass have in getting reelected if the opposition is just a donkey's ass.
Has anyone else had their non-Greece resident friends just laugh and carry on about the outrageous town and school board members in Greece. I want to be one of those sports fans that wears a bag over his head when things go really bad. We are the laughing stock of the area. My friends don't know whether to feel sorry for me that I live in Greece or wonder how long I am going to be dumb enough to continue to live in Greece. That is a hell of a choice....pity or scorn! Hope they are only kidding.

Anonymous said...

To: 7:36

I am with you on 2. But I am not ready to put a bag over my head.

If the Town Board is waiting the residents of Greece out and hoping for a calm; Then I think they thought to much on the subject and should just stayed focused on getting Auberger to resign. I haven't heard anything that resembles a calming nature so far.

I think the Republicans have a real issue on their hands whether they want to believe it or not. I guess tomorrow night will show what is true, Greece Residents have been fooled or if they are not going to stand for this anymore.

Anonymous said...


Show up at Town Hall Tuesday night with your unofficial Supervisor Supporter Waving Wand.

The girls forced from their carears at Rub & Tug are laboring feverishly to glue retired athletic supporters to pool noodles so you can wave your wand at the Town Board.

Waving wands have been certified as Non Weapons by a Democrat Retired GPD Sargent.

Wave your wand proudly.

Remember Greece Supervisors have a long tradition of dipping their pens in inkwells outside of their marriage.

This message has been paid for by the Hair Club for Men which will not admit Supervisor Hairburger.

Anonymous said...

Let me think,
One Supervisor had a regular room at the Holiday Inn and his own dedicated stool at the bar so he could meet the lady of the evening while his wife was home on LP Road raising the kids.

Another Supervisor had that little confrontation with his legal wife at the Knights of Columbus meeting so his kids could remember what he looked like because he spent so much time with his girlfriend.

Swine 1 and the Councilman's wife got their pictures taken in 800 car on infrared film by a patrolman who wanted to be a Sargent.

What did it cost the taxpayers when the DA indicted the Highway Dept boss for kickbacks on equipment Highway bought?

How much did the taxpayers spend on the Highway Supt who put his kid on the payroll for all the hours the kid didn't show up but got paid for anyhow?

How much did it cost taxpayers to replace a snowplow a politicians kid crashed into a car on Ridgeway Ave? The car was paid for from the SECRET checkbook.

The Supervisor's VW got stolen while he and the PoPo Chief were attending some function in NYC.

How much did Roger Rabbit spend getting rid of Swine 1 and replacing him with Merrit?

What did it cost taxpayers for all the custom made mini uniforms for Chuckie the midget cop? Lets not even talk booster seat costs so Chuckles could drive the Police car. Chuckles was hired because Swine 1 lost a bar bet, and Swine had to make a cop out of the midget who hauled trash from branch banks to East Rochester.

How much is it costing taxpayers for **** to sit around the DPW because Civil Service & the Union prevent him from being fired?

Gotta love it

NICE move hiring someone to investigate the Hairburger. WTH does anyone expect the investigation to disclose?

Hairburger used his official desk to nail some strange on? Is that a crime? Is it even a crime if he has the Town Hall Janitor wipe his desk down between uses?

Did the Town pay for kneepads for one of Hairburgers special friends?

Was it criminal to use the TownHall phone to summon Joanne up to the big office several times a day?

Did Hairburger use a Town provided phone to set up encounters?

Will the Hairburger be elidgible for a Clinton award for prowess?

Anonymous said...

Ass covering 101 - the reason they did this today is they are making it IMPOSSIBLE for Auberger to resign. Now that there is an open investigation, he is protected. The same way he was when he brought in Loczynski. Don't you people get it. You're paying the bill over and over again for Auberger to cover his ass. Someone needs to bring in a higher authority, and if I were the husband of Mrs. Nuesatz, I would DEMAND that the FBI do a full investigation on Auberger and STOP this farce of a dog and pony protection show they do down at Town Hall on the taxpayer dime. He needs to be removed from office for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE.

Then prosecuted for his crimes, which are multiple.

Anonymous said...

It's me Skully. Moldier & I are covertly living in Greece under fake identitys conducting an investigation of the Supervisor.

We've planted a camera and istening device in his office, and will have video on ScrewTube for everyone to watch. We were going to put it on the Government Access channel buy that's cut at the Town Hall driveway.

We're on the job, just like good Feds on TV.

Do you people really think Hairburger committed a crime, beyond the joke in NY Penal Law on Adultery?

Hey, NY Laws are all available on line. Feel free to find one that Hairburger violated. Team Green would just love to jump into that while Mike waits for a Federal Judge to retire. Sandy Baby might be putting on a few pounds, but she could sink her heals in and slap Hairburger around a while. Who knows, they might even get together for drinks and a ride in the Town Car.

Think about it folks, Hairburger has made good use of his briefcase full of Viagra, there should be a line of pissed off dumped women looking to expose him. Nobody's jumping up though. WHY?

Hairburger has pissed off some powerful people, and none of them are stepping up to take his head off. WHY?

Hairburger has never been in a position to have anything he could use to hurt the powerful. WHY aren't they coming after him?

Greece Democrats are a JOKE! The last one I recall getting elected was out in neglected North Greece. Antelli threw him out in the next election. Antelli term limited out, and was Best Buds with Rahn. Antelli let it be known he wanted to Primary Hairburger. Antelli's wife went to work in the County Clerk Office looking over DMV forms with full benefits for the Antelli family. Rick Antelli went to County Leg. County taxpayers are picking the tab up for rent and utilities on a dead store in Antelli's crappy plaza. WHY?

WHAT is Hairburger's hole card?
WHO is Hairburger's Godfather?

Why hasn't his Godfather dropped him?

Garrison(s) was on TV tonight running his mouth. As usual he said NOTHING.

Hell, I'd vote for a Democrat if they ran a candidate worth a damn, but putting up Union Stewards and Union Teachers sure doesn't give me the confidence to pull the lever on Row A.

Neither Party in Greece has a candidate worth a flat dam. I looked at the collection of human forms doing their Flag Pledge tonight and Howard Handupme ran through my mind.

Who is the puppet master with hopefully gloved hand up all those puppets? I sure wasn't seeing a collection of brainpower, and I do know the whole show is staged before every meeting in the Supervisor's conference room, and has been for years.

Sorry folks, I don't see a knight on a white charger waiting to ride into this pit!

Anonymous said...

Given the rumors of all the Viagra use it is no surprise that the town approved the 3 new Walgreens...

Anonymous said...

I hope that Town Board Members read this.
You are in a position where you can do the right thing. Doing nothing confirms to many of us that you are indeed Auberger's rubber stamp. Each of you probabally have the idea to forward your political career. How can we have confidence to vote for anyone of you if you are not going to stand up for what is right and good for our town.
Be a hero in our books and at the next town board meeting ask to speak and request that Auberger resign. Do the right thing and many will follow behind you, support your efforts and remember to vote for you at election time because of your leadership, morals and values.
PS. I am not a democrat writing this!